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Resources and notes on X clients that I didn't know existed (and other X related things).

Note: The main reason I'm digging into X is to find or create a keyboard macro facility. I've got related information scattered among quite a few pages, including:

I've also got some more general information / pages on X:

And, some pages related to using X remotely:

The most promising short term solution possibility I've found so far is Xvkbd.





See ResourceRecommendations. Feel free to add additional resources to these lists, but please follow the guidelines on ResourceRecommendations including ResourceRecommendations#Guidelines_for_Rating_Resources.


  • (rhk) X client; ; — a definitiion (this might be a wiki -- in any case it's a nice set of pages with definitions for many computer related terms)
  • (rhk) (X1) - X client commands / utilities; ; — lists a lot of commands / utilities and useful (but perhaps slightly dated) documentation (manpages?) (the X(X1M) doesn't mention Linux, the fontserver does not seem to be mentioned (at least on the pages I've seen so far, etc.) — overall appears very worth reviewing, including (this is not all that are listed on that page):
   xclipboard: X clipboard client 
   xconsole: monitor system console messages with X 
   xcutsel: interchange between cut buffer and selection 
   xdm: X Display Manager with support for XDMCP, host chooser 
   xdpr: dump an X window directly to a printer 
   xev: print contents of X events 
   xfd: font displayer for X 
   xfontsel: point and click interface for selecting X11 font names 
   xkill: kill a client by its X resource 
   xload: load average display for X 
   xlogo: X Window System logo 
   xlsatoms: list interned atoms defined on server 
   xlsclients: list client applications running on a display 
   xlsfonts: server font list displayer for X 
   xlswins: server window list displayer for X 
   xpr: print an X window dump 
   xprop: property displayer for X 
   xrdb: X server resource database utility 
   xsetroot: root window parameter setting utility for X 
   xshowcmap: shows colormap 
   xsm: X Session Manager 
   xstdcmap: X standard colormap utility 
   xterm: terminal emulator for X 
   Xt_options: standard X Toolkit command-line options 
   xwininfo: window information utility for X 

Another idea I've had that is not great, but may be useful in certain cases: The character recognizer could be implemented as a daemon with no window at all. Then, applications could send mouse events to the daemon and receive key events in return. If this were done right, it could be as simple as a few lines of code to make a program "gesture aware". Note: I really think it would be a bad idea if we were forced to recompile every program to make it gesture aware. Also, this daemon idea could be used along with any of the above suggestions. Some ways this might be useful include: a few lines of hacking could turn a virtual keyboard into a keyboard/scribbler. And it might make sense to take a library of widgets like GTK and make them gesture-aware in this way. I'll have to give this some more thought.

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  • (rhk) [[][]]; ; —

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  • (rhk) [[][]]; ; —


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