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I'm getting ready to start annotating a few files in X (pursusant to the X Server Modification Project), and think I should create some introductory notes.




I've made efforts like this before, for other programs, sometimes striving for something along the lines of a literate program (but starting from an existing program) and using tools like Leo. _The most notable efforts (I guess) were the VB program I created for the #1 Caster Rebuild Project and the documentation I attempted for TWiki (which I may reattempt, starting with a specification). I should list some links to more description of those efforts here:

I think this time around I'll:

  • Use TWiki, i.e., import all the code from a given file into WikiLearn, then do things like delete boilerplate (copyrights) and other clutter, and perhaps move them to include files or just reference a general copyright statement (like this code is copyrighted, see the original __.c file, copy available at _).
  • Name the TWiki pages with a prefix Xaf and then the file name. Like, for events.c I'll use XafEventsC (avoids the period and makes a "real" WikiName.
  • Start with the older MIT files which may have less clutter (somewhere I have the link to where I found them)
  • Start with devices.c because it'shorter than events.c and dispatch.c.

More later.

Annotated X Files

To add additional annotated X file pages, simply create a new page using a name prefixed with "X"... and in the form XafEventsC.

  • Page Title: Summary

  • XafEventsC: Attempting to annotate the events.c module from X. Aside: I`m noticing today, while at NCACC, that I`m not experiencing the TWiki problem with losing my edits when...


  • () RandyKramer - 09 May 2003
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