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This page contains some old lists of ToDos, now being revised and refactored on Wikilearn ToDos.



Uploaded this from my home TWiki on 20020130. It was dated 20010722 and last updated on 20010814. It was based on the 20010315 release of TWiki -- at this point I think I might as well upgrade to the 20011201 release, which will require some additional tasks (like redoing the templates, and reinstalling TWiki on SourceForge). I think I wrote an email to someone with some updated tasks -- I need to find that and merge it here. I also want to let this set for one hour so it gets snapshotted as version 1.1.

More Recent (20020112 to BLTNewuser)

Wikilearn is a wiki (TWiki) project I started (over a year ago, without much progress so far) to record my learning experiences with Linux and open source programming for three purposes -- to help others learn from my (and other's) experiences, to allow others to contribute their learning experiences for the benefit of others, and to enhance my (failing) memory. I've added both of your names as contributors to the cited page. If you have any comments or objections, please advise -- the best way being to add comments within or at the bottom of the page itself. Note that it is a first draft, and I will be tweaking it myself, I rushed it out so I could cut and paste V.Popov's color table from my Windows box (where I read email) to my Linux box via the TWiki.

Aside: Wikilearn is, as described above, intended to be a collaborative project. The best contributors are probably newbies, as I'm trying to record learning experiences that will help other newbies. So, anyone on BLT is welcome to peruse the site and contribute.

Unfortunately, this is not the "permanent" home of Wikilearn. When I have Wikilearn in a permanent location I intend to have separate webs for different subjects. (I have a bunch of other Wikilearn stuff on my personal TWiki (not accessible via the Internet) -- it has about 40 different webs with names like:

  • Linux
  • Programming
  • OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  • C
  • CPP (C++)
  • Perl
  • Python
  • TWiki
  • Wikilearn
  • Writing
  • ...

In most cases there is not much material.

Aside: If it has not become clear yet, I'm looking for collaborators. Many to add subject matter, but I could also use help from people interested in Perl, CGI, bash, TWiki, ssh etc., to help with things like:

  • Setting up the Wikilearn TWiki on a permanent site (tentatively SourceForge -- I have an approved project there). (I did have it setup once, almost, but never got mail or statistics to work -- since then TWiki has released a new version, so I'd like to install the new version before launching the permanent site.)

Other tasks include:

    • Creating new templates (the new TWiki uses a different approach to templates), I'd like them modeled after the templates I made for my private TWiki. You will need to know (or learn) HTML to deal with the templates.
    • Set up the cron jobs and email stuff for change notification and statistics.
    • Set up formfields to indicate things like the status of pages (FirstDraft, LookingForComments, etc.)
  • Writing bash scripts to do things like:
    • Automatically set up web(s)
    • Backup the TWiki software (after configuration) to Sourceforge and to my private LAN (i.e., offsite backup)
    • Backup the TWiki content regularly (cron jobs?) to
Sourceforge and to my private LAN (i.e., offsite backup)
    • Maintain the TWiki, i.e., fix problems as they arise, monitor TWiki development and consider adding plugins or updating the TWiki software occasionally, consider switching to mod-Perl to increase speed (there may be some problems doing this, especially on a site like SourceForge -- TWiki uses some global variables, and apparently if two TWikis both use mod-Perl on the same Apache server, the global variables are shared across those two TWikis). (My desire would be to run any new TWiki in parallel with the old until we were confident the new was ready -- this is what Peter Thoeny does on the TWiki development site.) TWiki is written in Perl and uses CGI.

If anyone is interested in any of the other tasks listed above, write to me -- even it you can't do it now, but have a desire to learn. (I'm not in a position to instantly teach anyone how to do this, but having someone else interested in learning with me might restore my flagging enthusiasm -- it seems like it's been a much longer road than I expected.)

If your interested in learning and collaborating, just peruse the web site and jump in. If you have questions, write to me (or post them on the TWiki).

20010722 ToDo List for WikiLearn using 20010315 Version of TWiki

  • Find a good way to maintain backups of the patched twikis (home and SourceForge), along with a list of patches or fixes applied.

  • Modify TWiki for spam protection on WebNotify pages. (Diff in email from P.Thoeny around 20010807, stored in d_twiki.)

  • Write to SourceFourge and ask about modifying httpd.conf.

  • Finish script to set proper permissions on SourceForge, issue support request (one time and permanent cron job, or initiable by me)

  • DONE 20010722: Change view script to use <div width="90%"> instead of table

  • Add user preference variable for % width
    • DONE 20010722: Added VIEWWRAPWIDTH variable in comments of TWiki.cfg
    • DONE 20010722: Set in TWikiPreferences as width: 90%
    • DONE 20010722: Used in view template as <DIV style="%VIEWRAPWIDTH%"> (HTML is <DIV style="width: 90%">)
    • DONE ~20010730: Add to user preferences, to be written on creation of user's home page (add to one of the templates, maybe twikinotedited.tmpl)
    • Document as new variable
    • DONE ~20010730: Add to preview template
    • Document as a custom modification (i.e., to be repeated if I reinstall) (Maybe on this list?)

  • Add user notes about existence of 90% width, how to workaround it (additional div sections), and how to adjust with the user variable

  • STARTED, see WikiLearnBackups. Make scripts to upload and download pages to/from SourceForge (and maybe to an intermediate directory on SourceForge)

  • Revise all other templates

    • UPDATE 20010802: Can now do without the /a/ for view, still need, for example, /twiki/bin/edit. Make other changes necessary to use .../a/... ?? Haven't yet figured out a way to avoid the /twiki/bin part. I got this part working -- can use /a/ for edit, previw, etc.

      • Try doing an Alias or ScriptAlias for pub to get rid of the /a/

    • Delete icons for SourceForge and WikiLearn -- replace with text (20010724 -- deleted icons, not sure I'll add text -- maybe)

    • Change %WEBTOPICLIST% preference item (for each web) to delete web name and {}, and make links work to Wikilearn, TWiki, or current web, as appropriate, use &nbsp after Go.

  • Revise search form, especially list of webs

  • UPDATE 20010802: Restore WebHome pages on all webs, and revise appropriately. (First copy from Main, Wikilearn, or TWiki to all other webs (which is the "real" or best master?) -- I did find a backup copy of my wiki installation -- misplaced it again due to a reboot -- somewhere in /home/dad/tw*

  • Revise categories to include Peer, Content, User, and Language Verification

  • Create static page for index, or show SourceForge and TWiki logos only on WebHome of each web (or WikiLearn web only)

  • Get Mail Notification to work

  • Get statistics to work

  • Add F(lags) Games, G(lossary), Hardware, HTML, and LDP webs, change Networks to Network, and others ??

  • Test to see whether you can "nest" webs with no additional changes.

  • Find and implement a way to "chomp" newlines from the end of TWiki topics, to avoid continually increasing white space after signature in konqueror. (Seems like the added whitespace also occurs in IE5, and a similar mechanism may be adding space before or after the Page Evaluation section.

  • Write something about my current feelings about Linux

  • Continue to update the Linux web -- adding pages and translating from swiki. UPDATE 20010807: Translated most of the Linux web (close to 100 pages) -- need another review for content, still have other webs to do.


  • RandyKramer - 22 Jul 2001 (Transferred from my home TWiki)
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