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TocPluginDev Discussion: Page for developer collaboration, enhancement requests, patches and improved versions on TocPlugin contributed by the TWikiCommunity.
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Feedback on TocPlugin

-- CrawfordCurrie - 07 Oct 2001

Fixed a minor bug with heading marked up as anchors, uploaded latest version from SVN. Old discussion moved to TocPluginDevArchive.

The only issue I can think of after latest release is that this doesn't yet have support for use in topics with I18N topic names.

-- SteffenPoulsen - 20 Apr 2006

So, I noticed on the ExplicitNumberingPlugin you seemed to imply that the TOC functionality could do the same numbering, but I can't figure it out from the PluginHelp.

Could you give an example of numbering such as "Step X" where X would be the numerical order of the step?

Also, is the WebOrder required for the tags to work? I tried putting the tags on some page and they didn't render (would obscure the rest of the line). I am not familiar with Framemaker and would have found expanded explanation helpful there.

-- EricHanson - 09 Aug 2006

Gosh, now you're asking. I haven't used this plugin in the last 3 years. As I recall, though, the section numbering is automatic based on %SECTION tags in the text. IIRC the WebOrder is required. Did you remember to enable the plugin in configure?

-- CrawfordCurrie - 10 Aug 2006

Warning: Zip file contains .txt files in data/Plugins, should be data/TWiki.

-- ChuckEhrlich - 13 Sep 2006

Thanks Chuck. I just uploaded the latest version from Subversion, which does not use Plugins web.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 14 Sep 2006

Is there a way to have a single page that has all the individual pages that make up a document included? We would like to do that for convenient printing of an entire document. However, if we put INCLUDEs on a single page, the text gets rendered but the section lables don't since it is not on the WebOrder page. If we put that page that has includes in the WebOrder page, it gets assigned a section and shows up in the CONTENTS, etc. which is what we don't want. Are we overlooking a way this is meant to be done? Thanks!

-- RickMach - 14 Sep 2006

I reinstalled the plugin from the zip uploaded today and the behavior changed slightly. Now the CONTENTS tag works on any page in the web even if it is not in the WebOrder page. However, the included topics on that page don't show the section headings. Nothing is shown in where the heading should appear. Previously it would show an error if the page was not on the WebOrder page.

-- RickMach - 14 Sep 2006

The documentation topic lacks examples, so it is not instantly clear what the plugin does. I suggest to move some info from the other plugin topics (TWiki.TocPluginHelp?) to TocPlugin.

TocPluginHelp starts with the line:
If you see tags such as %SECTION0% on the next line, read TocPlugin

That could be replaced with an IF statement to check if the plugin is enabled.

In WebOrder is the cryptic line:
The following topics were not found in the WebOrder:

What is the user supposed to do with this information? It looks like an error.

-- ArthurClemens - 22 Nov 2006

This line is generated by the %TOCCHECK% tag which lists all topics in this web not included in the table of content (I assume to verify that all topics are included that need to be included). It does not list topics starting with Web.

-- ThomasWeigert - 22 Nov 2006

Below is a comparison to ExplicitNumberingPlugin. The basic differences are syntax and the cross referecing feature supported in TocPlugin.

The purpose of TocPlugin, I believe, originally was to support larger projects where a set of topics are pulled together into a "Book". (If you are familiar with Framemaker, this is like the "Book".)

Feature ExplicitNumberingPlugin TocPlugin
Automated heading numbering ---## syntax as "reserved" in TWiki %SECTIONn% tag with optional name for later cross referencing
Table of contents Standard TWiki %TOC%= %CONTENTS% defined in a separate special topic WebOrder by default, but can be given a =topic attribute to limit to a given topic
Other numbering ##... or typed ##id#... anchors %ANCHOR% or typed %ANCHOR{type="id"}% anchors. Anchors can be hidden by the display attribute.
Cross referencing anchors - %REF{type="YYY" name="XXX"}% references the anchor of type YYY named XXX; headings are of type section. Cross referencing to other topics is possible.
Table of cross references - %REFTABLE{type="YYY"}% generates list of cross references of type YYY

-- ThomasWeigert - 22 Nov 2006

Alright, this helps. But I am also concerned about the quality of the documentation. And in this case the app gives questionable feedback The following topics were not found in the WebOrder:. Rule #1: do not make the user feel stupid!

-- ArthurClemens - 23 Nov 2006

It would be nice if you could have multiple WebOrder files. I.e. have multiple 'books' in a single web. Perhaps have an optional 'parameter' to the SECTION command specifying what webOrder topic to use.

-- KenJessen - 31 Jan 2007

Does the plugin understand parent/child relationships between topics? It seems like you have to manually identify a topic as a sub-topic of its parent in WebOrder. Am I missing something? I feel like that would be a very useful feature, if it could auto-generate sub-sections based on the parent/child relationship.

-- GarySprague - 20 Mar 2008

We have noticed that if part of the text of a documented is hidden by using the HTMl comment tags


 some text


Although the text and headers are hidden, the headers are non the less listed in the TOC. Is this normal or a possible bug?

-- PeterJones - 04 Jul 2008

Did anyone got this working together with the TreePlugin? I tried to modyfie the plugin's pms but seems like my programming skills are not good enough to get this running. Id like to have the TOC rendered as a TWiki Table so it would work together with the TreePlugin...

-- MathiasReiche - 20 Aug 2008

Gary, no.

Peter, it's normal.

Matthias, I never tried, sorry.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 20 Aug 2008

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