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ExcelImportExportPluginDev Discussion: Page for developer collaboration, enhancement requests, patches and improved versions on ExcelImportExportPlugin contributed by the TWikiCommunity.
• Please let us know what you think of this extension.
• For support, check the existing questions, or ask a new support question in the Support web!
• Please report bugs below

Feedback on ExcelImportExportPlugin

-- ThomasWeigert - 13 Aug 2006

Thanks Thomas for packaging this plugin and for making it available to the TWikiCommunity!

I made some minor changes to the plugin topic, please feel free to take that into the next release.

When you find time, how about measuring and documenting the PluginBenchmarks numbers?

I added tags so that people can find the plugin easily. If you want, help bump up the tag count so that this plugin shows up early in a tag search.

-- PeterThoeny - 06 Sep 2006

We use a similar ExcelPlugin on our corporate TWiki. The intent and usage is somewhat different. We have various lists and data in excel which we would like to display in our TWiki, while still having the Excel original (Phone Lists, Project, Task lists, etc.). The CPAN dependencies are the same.

The Usage is:

%EXCELTABLE{"" web="..." topic="..." headers="..." show="..." start="..." nrows="..." last="..." }%


  • First arg is name of the Excel file to display
  • web and topic are used together to specify where the attachment is located
  • headers (Default: Yes), The First row defines the Headers, To Turn off Specify ("No" | "N" | "0")
  • show select which columns (and in what order) to display (either named, or numbers for tables with no headers) (Zero based numbering)
  • start specify starting row (zero based)
  • nrows Specify number of rows to display
  • last Specify last row to display (zero based)
-- CraigMeyer - 08 Sep 2006

Thanks Craig for letting us know. It might be useful to merge your changes into this plugin?

-- PeterThoeny - 08 Sep 2006


That was my implied question wink Must admit, I am a bit wary, after my last experience...

I will look at the code, and see what is needed to knit them together smoothly.

-- CraigMeyer - 08 Sep 2006

Craig, the use case for the EXCEL2TABLE version is identical to yours. You attach an Excel sheet and it is automagically rendered as a table. Then there is the reverse direction also.

In addition, there is the ability to explode an excel table into a set of topics and vice versa. This comes in handy when you have a database represented as sets of TWiki topics. For example, you can turn all the topics into a spreadsheet, edit them off line, e.g., when you want to make big changes to all topics, and then put it back onto the TWiki. I used to have to write perl scripts for that... Another use case is that you have a spreadsheet that you use as a database, and want to convert it into a TWiki data base using topics.

Both of these strategies are lossless and can go back and forth.

If you were to attach your variants, we could see what is different and additional and pick the best of both worlds, if that makes sense...

-- ThomasWeigert - 09 Sep 2006

Thomas, I tried to test your plugin on two different TWiki4 installations, without any luck. It seems they do not register the plugin, at least it doesn't show up in the list of registered plugins.

My code does not take care of any issues that may result from different encodings. This may not cause problems while one sticks to 127 ASCII characters, it may cause problems to anything outside of that range.

It seems that by default in TWiki4 only a subset of commands is required to be used by an authenticated user. If this is true you may want to append .auth to the excel2topics script to ensure that it is always used by an authenticated user.

I like your extension and I will try to incorporate my latest changes.

-- ClausLanghans - 10 Sep 2006

Claus, did you enable the plugin in the configure script? TWiki4 works different to Cairo and previous TWiki releases with respect to enabling plugins.

With respect to authentication, you can also set this in your .htaccess file...

-- ThomasWeigert - 10 Sep 2006

I have a problem with the plugin. When I try to upload an Excel file nothing happens. The error log:

loadexcel: Character in 'C' format wrapped in pack at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.4/Spreadsheet/ParseExcel/FmtDefault.pm line 68., referer: http://twiki-vm/twiki/bin/view/Sandbox/TestExcel

And this is the line in the problem file (default.fmt):

return pack('C*', unpack('n*', $sTxt));

Can anyone suggest me how to debug this issue?


-- MiloValenzuela - 20 Nov 2006

I'm having problems getting this plugin working on our Dakar implementation of TWiki. When I try to upload an Excel file in the rendered form, I click the "Submit excel" button and then basically nothing happens. The log on the server shows multiple duplicates of this error:" [Wed Dec 13 13:36:50 2006] uploadexcel: Use of uninitialized value in hash element at /Volumes/Storage/PerlScripts/[wikiname]/lib//TWiki/Plugins/ExcelImportExportPlugin/Import.pm line 390."

-- RonCostin - 14 Dec 2006

Thanks Thomas, that's a very cool Plugin. I just did some testing on excel2topics part (with TWiki 4.0.5) which I find very useful to migrate "legacy" data. The documentation is still a challenge, but the IssueExcelExportImport already helps a lot.

Two things which I just found out are probably quite important to mention:

  • I needed to save my Excel-File in MS EXCEL 5.0 format. When I saved in EXCEL2000-Format the plugin got stuck.
  • I wondered why the Set TOPICCOLUMN = TOPIC was not used to name the created topics, instead, all created topics where named like ExcelRow0. My quick & dirty workaround was to uncomment following line 100 in /lib/TWiki/Plugins/ExcelImportExportPlugin/Import.pm:
     # $newtopic = 'ExcelRow'.$ct++; 
-- ChrisHausen - 16 Jan 2007

Per Chris' suggestion, I found that our implementation also stopped hanging after I tried uploading a Excel file saved in Excel 5.0 format. However, I still find that no output is being produced. Can someone give me a full example of the syntax for UPLOADEXCEL2TABLE? I think I may be invoking the Template parameter incorrectly.

-- RonCostin - 26 Jan 2007

Does this plugin SupportPivotTables ?

-- KeithHelfrich - 17 Feb 2007

Could this plugin start it's actions on the table that follows %TABLE2EXCEL{}% instead of the first table of the topic? It would be nice with two or more tables in one topic.

-- LarsEik - 09 May 2007

If I type %EXCEL2TABLE{}% where test.xls is attached. I get only the message:

Undefined subroutine &TWiki::Plugins::ExcelImportExportPlugin::Import::excel2table called

What gets wrong?

-- TWikiGuest - 12 Jun 2007


I'm looking into using the plugin, but the formatting of the spreadsheets i'm getting doesn't appear to be the same as that specified in the code. For example, with the following table:

%TABLE2EXCEL{topic="TableToExcelTest" file="tab2exTest"}%

Item Description Cost Date
Item 1 Description 1 100 01/01/1985
Item 2 Description 2 200 01/01/1986
Item 3 Description 3 300 01/01/1987

(where TableToExcelTest is the page which has the table) Produces a spreadsheet with no text wrapping, no bold on the headings and does not remove the **'s from the final column's header. It does, however, make the border directly below the heading slightly thicker. I'm basing my formatting expectations on the formats (e.g. $normalFormat) you appear to set-up and use in the export.pm module.

Thanks in advance for any advice,


-- BrendanMarshall - 14 Jun 2007

I'd like to have the ability to better control the format of tables generated by EXCEL2TABLE. I'd like to have the ability to centre-align or right-align columns, and it would be nice to be able to have rows (such as total rows) rendered in bold.

-- RobertCottrell - 06 Aug 2007

I found the same bug as Chris Hausen and in addition my forms in the new topics never got the data. I filed a bug report for both Item4783. The problem was that the has gotten whiltespaces surrounding colunm name variables that needed to be removed. It really great to be able to import lots of data from spreadsheet with this plugin.

-- LarsEik - 07 Oct 2007

The same bug with whitespaces happens with excel2table.

-- LarsEik - 07 Oct 2007

Does not work with any Excel files I upload in my Sandbox. Works fine with example excel files. TWIKI is SO DAMN CONFUSING on how to debug. It has taken me 4 hours of reading everything and all the docs and I still don't understand how to turn on debugging. I set DEBUG = 1 in twiki/bin/view/TWiki/ExcelImportExportPlugin, like described in another place (that took me hours to find) http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Support/HeadLinePluginDebugLog

So, the plugin does not work. Twiki documentation assumes you have a PHD in Twiki configuration in order to debug. Seriously it is so confusing. Please someone point out where the docs clearly state where you turn on/off plugin configurations? I have seen docs that say "you do it in configuration" FALSE, you only turn on or off plugins there (and that took me 2 hours to find after installing the plugin and wondering why it did not work)

Will someone please take the to write some documentation that makes sense?

-- JeffEller - 30 Nov 2007

Thank you for the candid feedback. TWiki is an open source project, most contributors are developers. Please help recruit tech writers or help improve the docs.

-- PeterThoeny - 02 Dec 2007

Any ideas as to:

1) Turn on debugging of this plug-in 2) Why it would only work with the example excel files?

-- JeffEller - 05 Dec 2007

Jeff, I sympathize with your confusion. I think TWiki has allowed several different approaches to setting plugin preferences over the years, but it's up to the author of each plugin how they choose to do it. I usually wind up checking the code to see what the plugin is actually doing with debugging. In this case, I did that and I'm still not clear.

It sounds like you're trying the 'import' function, and there are a number of debug statements in Import.pm, so that's good.

The short version of what I see in the code is, you could try set DEBUG = 1 in the web you're trying out this plugin (you said Sandbox), but the way the code goes, it's quite possible that even if you do that you still might not get any debug logging.

If you can modify the Perl modules, that's probably your best bet. Adding this line:

  $config{DEBUG} = 1;

at lines 62 and 231 of Import.pm, just after the line

$config{DEBUG}      = $TWiki::Plugins::ExcelImportExportPlugin::debug;

should make sure you get all the debug logging the module is currently capable of generating.

As for your second question, I haven't actually used this plugin for over a year, so all I can do is ask an obvious question:

  • Have you installed the necessary CPAN modules as referred to in the ' Plugin Installation Instructions' and 'Plugin Info' sections of the plugin's topic?
My last comment is, we haven't heard from the author here, ThomasWeigert, in over a year now and apparently the email address he registered with doesn't work either. He may have abandoned this plugin...

-- JohnWorsley - 06 Dec 2007

I'm also having problems working with this plugin. When I use TABLE2EXCEL, an example above, upon clickin on export table, i get Internal Server Error, and in the apache logs, [Mon Feb 25 12:27:02 2008] [error] [client] (2)No such file or directory: couldn't spawn child process: c:/twiki/bin/table2excel

When I try to use EXCEL2TABLE, the topic hangs up while saving.

Any ideas?

-- RaghuSarangapani - 25 Feb 2008

I am upgrading to TWiki-4.2.0 (Tue, 22 Jan 2008, build 16278), and I found that topics2excel didn't work anymore.

I was able to fix the problem by adding use TWiki::Form; to TWiki/Plugins/ExcelImportExportPlugin/Export.pm (right below use TWiki::Func;.

I suspect TWiki/Plugins/ExcelImportExportPlugin/Import.pm needs the same change, but I am not using the import functionality right now so I can't test it.

-- GeoffreyLowney - 04 Mar 2008

we've just installed TWiki so there's definitely a steep learning curve. I'd like to make some suggestions on the documentation for this plug-in but am not sure where. I've had trouble getting it to work but finally some of it is coming together. It's a very useful plugin and hope that development on it will continue. It took me a while to figure out the format for the template topic. Although it's setup like a TWikiForm it doesn't appear to need to be enabled as a TWikiForm for it to work. Also the TWikiForm only defines the columns of the table that will be generated. I got confused between what the table in the form topic consisted of, for which there is no sample, and the mapping table of which there is a sample. Of course it helped to go back to square one and learn TWikiForms first!

-- MatthewJackson - 05 Mar 2008

I have a local version that at least runs Import (not tested Export yet).

I have included an enhancement that seemed nobrainer to me. Because I could not understand why my topics did not get updated with the new field values. It appeared that in order to set the field values, the fields must exist first in the topic. And that can only happen when the topic gets edited and saved first.

So the enhancement is to write field values to the topic even if those fields do not exist yet. But those fields must exist in FORM definition.

The plugin author did not update his email, so we will have to wait a little now.

-- ArthurClemens - 08 Mar 2008

I made two more tweaks to my version of Export.pm (in addition to the 4.2.0 fix I mentioned above on Mar 4).

  • I have text fields with line breaks in them. They screwed up my %SEARCH{}% table until I added newline="%BR%". But that caused me to get %BR% in my exported excel spreadsheets. So I tweaked Export::table2excel to convert %BR% to \012. I did the same for <verbatim></verbatim> tags since they serve no purpose for my spreadsheets. This same change could be made to topics2excel, but I am not using that right now. Also, this may only be correct for Windows Excel. I don't have Mac Excel here to test with. The best would be if there was an option for enabling something like this, where a config option could define the "to" and "from" strings or something, but it was not clear to me how the config stuff worked (and I needed this working quickly). A final note on this, the elsif statement was wrong based on the comments. It was only checking for the type to be text, and the comment on the else block said it should only apply to the header. But sometimes when inside the table the type is not defined, so I added the $insideTable || clause you see here.
<       } elsif ($insideTable || $type{$name} eq 'text' ) {
<           my $v = $value{$name};
<           $v =~ s/(%BR%|<\/?verbatim>)/\012/g;
<           $v =~ s/(\s|%BR%)+$//g;
<         $worksheet->write_string($row, $col, $v, $format{$name});
>       } elsif ($type{$name} eq 'text' ) {
>         $worksheet->write_string($row, $col, $value{$name}, $format{$name});
  • I also added if $config{DEBUG} to the two lines which log ExcelImportExportPlugin: No form definition given. No data will be exported. I saw no reason for this to be logged when debugging is turned off, but perhaps there is a reason this was always being logged?
-- GeoffreyLowney - 15 Apr 2008

I came across another 4.2 issue. Around line 572, in the s/// for expanding searches, $session->_SEARCH needs to be $session->SEARCH (apparently the routine _SEARCH in TWiki.pm was renamed SEARCH).

-- GeoffreyLowney - 26 Apr 2008

We had to do what Geoffrey suggested above to get this Plugin working under 4.2: Added use TWiki::Form; to both Import and Export. We also had to correct the permissions on the files--they were set to www and wheel by the installer instead of www and www.

-- DavidWolfe - 30 Apr 2008

If you can use subversion it would be great if you could check in updates like that. ReadmeFirst and SoYouWantToBeATWikiDeveloper. I will do that myself also after getting some Perl and subversion skills. It will be easier for yourself also the next time someone updates the plugin and you want to upgrade it (you know that of course). But informing here also helps, fo course smile

-- LarsEik - 01 May 2008

Thanks Lars, absolutely. David/Geoffrey and others: We have an active plugins community, you are invited to join us if you are an active Perl programmer!

-- PeterThoeny - 01 May 2008

I am a bit confused about how I should be using this plugin to import Excel spreadsheets. Do I need to create a new TWikiForm for each spreadsheet that I import or is there a way to get TWiki to automatically import the text so that the Topic looks like the spreadsheet?

I am using TWiki 4.2 and have the plugin working(atleast for the examples so far)


-- ChristopherMoore - 02 May 2008

Like several others, I'm really struggling with getting this plugin to work, hoping it's not a dumb syntax problem. I'm trying to use %EXCEL2TALBE{}% and am supplying it with the file and topic directives. All I get in return is 1-3 pipe "|" symbols, which I'm guessing are from my specifying columns in the topic directive. Can someone tell me what the syntax is for a simple spreadsheet.

For example, I have a junk.xls which I upload to a topic I made. The .xls file has 2 columns with the first cells for the columns being "foo" and "bar" with no whitespace. In the topic editor, about the only thing I have right now is: %EXCEL2TABLE{ file="junk" template="|foo|bar|" }%

I have TWiki 4.1.2 and my excel is 2008 for Mac (file saved to older version). Is there something I'm missing? This is driving me crazy.

-- CameronHarr - 03 Jun 2008

See topic ExportImportExcell* in Sandbox after install this plugin...Template is table with some column and rows.

-- VictorKasatkin - 11 Jun 2008

I write some code for Internationalization this plugin

In Export.pm we need:

use Encode 'decode';

And insert after

my ( $meta, $text ) = &TWiki::Func::readTopic...


$text = decode($TWiki::cfg{Site}{CharSet},$text);

In Import.pm more :

use Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtUnicode; use Encode;

insert at the begining all function:

  my $CharsetForDecode;
  my $oFmt;
# Translate to Charset that set in config file
# Certainly we not need this  hack if some people  rewrite SpreadSheet::ParseExcel
# and  SpreadSheet::ParseExcel::FmtUnicode for utf8
  if ( $TWiki::cfg{Site}{CharSet} eq 'utf8'){
   if ($TWiki::cfg{Site}{Lang} eq 'ru'){
   $oFmt = Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtUnicode->new(Unicode_Map=>$CharsetForDecode);
#   May be you need some hack for true charset transaltion to utf-8 
#       if it dont work by default
#   elsif TWiki::cfg{Site}{Lang} eq '[SomeLang']{
#    $CharsetForDecode='[somecharset]';
#    $oFmt = Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtUnicode->new(Unicode_Map=>$CharsetForDecode);
#   }
#   default charset set in latin1 for translation .
    $oFmt = Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtUnicode->new(Unicode_Map=>$CharsetForDecode);
# Translate to charset set in config file if it not utf8.
    $oFmt = Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtUnicode->new(Unicode_Map=>$TWiki::cfg{Site}{CharSet});

replace all string:

  my $Book = 

  my $Book = 


     $colname{$col}=$cell->Value  if($cell);

   if ($TWiki::cfg{Site}{CharSet} eq 'utf8'){
     $colname{$col}=encode("utf8", decode($CharsetForDecode,$cell->Value))  if($cell);




if ($TWiki::cfg{Site}{CharSet} eq 'utf8'){
     $data{$colname{$col}}=encode("utf8", decode($CharsetForDecode,$cell->Value));

-- VictorKasatkin - 11 Jun 2008

This plugin really is pretty much of a mess at this point which is a real shame since, unfortunately, it is currently the only available option for bulk-importing topics to TWiki.

My short list of problems with this plugin include:

  • In 4.1.2:
    • excel2topics ignores topiccolumn setting and names all created topics ExcelRowXXX .
    • topics2excel does not properly set column headers to respective field names.
    • For both of these scripts, the map values are ignored.
    • For both scripts, setting parameters via topic preferences does not work (as docs claim they should).
  • In 4.2:
    • These scripts don't work at all.
I did get it working partially under 4.2 by:
  1. Adding use TWiki::Form; to the Import.pm and Export.pm as mentioned above.
  2. Remove call to _cleanField subroutine in line 173 of Import.pm.
A while back I had SvenDowideit (with support from a client) fix the basic problems for importing topics in 4.1.2. I've just checked and this version does not work in 4.2. frown

I'll be glad to work with anyone who would like to update this very important plugin. I may even be able to find a sponsor for some of the work.

-- LynnwoodBrown - 21 Jul 2008

oops, I didn't mention that I did the upgrade to 4.2.x compatibility and uploaded 30-Jul-2008.

-- SvenDowideit - 15 Aug 2008

After having issues with excel2topics not wanting to work on my system even after upgrading the plugin from the original version to the July 30, 2008 version (table2excel always worked) I have found the reason why. I noticed even when I was setting debug = 1 I never got output in data/debug.txt. Well after digging into the code more I saw that the file excel2topics was saved as DOS format which was causing the following errors in apache: (2)No such file or directory: exec of '/var/www/html/wiki/bin/excel2topics' failed Premature end of script headers: excel2topics

The file was indeed in the bin directory of my wiki installation so these messages from apache confused me. The problem ultimately was that it was stored in DOS format.

I ended up doing a conversion with the command awk '{ sub("\r$", ""); print }' excel2topics > excel2topicsUNIX

I then did mv excel2topics excel2topicsDOS and mv excel2topicsUNIX excel2topics

and voila!! the script now works!! smile Special thanks to Lynnwood for being willing to help me out.

I see the same DOS formatting problem is for the file bin/topics2excel as well but the other 2 files (table2excel and uploadexcel) were saved in UNIX format.

By the way, this was an error on a Centos 5 / RHEL server system. The errors came from the tar file I downloaded 133120 Aug 25 11:08 ExcelImportExportPlugin.tar and once the file is untarred, without ever being on windows/dos, the files mentioned above are in DOS mode.


-- TjMaciak - 05 Sep 2008

On TjMaciak's problem, I posted Bugs:Item5984 and checked in corrected files.

-- LynnwoodBrown - 06 Sep 2008

After much trial and error I have gotten the plugin to work with a TWiki form. I have no idea how to create a mapping table or where to put it. The documentation is incomplete and inexplicit. Examples would help. I have found none.

On 11 Jun 2008 VictorKasatkin - wrote See topic ExportImportExcel * in Sandbox after install this plugin... Template is table with some column and rows. </verbatim>

There is (no longer?) any such topic.

For anyone who follows, here's what I got to work:

An excel spreadhseet named twikitest.xls is attached to topic BasicTest1. The Excel file looks like this

Package Name Host Count
perl-HTML-Parser 188114
perl-HTML-Tagset 187715
... ...

I made a form named ExcelImportTestForm that contains:

Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes
Package Name text        
Host Count text        

I got this code to work

%EXCEL2TABLE{topic="YTWikiBasicTest1" file="twikitest" template="ExcelImportTestForm"}%


-- VickiBrown - 16 Oct 2008

We learned that you can do the same thing with a simple table in the same topic. We have an excel file that contains an employee directory.

Name Title Email Phone Ext
Alicia Permissions alicia@domainPLEASENOSPAM.com 245
Andrea Project Manager andrea@domainPLEASENOSPAM.com 223

The topic EmployeeList has the excel file attached. The topic's text is

---+ Employee List
%EXCEL2TABLE{ topic="EmployeeList" template="EmployeeList" file="Staff_Directory" }%

| Name | Type | Size |
| Name | text | 80 |
| Title | text | 80 |
| Email | text | 100 |
| Phone Ext | text | 30 |

The attachment is hidden, and actually contains other columns that we don't want to appear in the TWiki topic. Whenever there are changes to the directory, anyone can download the excel file, make the edits, then replace it to make the updates immediately available.

-- DavidWolfe - 16 Oct 2008

Re: Unfortunately, it is currently the only available option for bulk-importing topics to TWiki. TWikibugs:1633 described the functionality.

TWiki::Data::DelimitedFile was unfactored from BulkRegistration during http://develop.twiki.org/trac/changeset?new=twiki%2Fbranches%2FMAIN%2Flib%2FTWiki%2FUI%2FRegister.pm%4013373&old=twiki%2Fbranches%2FMAIN%2Flib%2FTWiki%2FUI%2FRegister.pm%4013364

Before it was unfactored, this code provided TWiki with an API to process a TWiki table line by line. BulkRegistration uses it to create form-based topics, one per row of the table. Ultimately I want to create a set of topics, one per line, from a TWiki table. Just like Bulk Registration does.


-- MartinCleaver - 16 Oct 2008

I had to make the following changes to Export.pm in order to get the plugin working with 4.2.4:

--- lib/TWiki/Plugins/ExcelImportExportPlugin/Export.pm 2008-12-12 21:25:51.000000000 +1100
+++ /data/twiki-root/twiki/lib/TWiki/Plugins/ExcelImportExportPlugin/Export.pm  2009-02-03 09:51:31.989600000 +1100
@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@
 use TWiki;
 use TWiki::Func;
 use TWiki::Form;
+use TWiki::Attrs;
 use Spreadsheet::WriteExcel;
 use Date::Manip;

@@ -674,7 +675,7 @@
     ## SMELL: Need to expand FormQueryPlugin based searches also...
     ## SMELL: What if there are tags in the search?
     $text =~
-s/%SEARCH{(.*)}%/$session->_SEARCH( new TWiki::Attrs($1), $basetopic, $web )/geo;
+s/%SEARCH{(.*)}%/$session->SEARCH( new TWiki::Attrs($1), $basetopic, $web )/geo;

     my $insideTable = 0;
     my $beforeTable = 0;

-- IanDonaldson - 04 Feb 2009

I met problems when i import excel by this plugin. 1. When the columns of the header in my excel contains chinese words, the content under the columns didn't be displayed on the page. 2. when the content of excel is chinese, it can't be displayed rightly. Who can help with this problem? Thanks in advance for any advice.

-- DaiBaiyin - 2009-04-28

Hello @ThomasWeigert, I have made some changes to your plugin which makes the usage much more comfortable. In my extended version the plugin doesn't need a data form. Even without such a data form the whole spreadsheet gets rendered to a twiki table. To my mind that feature makes it much more handy. I would really like to update the plugin topic and the svn with that version, if that is okay to you?

-- SvenHess - 2009-10-27

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