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Status of 4.2.0 from the release manager

2007-10-13 - 10:55:27 by KennethLavrsen in General
Some observations from your release manager.


  • We have 19 urgent bugs open.
  • We have 86 normal bugs open
  • We are not able to release a release candidate yet. Next will be a beta 3

The hall of fame currently says that the top 5 bug fixers since 4.1.2 are

Crawford Currie 150
Arthur Clemens 56
Sven Dowideit 49
Kenneth Lavrsen 42
Steffen Poulsen 12

We need more giving a hand getting the bugs fixed. Or at least help analysing the bug and point to the code where the bug is. That makes it easier for the top 5 to fix code and unit tests. A good analysis of a bug item is 90% of the fix.

We all know that number 1 Crawford has huge challenges on the new Wysiwyg editor (which could use more sponser funding - so Crawford can work full time on it instead of a few hours here and there). So the rest of the community has to step in fixing bugs in the rest of TWiki.

Unit Tests and Real Life Tests

Last night Arthur and I started playing with EditTablePlugin. The kind of tests you can do only in a browser and not in a unit test. And the result was that EditTablePlugin is totally broken. It is so broken that you cannot use it at all.

Unit tests are good. But they are not at all a replacement to real testing in a browser. Just because the unit tests pass is no guarantee that the feature works at all. So we need more community members to test the betas with real life topics.

I think we all test too much the new Editor and view if topics look OK. But we need to test more editing in EditTablePlugin. More use of forms. Doing searches. Using SpreadSheetPlugin in combination with searches. etc etc.

Feature Freeze is getting broken

I am getting concerned when I see small new features like Bugs:Item4810 and Bugs:Item4809 added to the release.

To me these look like breaking the feature freeze. We made the TWikiRelease04x02 branch exactly to avoid this.

None of the two features have gone through the release process. (No release proposal topic)

I am 100% sure noone would have been against any of them. They are good little features. I may even use them myself. But the most senior developers do not follow feature freeze and release process - why should the rest of the community?

There are other new functionality code pieces being added but most are needed to fix some severe bugs. And that naturally is OK. But watch out for those little feature creeps.

Plugins using Templates

Last night I tried some plugins that I use on all my installations. The first one I tried - HistoryPlugin - is totally broken because of template changes.

Plugin authors - please start testing your plugins in 4.2.0 beta or SVN checkout of TWikiRelease04x02 branch. If you used templates for your plugin - you probably need to fix them for 4.2.0

Let us make an extra effort now getting 4.2.0 stable and with a reasonable support by the best plugins already from the release date.

Release Date

Next release will be a beta 3 (probably Monday 15 Oct 2007). From there earliest RC is two weeks after. Earlest release is 2 weeks after the RC. But then the community really have to put an effort to it.


Thanks to my co-release manager Sven Dowideit for the hard work making those beta releases. And thanks to the other top 5 contributors for the hard work done so far.



Topic revision: r1 - 2007-10-13 - KennethLavrsen

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