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Get TigerSkinPlugin

So named because of the stripes in the background.

[This is a properly packaged version of the skin shown at BetterSkins and BetterSkinInstall.]

TIP The TigerSkin version 2 is coming along nicely. There's a beta version available for download. It is reasonably useful in any browser. See more in HobbesSkinDev. -- TorbenGB - 03 Jul 2003

I'm cross-linking the page thumbnail here -- DavidWeller - 27 Jul 2001
Example of our new skin

This skin provides the following:

  • An attractive design with the expectations of typical web users in mind (ie navbar on the left hand side, content on the right)
  • A top menubar that highlights the main features of TWiki (edit and attach) and conceals the more complex features under a pop up (diffs, create, etc)
  • A configurable left hand menu bar - the contents can be set in an editable WebMenu topic - one for the TWiki06x00 web and optionally one for each of the other webs.
  • A top left hand icon that may change according to web selection
  • Simple Web.TopicName location status
  • A quick search box
  • Username feedback with a click to personal topics
  • Cascading style sheet for structured style alterations (however, we do not constrain the font size of TWiki content - use View/Textsize in your browser for this)
  • Javascript to open/close menu folders, etc.


      * Set SKIN = tiger

The TigerSkin comes with a plugin - see TigerSkinPlugin - that inserts items such as the left hand menu. It uses the plugin to read the WebMenu topic, etc.

The TigerSkin can be used (optionally) with the SessionPlugin - it then allows logon and session management.

Please note:

  • The TigerSkin is designed for use with IE 5.0 and 5.5 - not (yet) Netscape compatible.
    The skin looks great, but this makes it unusable for me. How about making a version of the skin that doesn't need scripting? I know it would lose functionality, but that's better than a skin that works only for a fraction of my users. (BTW Netscape compatibility wouldn't help. I'm targetting the Open Source community, and this means Lynx, konqueror, and Opera. I don't think that maintaining the skin for so many browsers is worth the effort, and IIRC Lynx doesn't have scripting anyway.) JoachimDurchholz - 28 Jul 2001
  • The TigerSkin purposely avoids using different colors for different webs - we think that this is desconcerting to novice users.
  • The TigerSkin needs the uploaded to on 26-July-2001
  • The TigerSkin uses the new

An example logo is attached to this page - just download and edit to make your own logo. It should be named logo.gif. The overall site logo lives as an attachment hereto, individual web logos should be placed in pub/webname/logo.gif. Please be sure to acknowledge appropriately.

For help and advice, please email SteveRoe

-- SteveRoe - 26 Jul 2001

Congrats, Steve! Now I guess I'm obligated to get the DallasSkin completed before the official release date! smile

-- DavidWeller - 26 Jul 2001

Uhhhhh.... where are the guts? There is nothing at TigerSkinPlugin, nor here beyond a .gif file.
Codev.Trash.TigerSkinPlugin has been superceeded by Plugins.Trash.TigerSkinPlugin - sorry, this should have been more clearly indicated. A copy is now also attached to this page to make it more obvious [Main.SteveRoe]

-- DavidLeBlanc - 27 Jul 2001

This makes me think that I should package up the customisable skin (see ThwacketySkin for more info) I did the other weekend for our site....

-- MichaelSparks - 27 Jul 2001

I've adapted the skin to more ubiquitous environments and especially Netscape 4.x and Mozilla... I was able to keep most of the functionnality.. The main changes are:

  • Less tables (I switched the stripped lines to the background)
  • Edit box fixes for mozilla (edit boxes were not accepting input)
  • Left Menu fixes for Mozilla (grrr... IE5 and Mozilla don't position elements at the same place)
  • Top Menu Layer for Netscape 4.x and many fixes to get the menu to align on the right...

I've tested the skin work on IE6 Beta, Mozilla 0.9.3 and Netscape 4.75 on Windows 2000. It was not easy but the same skin works on all browsers.. Therefore I wouldn't touch the code too much without testing on all browser because minor changes could make it break for one browser or another...

-- LudovicDubost - 02 Sep 2001

Excellent. Could you add a zip of your changed files.

-- JohnTalintyre - 03 Sep 2001

I already have in BTW I've tested the skin on some more MSIE:

  • MSIE 5.0 on Windows 2000: works
  • MSIE 4.0 on Windows 2000: fails on the script.. I think it fails on = "..." So to make it work on MSIE 4.0 it is possible to use = "..."

-- LudovicDubost - 03 Sep 2001

Is there a reason why TigerSkin doesn't support "Preview" mode?

-- DavidWeller - 21 Sep 2001

Preview mode isn't there by default as at work there was strong demand to remove it. However, it's easy to put it back, just replace the actions from the end of edit.tiger.tmpl with those from edit.tmpl

-- JohnTalintyre - 23 Sep 2001

See also UsingSkinsOnTWikiDotOrg

-- MartinCleaver - 25 Sep 2001

I wanted to give a try to this new skin, and did not manage to download it, the link on top of the page is broken ...

Can somebody fix it ?

-- ErwanArzur - 25 Sep 2001

done -- SvenDowideit

On IE6 all texts are centered. This is because with IE6, cells are displayed centered by default if you don't specify a left alignment. To correct this, simply modify the following lines from view.tiger.tmpl :

<code> % TMPL:P{"stripeboxstart"}% % TMPL:P{"curveboxstart"}% <p /> <table background="% PUBURLPATH%/TWiki06x00/TigerSkin/transp.gif" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%" height="600"> <tbody> <tr> </code>


<code> % TMPL:P{"stripeboxstart"}% % TMPL:P{"curveboxstart"}% <p /> <table background="% PUBURLPATH%/TWiki06x00/TigerSkin/transp.gif" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%" height="600"> <tbody align="left"> <tr> </code>

-- VincentMassol - 05 Oct 2001

There is a small bug in view.tiger.tmpl. On line 76 the path for the Advanced Search link is hardcoded. Change

   "/twiki/bin/view/% WEB%/WebSearch">
   "/% WIKITOOLNAME%/bin/view/% WEB%/WebSearch">
or (preferred)
   "/% SCRIPTURL%/view/% WEB%/WebSearch">
(don't forget to remove the space between the first % and the next letter)

-- MattWilkie - 20 Nov 2001

I love the WebMenu to %LEFTMENU% expansion. It rocks.

Has there been any update to it? In particular I want to be able to set a common set of menus that can be used on all web-specific web menus. I tried setting a variable in TWikiPreferences:

  • Set TOPWEBMENUS = Codev

and then in a web-specific WEBMENUS:

Codev before the %ITEM{}%


This does not work.

Looking through the code I was wondering, what does %OUTER{} supposed to do? Perhaps the authors could comment?

Thanks, M.

-- MartinCleaver - 22 Nov 2001

There is a problem in TigerSkin when used with AutomaticSizingOfEditWindow - Tiger skin seems to have a a minimum width. See AutomaticSizingOfEditWindow for more details.

-- MartinCleaver - 28 Nov 2001

There is also a bug in the createtopic.tmpl template where a checkbox is instantiated as a textbox.

See TigerSkinCreatetopicTemplateMissingCheckboxBug

for further details and fix.

-- JohnRouillard - 03 Dec 2001

FYI, I finally completed and posted the DallasSkin on TWiki (which I mentioned in here in an earlier post). Lacks "coolness" of the TigerSkin, but is also javascript-free and works in just about any browser (although you Lynx fanatics should just stay away from skins altogether smile )

-- DavidWeller - 07 Feb 2002

I have been having difficulties trying to use CalendarPlugin at the same time. Things do not seem to parse on the TigerPlugin side. I keep getting tiger variables (%LOGO%, %LEFTMENU%, etc) thrown on my screen when viewing a page that contains

January 2018
  01 02 03 04 05 06
07 08 09 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31      

I've tried using the TWikiPreferences variable (INSTALLEDPLUGINS) to change the load order of the two, but that does not work. Any suggestions?

-- JustinHickman - 12 Mar 2002

Nevermind. A couple things, I hadn't installed the SessionPlugin nor did I make TigerSkin a site-wide setting in TWikiPreferences ( * Set SKIN = tiger)

I am unsure of the strange behavior with only the CalendarPlugin affecting it (the only plugin affecting it), but it works now.

-- JustinHickman - 13 Mar 2002

Usability idea: Based on some of the feedback at UsabilityIdeas my firm implemented the SessionPlugin with a modified TigerSkin and added a LOGIN link just above the user name on the left menu. It's a simple change that provides some much needed functionality.

-- JeffFritz - 24 Apr 2002

Merge skin=iejs and TigerSkin edit template?

We are deploying a TWiki-based intranet where I work, and for that we chose the TigerSkin which gives TWiki a much nicer and user-friendly interface. Unfortunately we found that it does not work well together with the IEJS skin, so I was wondering if I could make some changes to the edit.tiger.tmpl template and thus incorporate the IEJS skin into it. Am I allowed to do this? Should I post the changed material back here? Does anybody have comments on this idea?

I tried e-mailing SteveRoe about this, but the message bounced back. I'd love to hear from you, Steve, or from anybody else.

-- TorbenGB - 08 May 2002

This brings up SeparateEditSkinFromViewSkin

-- PeterThoeny - 08 May 2002

Jeff, that is exactly how we use the tiger skin at DrKW. The code from IEJS is copied into edit.tiger.tmpl, the tiger skin is supplied via without that so as not to confuse the look and feel of tiger with the completely separate JavaScript editor. Something cleaner would certainly be good.

-- JohnTalintyre - 09 May 2002

Sorry - I changed my email address to

  • Thanks Steve smile but I just went ahead and put bits from edit.iejs.tmpl into edit.tiger.tmpl and it works like a charm on WinNT/IE6 which is our corporate setup. Don't know about Netscape or others but it's not relevant for us here. I also did some other minor modifications, see attached file. [ TorbenGB 14 May 2002 ]

-- SteveRoe - 09 May 2002

I have inserted into edit.tiger.tmpl the code for the javascript editor. It is a little rough, but it does the trick for my company. I would like to add a variable to my base install of tigerskin so that I can "turn on/turn off" the javascript editor functionality. Does anybody have any feedback on how to do this with the proper TWiki style?

-- JeffFritz - 10 May 2002

I'm confused..

  • does TigerSkin work with Netscape/Mozilla?
  • where can I download it?
  • Is there a site which has other twiki skins available. something like for twiki

Any help greatly appreciated.

-- JohnMcCabe - 10 May 2002

Above LudovicDubost reports that he ported to Netscape 4, but I can't find the zip file he says he uploaded. At work IE is the official browser and the Web developer that produced the TigerSkin JavaScript only built it to support this.

-- JohnTalintyre - 14 May 2002

JohnMcCabe, you can download it from TigerSkinPlugin. I can't find the netscape zip file either. It definately doesn't work with mozilla (the text boxes don't accept inputs). The javascript console prints

Error: window.event has no properties
In http://localhost/pub/TWiki/TigerSkin/menuscript.js, Line 42, 

when you click an input field. Should menuscript.js also accept 'Mozilla' in the userAgent string as a subcase of NS6?

-- EthanAubin - 14 Jul 2002

The attached patch menuscript.js-input.patch fixes this problem.

-- AndyThaller - 30 Oct 2002

Question: Line 55 of edit.tiger.tmpl, there's this &lt;br&gt;, which shows up in the "signature" area as <br>. This looks like a search and replace bug. Why is this here?

-- DavisWFrank - 18 Jul 2002

I've attached a patch to view.tiger.tmpl to implement the RefreshEditPage fix to TigerSkin. It doesn't use full seconds since 1970, but rather the current number of seconds, which should be close enough to unique to solve this problem.

I'm new to Javascript and new to contributing to TWiki, so caveat editor. Feedback welcome.

-- DavisWFrank - 19 Jul 2002

Note that the correct place for TigerSkin is now at Plugins.TigerSkinPlugin

-- JohnTalintyre - 29 Jul 2002

Bullets aren't showing up in for me in IE 5.5 when Windows 2000 is set to use large fonts. The culprit seems to be this part of the style sheet:

   margin-bottom : 0;
   margin-left : 18px;
   margin-right : 0;
   margin-top : 0;

Is anyone else having this problem?

-- TWikiGuest - 31 Jul 2002

I've attached a patch to make use of AgentPlugin for browser-specific CSS-file selection.

  • First, install AgentPlugin and verify it's working correctly.
  • Copy the twiki.css provided by the Tiger Skin package to the files twiki.msie.css and twiki.netscape.css
  • Download templates-agent.diff and apply it to change view.tiger.tmpl and twiki.tiger.tmpl accordingly.
  • Don't delete twiki.css -- it is still used for any other browser
  • You can now adapt twiki.msie.css and twiki.netscape.css to reflect the needs of either browser - twiki.css could be the most conservative set of style options to work with any browser.
  • Specific CSS files for other Browser types can be added easily

-- AndyThaller - 01 Nov 2002

Dumb question here, but how do I apply the patch file attached to this page. Actually interested in the edit page patch. I've tried using the patch command:

   patch view.tiger.tmpl view.tiger.tmpl.patch
but get messages about failed hunks.

Hi Nathan. Assumed view.tiger.tmpl and view.tiger.tmpl.patch are in the same directory, executing "patch -p 5 view.tiger.tmpl view.tiger.tmpl.patch" inside this directory should work properly.

Greetings, DirkHessing - 21 Mar 2003

Also, anyone know why this skin works fine with 01Dec release in regards to not caching the edit pages, but doesn't work correctly with the latest release 01Feb (I also had the same issue with the post 01Dec betas and ended up just using the 01Dec release). I have two sites running TWiki both with the TigerSkin plugin and:

  • 01Dec2001 - Doesn't have an issue with the browser caching the edit page.
  • 01Feb2003 - Has an issue with the browser caching the edit page.

I've copied the Tigerskin files from the 01Dec site over to the 01Feb site to see if it was the plugin itself causing the issue, and it doesn't seem to fix the problem. If I run the site (01Feb) without using the TigerSkin everything works fine. I can only guess that the code post 01Dec has issues with TigerSkin.

Anyone seen the same?

NathanReeves - 07 Mar 2003

I'd like to let you guys know that the "edit.tiger.tmpl" doesn't currently support the variable width edit box. Even after reading through the supporting discussions above. I was setting both "EDITBOXCSS" and "EDITBOXSTYLE" to no avail when I decided to crack open the template to see why -- and LO! There was no

in the textarea.

I've made other changes to the template, so my diff patch would be useless to you but here's the pasted lines that need tweaking.


<textarea name="text" id="text" wrap="virtual" rows="%EDITBOXHEIGHT%" cols="%EDITBOXWIDTH%" onclick="storeCaret(this)" onKeyUp="storeCaret(this)" onselect="storeCaret(this)">%TEXT%</textarea>


<textarea name="text" id="text" wrap="virtual" rows="%EDITBOXHEIGHT%" cols="%EDITBOXWIDTH%" onclick="storeCaret(this)" onKeyUp="storeCaret(this)" onselect="storeCaret(this)" STYLE="%EDITBOXSTYLE%" >%TEXT%</textarea>

-- KenMelms - 25 Mar 2003

I've modified the TigerSkin quite a bit for use at my workplace. I'm currently turning it into a "Tiger v2.0 skin" so that I can share it here on

The new skin is currently in use on and once I get the minor details sorted out, I intend to publish the modified TigerSkin as HobbesSkin on HobbesSkinDevTigerSkin version 2 on TigerSkin. The name hints at the funniest tiger I know, from Bill Watterson's cartoon Calvin&Hobbes.

-- TorbenGB - 15 May 2003 (edited 03 Jul 2003)

Plugins.HobbesSkin feedback moved to Plugins.HobbesSkinDev.

-- TorbenGB - 19 May 2003

The TigerSkin version 2 is coming along nicely. There's a beta version available for download. It is reasonably useful in any browser. See more in HobbesSkinDev.

-- TorbenGB - 03 Jul 2003

I have installed TigerSkin on the TWiki beta from 7 May 2004. I have changed the edit.tiger.tmpl in order to get the preview button instead of save changes by copying the corresponding line from edit.tmpl. I have applied the patch for the RefreshEditPage problem as well.

Now when I create a new topic by following a "?" link and preview my changes, at the top of the page the name of the parent topic is shown. However when I save the changes this is gone. I can switch to the default skin and set the parent for the topic manually. This is then displayed correctly with TigerSkin. Further edits of the same topic using TigerSkin leave the parent intact.

The parent is set correctly when I create the topic using the default skin, so I believe this might have to do something with TigerSkin. Does anyone have an idea where to look for a solution?

  • You don't state whether you're using the original TigerSkin (the one with green logos and images) or the newer beta (HobbesSkinDev). I'm developing the Hobbes skin but I haven't bothered with the preview, so I may have missed something. If it's the original TigerSkin, then I don't know right away what might be wrong.
    -- TorbenGB - 03 Sep 2004

-- HenrikWeber - 14 Jul 2004

I installed TigerSkin on the Twiki BeijingRelease (because it's the last stable release). I see only Quick Search box and the LEFTMENU variable in the left menu. I tried installing the SessionPlugin (both the latest and the SessionPluginBeijing release), but they have no effect. I would welcome any advice.

  • If you don't have the actual file TWiki.WebMenu, and/or if you're missing the TigerSkinPlugin in the /plugins/ folder, then this may not work. Make sure you have the entire TigerSkin package and that everything has been placed in the right folders. You could also try out the updated Hobbes skin instead, if you want. That's still in beta but it's fairly solid and is intended to be an update to TigerSkin. You can find more about this on the page HobbesSkinDev.
    -- TorbenGB - 03 Sep 2004
    • I do seem to have everything in the right place, as per the instructions. However, it's not the only thing that does not expand properly in my TWiki stable installation. I am now using the TWiki beta with more success (not with a new Skin yet though). It's probably something to do with Red Hat 9 or the Apache 2 or the Perl 5.8.0 that comes with it. --- MurrayCumming - 03 Sep 2004

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Unknown file formattmpl edit.tiger.tmpl r1 manage 12.1 K 2002-05-14 - 05:57 TorbenGB edit.tiger.tmpl + iejs toolbar + visual mods.
Unknown file formatpatch menuscript.js-input.patch r1 manage 1.1 K 2002-10-30 - 16:08 AndyThaller Fixes NS7 problem with input fields
Unknown file formatdiff templates-agent.diff r1 manage 8.6 K 2002-11-01 - 13:44 AndyThaller Adds browser-specific CSS names to view.tiger.tmpl
Unknown file formatpatch view.tiger.tmpl.patch r2 r1 manage 5.7 K 2002-07-19 - 18:54 DavisWFrank Adds RefreshEditPage, & IE6 alignment fix
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