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BlueSkinDev Discussion: Page for developer collaboration, enhancement requests, patches and improved versions on BlueSkin contributed by the TWikiCommunity.
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Feedback on BlueSkin

-- ThorstenSommermann - 17 Oct 2003


I certainly like the look of this skin, thank you very much for taking the time to put it together. (And for putting up a demo, this is so much better than just a image)

I'm particularly exited at the possibility of leveraging the work done by all the developer community at that site.

Assuming that all their skins are in the same format, there would be tremendous value in coding twiki to meet whatever they require. I suspect we would find it this easier to accomplish by building it as a Theme on top of KoalaSkin's ThemeManager

If you can get on TWikiIRC at some point I'd like to discuss the possibilities with you, alternatively perhaps you can find me on messenger. (Details on MartinCleaver)

-- MartinCleaver - 17 Oct 2003

it is very nice-looking, indeed. btw, i updated the BlueSkin page to include your name in the credits, instead of the default

provided in the plugin template.

-- WillNorris - 17 Oct 2003

First of all: thank you for "completing" the plugin topics and changing the variables for me.

Martin, it's true TWiki needs a better templating system and I would suggest an approach like the Taglets and/or JSPs (you see, I come from the Java side of life smile ). But that implies, you will have to mix code and design. I won't start a new discussion on this (Hmmm - why not actually?) but it gives you a maximum amount of flexibility.

I could imagine using template elements like Lego-blocks, trying to create a simple way of putting stuff together - even for designers. For the time being it will be too hard to create a new design for TWiki by designers too, I think.

-- ThorstenSommermann - 18 Oct 2003

I'm having trouble with blueskin using Konqueror and Mozilla. When attempting to rename a topic there is no "commit" or similar button. Also the Go: [Search] on the Content menu does nothing now. Any suggestions?

Noteable in this, the button should be on the bottom and instead I have the following: Revision r76 - 2009-10-01 - 22:45:30 - DaveAngulo %META{"parent" prefix="Parents: "}% %META{"moved"}% Copyright.

Internet Explorer users aren't having this problem. Is this a CSS handling problem?

-- ShawnGarbett - 12 Nov 2003

I think I got it fixed now. It was no CSS nor Explorer problem, but simply my stupidity of not finishing the code of the "rename" template. Sorry for that - I never used this function on my homepage wink

-- ThorstenSommermann - 18 Nov 2003

When doing "Changes" on screen, there is a large space on top, i.e. between the item list and the top bars, like the table seems to be bottom aligned. On normal topics, I got even a larger space when printing ( print preview), that may correspond to the size of the weblink menu.

Also, If I may formulate some preference, the "printable" button give me "old" look, where I would appreciate the nice fonts of the normal view, even if I do not have the menus smile Otherwise, thanks for the nice job. (OT: I saw some other CSS. is there a way to switch color schemes ? did i missread the doc ?)

-- LucAbom - 19 Nov 2003

Luc, sorry I cannot follow you smile .Please send me an example (screenshot) via mail and I will look, what I can do.

The other CSS file in the distribution is obsolete. It was part of the original web template, but in the next release I will delete it. I planned to introduce a parameter %CSS%, with which the look of a page could have been altered. But I'm not quite sure, if I should implement this anymore.

The "print" skin was chosen because of its simpleness. It is totally sufficient IMHO.

-- ThorstenSommermann - 21 Nov 2003

So finally after a long time I made some changes to BlueSkin, for there was a bug in displaying the content correctly when there was only one line of text or less lines than the left menu contained.

I changed the Stylesheet and hope that it's working correctly now. The left menu shows up different now when shorter than the content. I hope you like it.

I also renamed the Stylesheets in /pub/TWiki/BlueSkin/css and deleted one obsolete alternate Stylesheet (which came with the official Sinorca template but is never used). Be sure to overwrite all files from the template directory.

-- ThorstenSommermann - 28 Dec 2003

I followed the docs to install BlueSkin as closely as I could. I use sinorca for my website so I was happy to find this. Couple things I noticed.

First, BlueSkin.zip expands to create a directory called BlueSkin, with subdirs that are the same as those in the home directory.

Second, BlueSkin does not render any CSS for me. It definitely changed me from the default theme, but no tables are evident.

Being a newbie I actually have no idea what to put in WEBLINKSMENU, but I duplicated WEBTOPICLIST to get started.

It's really close. I'm pretty sure it's just not applying CSS, but doing something different.

My install notes are here http://www.businessforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Main/TwikiInstallNotes

I found http://www.strotmann.de/twiki/bin/view/APG/WebPreferences?raw=1 to be very helpful. -- RichardBodo - 02 Aug 2004

-- RobByrne - 12 Aug 2004

The look of Blueskin is exellent: crisp, clean, light.

A comment and a problem though:

1. A lot of folks don't like the fact that there's no "Preview" option when editing. Is there a way to furnish a "Preview" as well as "SaveChanges" button ?

2. With Netscape v4.79 the page is rendered really badly: it basically doen't work. JavaScript is enabled. It's twiki Any workarounds for that ?

Thanks, Rob.

-- RobByrne - 12 Aug 2004

BlueSkin 2.0 uploaded.

-- ThorstenSommermann - 13 Dec 2004

Nice skin, but ugly release, cause it lacks some files (e.g. data/TWiki/BlueSkin.txt) and contains errors (e.g. xxxxHEADERy is not used by the template files, they use xxxxTITLEy instead).

-- FranzJosefSilli - 13 Dec 2004

Ok, Ok, Ok. Sorry for that. Seems that the release was too quick. Too many Flüchtigkeitsfehler ! I'll fix that in a few days.

-- ThorstenSommermann - 13 Dec 2004

Uploaded Bugfix 2.0.1. Hope it's gonna work now indifferent

-- ThorstenSommermann - 16 Dec 2004

I had installed the BlueSkin for TWiki on RedHat Linux. Look and Feel is excellent. Thanx ThorstenSommermann !!! But when I tried to upload file in the Internet Explorer, the "Upload File" is not responding. When I saw the html source code, it looked like this... "". Please see the source of this button. Can anyone help me out in this??

-- RajeshNaidu - 28 Dec 2004

Yes, I recognized that IE (and obviously some other browsers) do not handle the <button> tag correctly. In an earlier version of BlueSkin, I had images to click on, which behaved as I liked them to. I threw them away because I wanted no graphics and images as part of the navigation in the design. Let me think about it again.

For the time being: to all of you a happy new year !

-- ThorstenSommermann - 31 Dec 2004

I fixed the button problem and also found a problem, where browsers like IE, Opera and Firefox did not render pages correctly. Uploaded version 2.0.2 also.

Sorry for the bad releases, there are still some minor bugs I discovered (cosmetics) but I felt, that the new release should be uploaded. Currently I am short of time, but I am still working on it. I put the new skin on my homepage you can reach on http://www.sommermann.com/wiki/bin/view/Main, so you can take a look at a live system. I tested the skin with Konqueror, Opera, Firefox and IE (both on Windows and Linux) and discovered only minor rendering problems in IE.

-- ThorstenSommermann - 03 Jan 2005

I uploaded a new version 2.0.3a where I changed one main thing. After playing around with the PatternSkin theme, I found that the LeftWebBar is quite handy. We use the TWiki in our company for intranet collaboration and when BlueSkin was installed there, changes in the LeftWebBar did not show up in BlueSkin. So I thought about implementing the same mechanism of the left bar in BlueSkin.

Two benefits came out of this:

  • The installation became more easy, for you don't have to set any skin-related variables anymore.
  • Also included is a color marker on the right top of the header. It is a bunch of boxes with colors fading from the selected color to a brighter version. Hope you like it :). This makes use of Javascript and I am thinking about a way to turn it of for all you paranoids out there wink !

This is not an official release yet. Please take a look at my webpage and tell me, what you think.

-- ThorstenSommermann - 07 Jan 2005

I am going to try out the latest alpha, your site looks great. I really like the idea of the PatternSkin, but it just doesn't look as nice as BlueSkin. I think the layout on your site looks much better but I really want the nice left bar definition and customization allowed from PatternSkin. (it would also be nice to have the top and bottom bar customization too smile

-- AllenBierbaum - 07 Jan 2005

Will be fixed during the day.

The idea of having more customizable bars is interesting, but lets not push it too far. One could ruin the design, which I think is very clean and pure. But one or more bars (footer will be ok - maybe a right bar) may be ok. I think about it and let you know.

-- ThorstenSommermann - 08 Jan 2005

I tried the latest 2.0.3.a and like it very much. Thank you!

However, i found some problems so far (tested with IE6 and Firefox 1.0):

  • The sidebar contains "|" between the sidebar items. (items are Readme, Changes, Index, Search, Go).
  • Headlines formatted with H2 A do not have white fonts but blue. So these headlines use blue background with dark blue font.

-- WolfgangAlper - 12 Jan 2005

Ok, the problem with the "|" occurs, when you leave the ==Blog Codev Main Plugins Sandbox Support TWiki TWiki01 TWiki02 TWiki03 TWiki04 TWiki04x01 TWiki04x02 TWiki04x03 TWiki05x00 TWiki05x01 TWiki06x00 WikiWed== variable in WebPreferences or TWikiPreferences untouched (default value). You don't need it anymore. In the new alpha there is support for the WebLeftBar from PatternSkin. Customize it to your needs. Take a look at http://www.sommermann.com/wiki/bin/view/Main/WebLeftBar?raw=on to get an example.

The H2 problem is a CSS one. Due to the fact, that the new alpha is really new, I spent no thoughts about having different styles for tags in the WebLeftBar.

-- ThorstenSommermann - 12 Jan 2005

Thank you for the quick reply and the link. About the H2 CSS Issue: My explanation might have been misleading. I am not refering to the sidebar but to the Main Window. For example, on your Site http://www.sommermann.com/wiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome the Headline "Willkommen auf meiner Homepage" uses a white font on a blue background. This shows up on my install with a dark blue font on a blue background (using a sample new web "Starting Points of the Mysample Web".

The diffrences i found: Your Site uses the style: #main-copy h1 where my test-site references: #main-copy h2. Interesting: #main-copy h2 references color: white (as it should), but for some reason it is not being used.

Some new questions / comments while testing wink

Is it possible to support a "preview" image while being in preview mode, similar to the default skin?

When using attachments, these show up directly on the left hand site of the right page border - not on the right hand side of the sidebar border. So they are not in line with the body. Is this correct?

When using forms (like in the standard web "know"), they cannot be removed from a topic, while blueskin is being used. However when using the default template, they can.

-- WolfgangAlper - 13 Jan 2005

Update: I was able to workaround the css related h1, h2, h3 issue. Pls note that i am not an css expert. Here what i did:

  • removed sinorca-screen-alt.css
  • removed
     #main-copy a { color: rgb(0,102,204); background-color: transparent;  text-decoration: underline; } 
    from sinorca-screen.css

I added search functionallity to the sidebar for "search by topic" and "search by text" by adding two forms to the %TOOLBOX% setting (note all has to be one line):

*Quicksearch by Text* <form action="%SCRIPTURLPATH%/search%SCRIPTSUFFIX%/%INTURLENCODE{"%INCLUDINGWEB%"}%/SearchResult"> 
<input type="text" name="search" size="16"> </form>  
*Quicksearch by Topic* <form action="%SCRIPTURLPATH%/search%SCRIPTSUFFIX%/%INTURLENCODE{"%INCLUDINGWEB%"}%/SearchResult"> 
<input type="text" name="search" size="16"> <input type="hidden" name="scope" value="topic"> </form>

A new issue that shows up: I cannot use the java calender in the EditTablePlugin when using BlueSkin. However, when using the ambar or pattern skin it works. It seems that when using BlueSkin, the calendar-system.css is not loaded and therefore the calender shows up in a wrong way.

-- WolfgangAlper - 17 Jan 2005

Firstly - thanks for this beautiful skin. It is a big contribution to the TWiki community, as it increases the ease of acceptance for users of a new site.

I would like to change the default text size on my site. I typically pull up the start page in Firefox, then hit CTRL+ a couple of times to get the size I like. Is it possible to change the default size?

Also, how about making the "printable" format look as nice as the main skin? When I select "printable", I get something similar to the default skin.

-- DougRobertson - 26 Jan 2005

Wolfgang, maybe the problem with your H-Tags lies in the alternate screen css, which I found useless. It was part of the original distribution of the author. There was never need for an alternate colorscheme, when I called it BlueSkin smile

I commented the #main a out and found that the links were rendered in a blue that does not fit the original color style, so I put it back. Can you please verify this (deleting the alt-screen and keeping the link color) ?

The Preview Image will be added in the next release. It was there already but must have been dropped accidentally.

The attachment box is still on my todo-list smile

The calender bug will be fixed also (have to install it first frown )

Furthermore I plan to put the new alpha release into the official release as 2.0.4. The reason is: I like the idea of having include pages like the PatternSkin has. So all the configuration stuff with variables like %TOOLBOX% will be obsolete. BlueSkin then has no configuration anymore and can be used as an alternative to the PatternSkin. I use both skins in my company and switching between them works fine.

Doug, I know of a mechanism of changing font sizes with a web button in the Apache Forrest project. They do it via CSS, I guess. Maybe there is a way of doing it, if it is saved as a variable. I have to check it out (any help will be appreciated smile ).

The Print Button on top simply changes the skin to the standard "print theme" which looks like the former default skin. But BlueSkin also has an active CSS for printer formatting (sinorca-print.css). So everytime you print your webpage, this CSS file takes control of the output. I tested it with Konqueror and it looks ok - but of course can be enhanced. I made some minor changes in the original web CSS, but did not update all other CSS's (this may result in Wolfgangs problem). So maybe for the print CSS there is more work to be done ?

-- ThorstenSommermann - 26 Jan 2005

Thorsten, i agree that the second style sheet is pretty useless. Moreover it leads to confusion when one (like me wink tries to make modifications that do not work, because the backup css took over. As a sidenote: I disabled #main-copy not #main a. Great to hear that you look into the issue with the calender plugin (being part of editcell).

-- WolfgangAlper - 01 Feb 2005

Ran into an issue where the changeform template was not working. I have attached the diff output from the two templates I changed to fix the problem. I am not sure if this is inline with your programming style, but I think it is close. On a different note, I think this is a great skin!

-- StephenHahne - 14 Feb 2005

After installing the BlueSkin I noticed two little issues (see screenshot):


I always have a little star in the upper left corner of the side bar and a link within a header line appears blue on blue which is hardly readable.

Meanwhile I have figured out, that the star disappears when a blank line is inserted right after the first line of WebLeftBar.txt (i.e. after the "%META: ...% line). However, this behavior differs from other skins (e.g. pattern).

-- MichaelSchmidt - 04 Mar 2005

The version 2.0.3a1 of BlueSkin contains the following problem: When an edited page is previewed, hitting the "Save" button does not save the page, instead an error message appears complaining about "improper usage of the save script".

-- MichaelSchmidt - 07 Mar 2005

The problem with the "Save" button in preview mode has disappeared! I guess it was caused by a subtle configuration issue related to proper access rights.

-- MichaelSchmidt - 18 Mar 2005

I am using the 2.0.3a1 release on the latest beta release of twiki and see a bug with the ChangeRequest application not properly working. It appears that with the blueskin, the first row of the table is not interpreted correctly in the hidden table. This works fine with the default pattern skin.

-- RickMach - 17 Mar 2005

Another bug I just found in the 2.0.3.al version is that JSCalendarContrib used by several plugins does not format the calendar corrently when using the blueskin. It does work correctly with pattern skin.

-- RickMach - 19 Mar 2005

I found it very irritating that the sidebar for the Edit, Preview, Attach, etc. views disappear from view if you scroll down the page. This is particularly confusing for new users, for instance when you click Attach, the browser automatically scrolls to the file selection dialog and the sidebar is not visible.

I made the sidebar "sticky" for these special views, by changing twiki.blueskin.tmpl as:

    <div id="side-bar" 
         style="position:fixed; border-top:1px solid rgb(153,153,153);">

Do this for the Edit/Preview/Attach/Rename/AttachMove sidebars. It is preferable to leave the main sidebar as-is, since it is probably longer than one page length. Hopefully, someone else will find this useful.

Unfortunately, IE does not support position:fixed. Mozilla/Firefox and presumably Opera should be fine.

-- PankajPant - 06 May 2005

I am finding that tables are not displaying correctly in IE (6.0.28). They are fine in Firefox however in IE the table in main-body will display after the sidebar (in the main pane but lower than the lowest part of the sidebar). I have googled and every other site running BlueSkin has this issue. A topic to test is WebChanges or WebIndex.

-- DamianHarvey - 04 Jul 2005

Damian, I had the same problem. I've found a roundtrip for this bug in IE 6. IE 6 has some problems with Cascading Style Sheets. You have to open the

based in the
directory. I've added
   display: inline-block;
to the bottom of the following code-segments:
.superHeader a 
.superHeader .left
.superHeader .right
.midHeader .right
.subHeader a 
.superHeader .highlight, .subHeader .highlight
#side-bar ul 
#side-bar li
#main-copy p
#main-copy a
#main-copy h1 
#main-copy h2
#main-copy h3
#main-copy .topOfPage
#main-copy > .topOfPage
#footer .left 
#footer .right
#footer a

For me this works fine.

-- MartinSchmidt - 11 Jul 2005

This didn't work for me (at least not in all cases - some pages were OK, others not. However, the approach below recommended by PankajPant did work.

-- YanFitterer - 18 Aug 2005

Thank you Thorsten for putting together a skin that looks professional without a lot of tweaking. The idea of picking something good from OSWD and adapting it to TWiki is something that should be done more often.

As an aside, I think TWiki needs more skins available out of the box. Appearance is management's "first impression" when they evaluate the TWiki. Looking good out of the box makes "selling" TWiki easier.

-- RichardFreytag - 08 Aug 2005

I agree, more skins are needed - Richard, would you make us one?

-- SvenDowideit - 08 Aug 2005

I have noticed a weird problem with the blueskin. On some of the pages, specifically the pages using scripts other than 'view' (such as the 'More' page) there is a white space between the bottom blue bar and the bottom of the page. I noticed this problem when I was editing a page one day.

My first instinct seemed like there was a broken (or unclosed) tag somewhere, as IE will have no space but Firefox (1.0.6) will have a space (grr). Has anyone else noticed this problem? Anyone have a fix?

Screenshot of the problem:
Spacing problem screenshot

-- JamesMalone - 09 Aug 2005

I have uploaded login.blueskin.tmpl which is a blueskin version of login.tmpl for use with AuthPagePlugin. Interesting that a *.txt extension added to this innocuous file.

-- RichardFreytag - 09 Aug 2005

I am having the same trouble as MartinSchmidt & DamianHarvey with IE not properly displaying the body or topic where it should be. Everything gets moved below the end of the left bar. I tried Martin's fix, but it adds extra spacing in moz everywhere. Is there another solution?

-- JeffPelton - 12 Aug 2005

We ran into this a while ago. We also noticed that PatternSkin does not suffer from the same problem, and adopted some clues from PatternSkin to modify the BlueSkin templates. The basic changes that we made were:

  • twiki.blueskin.tmpl: Rename standardheader to fullheader and remove the fullsidebar from the definition. Create a new definition for standardheader that includes fullheader and fullsidebar (i.e. identical to the old one).
  • view.blueskin.tmpl: Replace this:
  <div id="main-copy">%TEXT%</div>
<div id="middlecontents">
  <div id="main-copy">%TEXT%</div>
<br class="clearAll" />
  • sinorca-screen.css: You will have to adjust some of the styles (e.g. twikiAttachments) to prevent elements from flowing into each other.

Somehow wrapping the contents in another div seems to do the trick. Please make backups of whatever you change, in case this doesn't work for you. Unfortunately, I cannot provide diffs since we have made a host of other changes to this skin. If it works for someone else, then maybe a patch could be generated against the originals.

Hope this helps.

-- PankajPant - 15 Aug 2005

This mostly works for me (fresh install of CairoRelease), but not with search results. Has anybody worked out the answer already?

-- YanFitterer - 18 Aug 2005

hi , I am facing a problem in Table plugin. Table Plugin works well in Pattern Skin but not working properly in Blue Skin. Header BG color is not working. It automatically takes the data BG color. Even the header alignment is not working properly. Only the center alignment is working and even if I give left or right alignment command , header gets align only to center. Please help me in this. Thanks

-- AnandKumar - 16 Aug 2005

Hi any one pls help me. I have posted a error on 16 Aug 2005 . pls help me in this.

-- AnandKumar - 19 Aug 2005

I found another problem: Blue Skin does not work properly together with SectionalEditPlugin while other skins like Classic, Pattern or Dragon do. The problem is that no "save" button appeares when a section is going to be edited. I think a fix of a certain template is needed for this.

PS: While inspecting the error log, I noticed that the error described drops two error messages in the log file:

[Fri Aug 26 15:02:40 2005] [error] [client] [Fri Aug 26 14:02:39 2005] editsection: Name "TWiki::Plugins::SectionalEditPlugin::sectiondepth" used only once: possible typo at D:/TWiki/bin/editsection line 61., referer: http://twiki.da.gei/bin/view/Main/MichaelSchmidt
[Fri Aug 26 15:02:40 2005] [error] [client] [Fri Aug 26 14:02:39 2005] editsection: Name "TWiki::Plugins::SectionalEditPlugin::alwayssection" used only once: possible typo at D:/TWiki/bin/editsection line 58., referer: http://twiki.da.gei/bin/view/Main/MichaelSchmidt

-- MichaelSchmidt - 26 Aug 2005

PankajPant, You say you have made oother changes, have you or anyone else out there fixed the calander problem that everyone seems to be running into with this skin? It really would be nice if I could get the calander to look correct with my edit table pluginn.

-- JeffPelton - 26 Aug 2005

We don't have the calander plugin installed ... so I cannot really comment on this issue.

-- PankajPant - 29 Aug 2005

Hi,I had posted a doubt on 16 Aug,about Table plugin. Table Header is not working for me,only in BlueSkin. The header back ground color is not working and also it aligment. It automatically gets aligned to center. Please anyone help me to fix it.Thanks..

-- AnandKumar - 29 Aug 2005

CAN'T use forms

Hello folks, I'm having problems in forms. When I start a new topic and then I click on Add Form, the screen splash asking me witch form I wanna use. No problem here. So I choose my form, and then I click on "Change form" , and NOTHING HAPPENS. When I change the skin to pattern, it works fine.

Does somebody out there get the same problem? How Can I solve this?

Thank you all

-- TWikiGuest - 14 Sep 2005

TWikiGuest, I'm having the same problem. StephenHahne posted the same issue on 14 Feb, with a solution earlier in this same page. I'll look at the diff he submitted and test it. I'm sure it will work. I will see if I can add any value.

-- CraigTobias - 16 Oct 2005

Not much value I can add, StephenHahne fixed it! This works perfect smile

-- CraigTobias - 17 Oct 2005

The problem with calendar-system.css not loading is caused by html comments in twiki.blueskin.tmpl. Apply twiki.blueskin.tmpl.patch and it should work again.

-- RasmusOryNielsen - 03 Nov 2005

Hi everybody, thanks for all the nice replies I got and all of the good enhancement you made. Shame on me for all mails I did not answer ! I must admit, that I will no longer be able to support the skin. It was fun to write, and I like the simpleness of most of the OSWD templates - but my family and other (for me) important opensource projects keep me busy. So the day has got 27hours at last and there is no more time for BlueSkin anymore. It has been a year now, since my last posting and you did a lot of work, sorry for my disinterest in making skins for TWiki. I would be happy, if someone takes over the development of BlueSkin, as I think the good and simple style of Haran deserves it.

So long and thanks for all the fish wink

-- ThorstenSommermann - 21 Mar 2006

Sorry to read that, but good luck to you, your projects and your family. The TWikiCommunity will miss you, but also someone will take over and enhance your skin, I'm sure.

-- FranzJosefSilli - 22 Mar 2006

Hello, has anyone continued this project? I'd love to get a copy of it with built-in support for the WYSIWYG editor, the login/webleftbar, and the header/footer clipping issue resolved. Any ideas? Thanks

-- AdamCoven - 21 Apr 2006

Sorry, I'm currently running Dakar on FC4. And I was attemping to use BlueSkin 2.0.2. (I couldn't find 2.0.3+)

-- AdamCoven - 21 Apr 2006

I'm having the same problem as James Malone . Only with the white line appearing on top. Any fixes??

-- RyanLi - 18 May 2006

I encountered the same problem as RyanLi, a white bar appearing at the top. I tracked it down to a blank line in the template that TWiki was converting to a <p />. Removing the the blank line at line 121 in twiki.blueskin.tmpl cleared up my problems. The line is right under the following:

<!--      Below are BlueSkin specific templates --> 

I hope this helps someone else, its a nice looking skin.

-- JasonHill - 01 Oct 2006

Thanks for sharing your insight. This seems to be related to the spec change in a recent TWiki release to not remove leading and trailing newlines in the templates.

-- PeterThoeny - 01 Oct 2006

Hi all..the look of BlueSkin is really cool..I was using blueskin for twiki3..it works fine..now i would like to upgrade it to twiki4.. Is there anyone else who are using Blueskin with TWiki4 and succeded in it with out any issues?

-- BharathReddyMeka - 07 Mar 2007

I love BlueSkin but I've run into a problem with TWiki4 - multiple users cannot edit simultaneously. Does anyone have a work around?

-- DanelBarreto - 13 Aug 2007

I implemented a BlueSkin web at http://galactic-command.com/twiki/bin/view.pl/GalCom/WebHome, but the web list (upper right corner) does not display correctly. Is there a fix or workaround for this?

-- DaveAngulo - 2009-10-01

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Unknown file formatdiff twiki.blueskin.tmpl.diff r1 manage 0.6 K 2005-02-14 - 00:20 StephenHahne Additional tmpl def for changeform sidebar
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