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  • According to DRI Project web, the Direct Rendering Infrastructure, also known as the DRI, is a framework for allowing direct access to graphics hardware in a safe and efficient manner. It includes changes to the X server, to several client libraries, and to the kernel. The first major use for the DRI is to create fast OpenGL implementations.

  • Definition from www.opengl.org: In simple terms, the DRI enables hardware-accelerated 3D graphics on Linux. More specifically, it's a software architecture for coordinating the Linux kernel, X window system, 3D graphics hardware and an OpenGL-based rendering engine.

I subscribe to one or more of the XFree86 mail lists, and often see references to "DRI", I decided it was about time to find out what it means (and, of course, record a definition here on WikiLearn). Unfortunately wink , the first link I found when Googling was a link to the definition on the XFree86.org wiki, which makes it uncertain whether having this page here is worthwhile (especially considering that I've started this page by simply quoting their defintion(s).





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