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KoalaSkinDevV2 Discussion: Page for developer collaboration, enhancement requests, patches and improved versions on KoalaSkinDevV2 contributed by the TWikiCommunity.
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Koala Skin Dev discussion

For discussing issues on the KoalaSkin.
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This page discusses the current version of the skin, v2.x, for the stable TWiki release of 01 Feb 2003. You can also see the old discussions

  • for v1.x of this skin (for the stable TWiki release 01 Dec 2001), see an archived copy of this page in KoalaSkinDevV1
  • before this skin was offically uploaded, in the Codev Web at KoalaSkin.

-- ColasNahaboo - 10 Mar 2002

v2.0 25 Feb 2003

  • 2.0 25 Feb 2003 Migration to 01 Feb 2003 Beijing TWiki release
    • Adaptation to the new release. Previous stable (01 Dec 2001) TWiki version is no more supported. You should re-install the KoalaSkin v2.x after you have migrated your site to the new TWiki stable release, pay attention to re-applying the needed (3 for now) patches.
    • This is a first pass. Things now work, I will now in detail see all enhancements to the standard templates, and add them to the KoalaSkin ones in a next release.
    • hidden webs now do not appear in sitemap anymore
    • if NOSEARCHALL is set in a WebPreferences of a web, do not include it in group searches (seem not to work yet).
    • some html bug fixes in ks_leftbar template

    • typo fixed in the doc: TOPIC instead of TOPICS found by Nathan Neulinger
    • default CSS: class "compact" can be used in ul and table tags to set left margin of bulleted list to none
    • still does not work on cygwin, but hints by Beat Doebeli indicate that there should be hope.
-- ColasNahaboo - 25 Feb 2003

Thank you for the 2.0. Some small problems on my side.

  1. If I call koalaskin-generate from a link as cgi it doesn't work - error 500. This could be because the script doesn't generate the needed header as Content-Type: text/html.
  2. Second I see the following error on console if started from shell prompt.
    /bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: syntax error near unexpected token `FORM_@(L'
    /bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: ` FORM_@(LM|TL|TR|BL|BR)$s*)'
    /bin/sh: error importing function definition for `parse_web_options'
  3. The third: When I create a new web in ManagingWebs it works fine but later when I will move a document with rename/move I don't see the new web in the list and so I can't move a documnet into the new web. Any help?

-- GuentherFischer - 26 Feb 2003

The third I can answer by myself: I had have Set NOSEARCHALL = no. Then the Web is not seen in this list. If you want move some Topics into such a web you have to change this setting temporary.
-- GuentherFischer - 26 Feb 2003

(I reformatted your questions for clarity)

  1. The script outputs text, not formatted html, so its Content-type is really us-ascii, not text/html The Error 500 is due to the syntax error in the executed CGI process (second point)
  2. It sems your shell do not understand the extended regexp declaration: shopt -s extglob Which version of bash do you use? (do a bash --version ). You must have bash 2.x, not 1.x. If you are still running bash 1.x, please upgrade to 2.x. I could make koalaskin-generate run under 1.x, but it may break unexpectedly.
  3. This is not a KoalaSkin problem. NOSEARCHALL (hidden) webs are not seen in rename/move dialog in any skin (append ?skin=plain to the URL to see it with the standard skin). This is the normal TWiki behavior.

-- ColasNahaboo - 28 Feb 2003

Protecting the Weblist Topic

I tried to protect the Weblist Topic from changes and renaming. But if I write (Six spaces)* Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE= BeatDoebeli the koala-skin generation script (V1.22) doesnt work anymore because it thinks "Set" is a subweb... -- BeatDoebeli - 04 Mar 2003

Quick workaround: use 9 spaces or more. TWiki does not pay attention to the exact level of indentation for the variable declarations, but koalaskin-generate only look at the 1st and 2nd level. It will be properly fixed in 2.1
-- ColasNahaboo - 04 Mar 2003

koalaskin-generate: unterminated substitute pattern?

Used this great skin for quite a while. Now I'm playing around with 01 Feb 2003 TWiki stable release and was excited to see your update. I do encounter some problems, though. Note that I do have a quite exotic configuration, I'm running Mac OS X and Perl 5.8 (no major problems so far, except some minor issues with RCS...)

After installing Koala 2.0 and applying the listed patches, I try to run koalascript-generate. The output:

bash-2.05a$ sudo ./bin/koalaskin-generate 
Koala Skin generator, v2.0
Webs: 6 in 2 groups:
  [0] Main (0000ff): 
  [1] TWiki (00ff00):  Know Sandbox Plugins Trash
Templates: Main TWiki Know Sandbox Plugins Trash
Sitemaps:  Main TWiki Know Sandbox Plugins Trash
Expansing: Mainsed: 4: "//{
}": unterminated substitute pattern
sed: 4: "//{
}": unterminated substitute pattern
and so on... this message is repeated for every web in my TWiki installation.

Any advise?

Thanks again for your great work!

-- SaschaLosko - 04 Mar 2003

add a set -x command at the head of the script, anmd re-run it, and send me the log so that I can see which sed invocation causes the problem...

./bin/koalaskin-generate >LOG 2>&1

-- ColasNahaboo - 05 Mar 2003

Colas, my situation is very similar to Sascha's: I've been using the skin for some time on Mac OS X, and just today started installing the latest TWiki and Koala. I get the following error when trying to run koalaskin-generate:

+ test '!' -e data/Plugins/WebList.txt -o '!' -d templates -o '!' -d data
+ data=data
+ templates=templates
+ weblist=data/Plugins/WebList.txt
+ egrep -v '^   +[*] Set ([A-JL-Z]S|K[A-RT-Z0-9_]|[A-JL-Z][A-RT-Z0-9_])[A-Z0-9_]*[      ]+='
+ sed -e 's/    /=/g' -e 's/
//g' -e 's/^=[*] [[][[]*//'
sed: 1: "s/
//g": unterminated substitute pattern
-- JonReid - 25 Apr 2003

OK, I found the source of my problem: I edited koalaskin-generate using BBEdit, which converts line endings into a common format (Macintosh, UNIX or DOS). koalaskin-generate contains a few control-M characters, and these were being converted. So using vi, I went to the lines that were causing problems and changed them by entering control-V control-M to get a verbatim control-M.

Then I had the problem Sascha describes. I tried a few replacements, but kept getting errors, so I ended up commenting out lines 705-718, the "join lines containing ^A with the next one" section. That leaves me with control-A characters in my templates.

Colas, could you break down the first few lines of this section by line?

-- JonReid - 28 Apr 2003

TOPICS_WEB variable

(wrote on 14 Feb 2003) We added a TOPICS_WEB and TOPICS_USER to the leftbar to allow easily adding to the topic list in per-user and per-web preferences, instead of completely overriding it. This might be a worthwhile added feature.

I just realized that you can set up this yourself for any variable, no need to add this in the core of the distrib: This is the text I just added in the doc of the upcoming 2.1...

Note that you can set up new variables yourself to add customisations per web and possibly per user (if your set up forces people to authentify for just browsing). For instance, if you want to allow people to define topics that will be seen in all the site, and that local web topics are appended to these but do not override them (as is the case if you redefine TOPICS in a web), define in your site prefs TWikiPreferences:
  • Set TOPICS = some globally visible topics... %TOPICS_WEB%
  • Set TOPICS_WEB =
Then, in your webs local prefs, you can redefine TOPICS_WEB and not TOPICS...

-- ColasNahaboo - 05 Mar 2003

v2.1 04 Mar 2003 bugfix

    • update of templates to Beijing release functionalities: oopsmore
    • TWiki:Codev/ViewUseCssInKoala patch fixed (on
    • bugfix: impossible to create a topic in a non-wikiname, new "forcecreate" command for bin/searchmulti.
    • koalaskin-generate -i was broken
    • [!] new version of ks_boxes.koala.txt , update your TWikiPreferences with it (MBOXHEAD, MBOXBODY, MBOXEND)
    • [!] New recommended patch TWiki:Codev/LinksToWebHomeShowWebName
    • script checks that we are running in a bash 2.x, not 1.x
    • bugfix: NOSEARCHALL correctly detected
    • detects the WebPreferences SEARCHINGROUP setting
    • bugfix: ignores * Set VAR = declarations in WebList for vars not beginning with KS (ALLOWTOPICCHANGE...)
    • Documentation on how to set up a TOPICS_WEB var
Note that this version may not solve yet Sascha Losko and Guenther Fischer problems.

-- ColasNahaboo - 06 Mar 2003

For the record, I also have Guenther Fischer's 2nd problem:

Koala Skin generator, v2.1
/bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: syntax error near unexpected token `('
/bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: ` FORM_@(LM|TL|TR|BL|BR)$s*)'
/bin/sh: error importing function definition for `parse_web_options'
/bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: syntax error near unexpected token `('
/bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: ` FORM_@(LM|TL|TR|BL|BR)$s*)'
/bin/sh: error importing function definition for `parse_web_options'

-- MartinCleaver - 28 Mar 2003

Guenther error seems to indicate that the bash option extglob does not work. In a shell, type: (what you type is in green, computer response in blue)

 case foo in f@(o|a)o) echo 1;;esac 
 bash: syntax error near unexpected token `f@(o' 
 shopt -s extglob 
 case foo in f@(o|a)o) echo 1;;esac 
Note how the behavior of @(...) is understood only if shopt -s extglob is set... You can see the list of set options with shopt, be sure extglob can be set on on there...

Do you have the same behavior?

-- ColasNahaboo - 28 Mar 2003

Thanks for the prompt response. Yes I do have that behaviour.

However, I've now added "shopt -s extglob" to my .bashrc and the above example works but the script does not!

Cheers, M.

-- MartinCleaver - 29 Mar 2003

In fact, even adding "shopt -s extglob" to the top of the script does not help

-- MartinCleaver - 29 Mar 2003

Note that the script contains "shopt -s extglob" ...

On what system do you run? linux ? cygwin?

Could you, at the top of the script, add:

   bash --version
And tell me the output?

-- ColasNahaboo - 29 Mar 2003 As requested:

[~/www/mbs]$ bin/koalaskin-generate
GNU bash, version 2.05b.0(1)-release (i686-pc-linux-gnu)
Copyright (C) 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
cdable_vars     off
cdspell         off

checkhash       off
checkwinsize    off
cmdhist         on
dotglob         off
execfail        off
expand_aliases  off
extglob         on
histreedit      off
histappend      off
histverify      off
hostcomplete    on
huponexit       off
interactive_comments    on
lithist         off
login_shell     off
mailwarn        off
no_empty_cmd_completion off
nocaseglob      off
nullglob        off
progcomp        on
promptvars      on
restricted_shell        off
shift_verbose   off
sourcepath      on
xpg_echo        off
Koala Skin generator, v2.1
/bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: syntax error near unexpected token `('
/bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: ` FORM_@(LM|TL|TR|BL|BR)$s*)'

/bin/sh: error importing function definition for `parse_web_options'
/bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: syntax error near unexpected token `('
/bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: ` FORM_@(LM|TL|TR|BL|BR)$s*)'
/bin/sh: error importing function definition for `parse_web_options'
Webs: 1 in 1 groups:
  [0] Mbs04t1a6 ():
Templates: Mbs04t1a6
Sitemaps:  Mbs04t1a6
Expansing: Mbs04t1a6
*** WARNING: web Know is not described
*** WARNING: web Main is not described
*** WARNING: web Sandbox is not described
*** WARNING: web Techsig is not described
*** WARNING: web Trash is not described
*** WARNING: web TWiki is not described
*** WARNING: You must set the SKIN variable in Wiki prefs like this:
      * Set SKIN = koala

I'm on Y!mrjcleaver ICQ 55418201, if you want to do this in real time.

-- MartinCleaver - 30 Mar 2003

v 2.2 09 Apr 2003 bugfix

    • TABNAME=xxx option to set a (shorter) web name to show in the top navigation bar.
    • better -i option, thanks to Peter Morch and its TWiki:Plugins/KoalaSkinGeneratePatch .
    • recommended patches ExtraneousLineInHttpHeader & DiffsFunctionDoesNotAuthenticateProperly added.
    • generation added some whitespace to templates, fixed.
    • help to delete topics in More screen.
    • update of templates to Beijing release functionalities: rename (checkbox to allow non-wikiwords)
    • new option NOTAB (like HIDDEN but appears in sitemap)
    • Still no fix for cygwin and the @(... bug on some linuxes
-- ColasNahaboo - 09 Apr 2003

At last! I found a way to reproduce the FORM_@(LM|TL|TR|BL|BR)$s*) bug. It happens on a redhat 9 distrib, but not on a mandrake or debian distrib. I copied the bash binary from debian on redhat, but it still crashes. So the bug is not solved, but there is hope.

For cygwin, I did not advance. It seems unrelated to the number of processes, but rather to the size of the processed script text and declared variables.

-- ColasNahaboo - 10 Apr 2003

Search and HIDDEN Webs

The search with HIDDEN Webs seems not work correctly: I do a text search for Ghost and didn't found the word SymantecGhost, which is in the text and a WikiWord too. The NOSEARCHALL isn't set.

Forgot it Colas - the problem was/is the RememberRemoteUser in TWiki.cfg. I need open view's and restricted too, so I decide for this configuration , but with wiki-users on the same computer this doesn't work correctly. The second (not authentificated) user has the view identity from the fist. If I hold this configuration without RememberRemoteUser setting, we saw the problems with showing diffs. With your patch this works and I unset the RememberRemoteUser again. Later i must see the Search allway runs as TWikiGuest and we see not the results of hidden webs.

Now I try to use the SessionPlugin - it seems to work better without RememberRemoteUser and my 2-user problem, but I don't understand things around Skins and SessionPlugin, but I'm in hope ...

-- GuentherFischer - 24 Apr 2003

v 2.3 29 Apr 2003 offsite generation

    • facilities for offsite generation: see Offsite generation to be able to generate the templates even if you are not able to run the script natively.
      • KSNAVBAR option to force generating templates working with the Navbar plugin.
      • NOSEARCH web option since we cannot read the web preferences
    • no more embedded control chars in the script.

Now you should be able to run the script as a "web service" on my site, for people having problems running it. For the curious, the source of the CGI script providing the service can be seen at

-- ColasNahaboo - 29 Apr 2003

Thanks for everything, Colas, in some way my hosting provider altered the configuration of the machine. Although I can tell you what they changed I can happily report that the error with "/bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: ` FORM_@(LM|TL|TR|BL|BR)$s*)' " has disappeared!

I hope anyone else with this problem is as lucky.

I do have another problem, however! A whole bunch of variables, starting at the top left corner, are not being expanded. The ones I can see are: /favicon.ico %SITECSS% %FORM_LM% %FORM_TL% %FORM_TR% %NAVBARH% %FORM_LM% %FORM_BL% %FORM_BR% %NAVBARF%

I've searched all over as to how these might supposed to be expanded but to no avail.

Can you please help?

Update: Incidently, I think it might be because I tried to get rid of the Plugins web and have everything in the TWiki web. I've discovered relocating KoalaSkin is not a trivial matter - I'll have to have another go tomorrow.

-- MartinCleaver - 04 May 2003

Thanks go to Colas, he said in a mail direct to me:

(I did not update yet, it is too slow now)

Your symptoms seems to indicate that koalaskin-generate was not run on this web, either:

  1. you did not run it
  2. you forgot to describe the web(s) in WebList
  3. the script could not find your weblist (did you edit the paths in it if it was at a non-standard place?)

I made a web that I did not describe in weblist, see if it displays the same kind of looks that you have:

On the fix of the bug, it seems to confirm it is a bug like Red Hat is famous for with is X.0 versions. I guess your sysadmin just upgraded his redhat...

On relocating to TWiki, what you have to do in the KoalaSkin distrib:

  1. rename the dir pub/Plugins/KoalaSkin to pub/TWiki/KoalaSkin
  2. search/replace the string Plugins/KoalaSkin by TWiki/KoalaSkin in the distrib. You should get for 2.3:
in file ./bin/koalaskin-generate: 13 replacements done
in file ./templates/sitemap.koala.tmpl: 2 replacements done
in file ./templates/ks_header.koala.tmpl: 6 replacements done
in file ./pub/TWiki/KoalaSkin/TWikiKoalaSkin.txt: 16 replacements done


Just unpacking to the right place fixed the problem - *thanks Colas!*

-- MartinCleaver - 05 May 2003

Thanks for adding my email (TWiki was so slow yesterday it was impossible to use... and it having no "direct save" do not help either smile

Poll: Do people think I should distribute KoalaSkin with added files (icons, documentation) in the TWiki web rather than the Plugin web? (I can easily generate both versions, but having too many versions is confusing for the user)...

-- ColasNahaboo - 05 May 2003

I'm getting (almost) the same problem as Christa:
sh: parse_web_options: line 34: syntax error near unexpected token `('
sh: parse_web_options: line 34: ` FORM_@(LM|TL|TR|BL|BR)$s*)'
sh: error importing function definition for `parse_web_options'

I do see tabs in koala-generate, so I don't think it's a tab/space issue. Koala-generate specifices /bin/bash as the shell. I don't know if the "sh" might indicate that bash isn't being used, and if that can be causing the syntax error.

The generation still works, and I don't see any obvious errors in the generated skin, but it would be nice to be able to fix the problem. Any ideas?

-- FredMannby - 06 May 2003 (moved by MartinCleaver)

Incidently, Colas, this error has reappeared for me but the script works anyway so I am not too bothered. Unfortunately I wrote over my previous version when I installed the TWiki-web based version so I can't tell whether it is a configuration change on my server.

-- MartinCleaver - 06 May 2003

Another thing: if you install the WebNameAsWikiName patch the names of the hidden webs appear on the screen under the search box! Not entirely desirable I think!

-- MartinCleaver - 06 May 2003

To Fred: This seems to be a bug in the latest redhat 9.0 (or others, it is the only place I could reproduce the bug) bash, I do not know of any workaround yet (except remotely using the generation service on my site). Do you use Redhat 9?

To Martin: Yes, this is a problem that I cannot solve: the list of webs is generated by the engine, and they are passed as parameters to the search script. The solution would be to fix the TWiki to not expand WikiNames inside HTML attribute values... (which may slow it noticeably?) But my feeling is that other things may break anyways, so I advise you to not use web names that can be WikiNames, but just tolerate also underscores, and have webs named Web_Number_One instead of WebNumberOne...

Note that you cannot make the engine insert <nop>s, as < and > chars are illegal in attribute values (one of the bad legacy of SGML to (X)HTML)

-- ColasNahaboo - 06 May 2003

Colas, WebNameAsWikiName has gone into TWikiAlpha and will be part of the next release. IMHO this is a good feature; is there no way you can accomodate it?

-- MartinCleaver - 07 May 2003

Simple solution: Put a <nop> before every web name variable.

-- PeterThoeny - 07 May 2003

It does not work as simply: I use a list of webs in an attribute value (to specify which webs are to be searched when searching a group of webs, e.g:

   <input type=hidden name=group value="ILOG Security Infos XFFiles">
So if the web XFFiles was XfFiles, the twiki engine would render it incorrectly as an html link. I cannot generate <nop>XfFiles either, since < is illegal in attribute values. I will fix it by inserting some attribute-legal way of de-wiki-ising web names and decode it, but I expect other skins or addons will be faced with the problem...

-- ColasNahaboo - 07 May 2003

To Colas: That seems like a possible explanation. I'm using Debian Woody unstable/testing: GNU bash, version 2.05b.0(1)-release (i386-pc-linux-gnu).

-- FredMannby - 07 May 2003

I just tested, it works without bugs on mandrake 9.1 GNU bash, version 2.05b.0(1)-release (i586-mandrake-linux-gnu) A "ldd /bin/bash" gives: (fresh install, new account)

-bash-2.05b$ ldd /bin/bash => /lib/ (0x4001c000) => /lib/ (0x40020000) => /lib/i686/ (0x40023000) ->
        /lib/ => /lib/ (0x40000000)
it bugs on red hat 9.0: => /lib/ (0x40026000) => /lib/ (0x4002a000) => /lib/tls/ (0x42000000) ->
         /lib/ => /lib/ (0x40000000)
So my gut feeling is that the bug is present on systems with the libc 2.3.2. Is it your case on Debian Woody unstable/testing ???

-- ColasNahaboo - 09 May 2003

Forget it. I compiled a static version of bash, and run koalaskin-generate with it on a red hat system... still buggy frown

-- ColasNahaboo - 09 May 2003

Ok, I think I found a deep analysis of this bash bug which seems to be there for a long time:

expect a bugfix with 2.4 next week.

-- ColasNahaboo - 09 May 2003

v2.4 07 May 2003 bash bug workarounds, work on cygwin

Upgrade is strongly recommended!!!

-- ColasNahaboo - 09 May 2003

Can you tell me how I can remove items from the top part of the Topics Nav Bar menu? I am wanting to put up a public site and do not Web Preferences to be there by default?

-- MartinRoberts - 13 May 2003

You have to edit the provided templates:

  • templates/ks_leftbar.koala.tmpl (for the normal look)
  • templates/ks_noleftbar.koala.tmpl (for the look without left margin)
Which is bad, since your edits will be overwritten on next KoalaSkin update. I will provide a way in the next version (that I will publish today I think, since I will not be at work for the upcoming 10 days).

It will be a new variable to put in the WebList topic, KSLEFTTOPICS (and KSNOLEFTTOPICS for the no-leftbar version), that could hold a remplacement of the default topics.

More generally, if you have to edit files distributed with the KoalaSkin when upgrading, this is a sign that something is not right in the skin customizability, so do not hesitate to signal this.

-- ColasNahaboo - 13 May 2003

v2.5 13 May 2003 Topics customization

    • new vars KSLEFTTOPICS & KSNOLEFTTOPICS (for Martin Roberts)
    • looks for data TWiki dir in current dir before the value of DIR in the script
This is a minor release, no bugfixes. No need to upgrade if you do not need the added functionalities.

-- ColasNahaboo - 13 May 2003

For Macintosh users, victims of the unterminated substitute pattern (Sascha Losko, Jon Reid), please run the following bash script on your system and tell me the output (it will list the characters I cannot use on a macintosh bash)

-- ColasNahaboo - 15 May 2003

2.6 16 May 2003 bugfix for macintosh

  • No more use of control chars (^A, ^B) for internal delimiting, it seemed to break on macintoshes. ("unterminated substitute pattern" bug)

This is a minor release. Only people on Mac OSX should give a try and tell me if the "unterminated substitute pattern" bug is gone.

-- ColasNahaboo - 16 May 2003

Sorry, Colas. Still has the described bug:

bash-2.05a$ sudo bin/koalaskin-generate 
Koala Skin generator, v2.6
Webs: 6 in 2 groups:
  [0] Main (0000ff): 
  [1] TWiki (00ff00):  Know Sandbox Plugins Trash
Templates: Main TWiki Know Sandbox Plugins Trash
Sitemaps:  Main TWiki Know Sandbox Plugins Trash
Expansing: Mainsed: 4: "/<Nl_MaRkEr>/{
s/<Nl_Ma ...": unterminated substitute pattern
sed: 4: "/<Nl_MaRkEr>/{
s/<Nl_Ma ...": unterminated substitute pattern
sed: 4: "/<Nl_MaRkEr>/{

Maybe Jon had more luck? (aren't there more Mac users around?)

-- SaschaLosko - 16 May 2003

No, I get the same errors. When I replace

I no longer get errors, nor do I have any stray <Nl_MaRkEr> tags remaining in my templates. What I don't know is if this still does what Colas intended.

-- JonReid - 20 May 2003

See UsingKoalaSkinWithCommentPlugin

-- MartinCleaver - 18 May 2003

  1. Is there a documented way of using the JavascriptBasedEditor with KoalaSkin?
  2. The link to edit is not invoke when I hit Alt-E, just selected, unlike the button to save which is invokable by Alt-S. In my opinion it would be better to be consistant even if this means using buttons on the front page.
  3. Is there a way of nesting webs deeper than two deep? I would find this very desirable in the absence of HierarchicallyNestedTWikiWebs (MegaTWiki)
  4. I'll fill in the above UsingKoalaSkinWithCommentPlugin when I get a bit more time!

-- MartinCleaver - 26 May 2003

Back home at last. Sascha & Jon I will look at the problem in the next days. Just a quick answer to Martin:

  1. no. I have put this on my TODO list.
  2. This is a IE misfeature. The HTML spec explicitely specify that the link should be followed. Just use Mozilla :-), Seriously, I will try to add this feature, as it makes sense to have buttons for edit, attach... things triggering "actions" with potential side effects, not just alternate views like "Printable View", "See Diffs", that can logically be links.
  3. There are 2 problems:
    1. How to render visually the 3rd level? I am a bit out of ideas on this, any help is welcome. (Just playing with a paint program to show your ideas is OK)
    2. Then, code it into the skin. This part should not be a problem for me once we know the design we want to implement.
  4. I am a bit reluctant to use Plugins not taking into account possible race conditions on edit. Globally, I think what is really needed is a plugin to offer a Forum functionality.

-- ColasNahaboo - 27 May 2003

On ConsolidateFunctionalityFromSkins I've added SimpleSkin after a group said they would be interested in TWiki IFF they could hide all the edit-related menus behind a "menu" option. Can you suggest a quick way to implement this with Koala skin? PeterMasiar's SimpleSkin has an example of this in action.

My users are pushing me to reduce all items of complexity; they also want to hide all webs and webgroups except the one that they are in, just retaining a link to go up to the next upward web. I personally don't agree that I'd use this but I can appreciate that it would help their goal (I like seeing all my options!). It's a bit much to ask, I know, but any suggestions as to how I might acheive this?

Many thanks, M.

-- MartinCleaver - 28 May 2003

WRT item 4: "Plugins not taking into account possible race conditions on edit" - are you talking here about the particular implementation of CommentPlugin? If CommentPlugin did 'behind-the-scenes retry to add until unlocked' (like the MailToTWikiAddOn), would that allieviate your concerns?
-- MartinCleaver - 28 May 2003

  • Yes and yes - CN

Jon, I tested your solution and it works OK. Thanks for the tip, it will be included in next release (Sascha you can apply his patch - at line 742 of bin/koalaskin-generate )
-- ColasNahaboo - 30 May 2003

2.7 06 Jun 2003

    • Final bugfix for macintoshes (by Jon Reid)
    • [!] new variable KSBUTTONS. You must declare it in your TWikiPreferences as a:
      * Set KSBUTTONS =
    • [!] Apply patch TWiki:Codev/TopicMovedMessageTooVisible The skin is modified to show moved info only in More... screen.
    • New variables KSNOWEBSBAR, and options NOWEBSBAR and WEBSBAR to have a simpler look without all the webs. (request by Martin Cleaver).
    • New option both in More... and in New, to create a new page as a copy of the current page, see: TWiki:Codev/CloneTopicLinkUnderMore
    • bugfix: "New" immediately displayed the "not a wiki word" warning.
    • bugfix: non closed "a" tag in view template
    • New explicit entries in templates to delete topics and attachements, separate from move/rename
    • recommended optional patch: TWiki:Codev/AttachementActionLinkBadName
    • default CSS class is now "headline" for KSTITLE
Warning: [!] denotes actions you MUST perform when upgrading from previous version

-- ColasNahaboo - 06 Jun 2003

Hey, Colas, that's really good of you. Thanks!

Is this a good time to tell you of some more of my requirements? smile If it's of any consolation some of them are just questions...

  1. When you do a new, it would be good to be able to select the parent and also for the parent to default to the page you were looking at when you did the 'New'
  2. How do I take statistics and web prefs (too complex for novices) and Home (redundant) off the Topics menu on the LHS?
    • Having just looked at a web that is not formatted, I just discovered the answer is KSLEFTTOPICS - thanks anyway, MC.
  3. I'd like to minimise the duplication in the controls. How do I change the bottom bar so that it reads "Edit | Linked from | Printable | Topic changes | More..." where "Linked from" = Ref By & Topic changes = See diffs and users use the top bar for all the other controls?

PS. I tried replying to your email. It bounced:

--- The message cannot be delivered to the following address. ---    Mailbox unknown or not accepting mail.
550 5.1.1 <>... User unknown

-- MartinCleaver - 07 Jun 2003

(the mail was OK. The cc: was incorrectly set by my mailer but it went through)

It is always time to give requirements smile


  1. Nice suggestion, will be in next release.
  2. You found it smile
  3. You cannot do it now. I will have to add something like KSLEFTTOPICS but for the bottom bar (I will add one also for the top buttons), in next release.

-- ColasNahaboo - 10 Jun 2003

2.8 12 Jun 2003 Theming

    • Now can use a configuration file bin/koalaskin-generate.cfg to store local settings. No need to edit the script on each update. New "-c" option to create a configuration file.
    • [!] If you had to re-edit the bin/koalaskin-generate script on each new upgrade, then generate once a config file to edit by running bin/koalaskin-generate -c
    • "New" proposes to set the parent of new topic (default being the current one). Suggestion by Martin Cleaver.
    • Theming. You can now cleanly and per-web redefine any distributed template file. I began to split the provided templates into smaller ones for easier customization, but more work is needed, especially on how handling templates generated by code (the web navigation bar for instance).
      For instance to customize bottombuttons, copy ks_bottombuttons.koala.tmpl to ks_bottombuttons-xx.koala.tmpl edit the copy, and set the KSTHEME variable in WebList to xx.
      New sub templates in this release:
      • ks_bottombuttons: the links inside the bottom bar
      • ks_topbuttons: the links at top right
      • ks_leftsearch: the search box in left margin

Martin, this release is for you :-). Now with the new theming mecanism you should be able to customize the KoalaSkin much more easily.

-- ColasNahaboo - 12 Jun 2003

Hey, so responsive!

One problem:

One more strategic suggestion:

One minor suggestion:

  • [3] 'Home' to me means the person's personal page - would you agree?

Thanks again!

-- MartinCleaver - 13 Jun 2003

Well, in 10 days I will be away for 4 weeks, so I'd better roll out things now smile

On your points:

  • [1] Yes, I overlooked this. I was wondering if I could tolerate both places. But it does not seem worth the trouble, so I think the next release (around 20 Jun) will just migrate things from Plugins to TWiki.
  • [2] Actually, you can implement the FlexibleSkin approach as a new KoalaSkin theme (consisting of templates with %INCLUDEs. I %INCLUDE already some parts (left boxes) in my company templates. However I do not think that FlexibleSkin is a valid approach, because:
    • It is slow. Not really much slower, but I think we must try to gain speed on all fronts. We could however have hooks on Save "compiling" the special flexible skin topics into one however...
    • More importantly, it does not upgrade/scale well. I Maintain 5 TWikis (test, ILOG R&D, ILOG general, ILOG extranet, home on ADSL). Having to just run a script to upgrade the 5 of them without manually editing topics is a must.
    • People want skin customizations to be coherent packages that you drop into your install and run. Look at how theming works with windows, mozilla, kde, gnome... Editing topics is cumbersome: look at what is defined with TWiki vars in WebPreferences: maintainance of these is hell, especially with sites with nearly 100 webs.
    • Some parts of the skin must be computed, based on the web hierarchy. Not everything can be done with just topics. For me the FlexibleSkin approach is a nice one, for the final tweakings, but the base template infrastructure underneath must be more powerful.
  • [3] I agree it could mean that, but it depend on sites. I am going to upload an addon to provide a new script to give this functionality, and you will be able to redefine the Home button in KoalaSkin to use it. See UserHomePageAddOn
-- ColasNahaboo - 13 Jun 2003

I'm luckky about some of the new features - so I use themes now: ... Urz FF9966 THEME=PB Die Hauptseite des URZ

  • Anwendungen Anwendungssoftware
  • Netz THEME=PB Netztechnik und Ntzsoftware
  • Wlan HIDDEN THEME=PB WEBContainer
  • Portmgt HIDDEN THEME=PB WEBContainer
  • Ftp HIDDEN THEME=PB WEBContainer
  • System THEME=PB Systemsoftware
  • Technik THEME=PB Technik
  • Service THEME=PB Service
  • UB THEME=PB Bibliotheksthemene
  • Fileserving HIDDEN THEME=PB

If I write the WebList as shown above the theme didn't work for the last 2 Webs. If I add some text after THEME=PB like

  • Fileserving HIDDEN THEME=PB Fileserving
it works like I expect.

-- GuentherFischer - 20 Jun 2003

(forgot to report here my answer by email)

Your usage is correct, You just found a bug.

Workaround: add at least one space after THEME=PB (just a simple space is sufficient, no need for &nbsp; or or other things)
In other words: always put a description

-- ColasNahaboo - 24 Jun 2003

2.9 25 Jun 2003 bugfix

    • This version fixes a bug where a newline is always added when including subtemplates, which bothers people testing the theme feature when beginning to do lots of small template elements.
      however, the generation is now much slower than before, so if this bug do not affect you, I advise you not to upgrade. I will be away for 3 weeks and will try to fix this performance bug afterwards.
-- ColasNahaboo - 25 Jun 2003

I just installed the skin on a Windows based installation using Apache/Cygwin. There is one gotcha, that the installation notes don't mention.

The shebang (#!) line at the top of the uploaded CGI scripts savemulti and searchmulti need to be modifed from the default Unix path (#!/usr/bin/perl) to the path of the Perl interpreter under Cygwin (e.g. #!c:/cygwin/bin/perl -wT). This is mentioned in the WindowsInstallCookbook (I must confess to having forgotton about it by the time I uploaded the skin).

Failure to do so will result in an HTTP500 error when a request is made to one of these page (eg saving a topic). The failure results in ' couldn't spawn child process: ' messages in the Apache error log.

Other than that its works great on Windows.

-- EddieConba - 27 Jun 2003

Found a small issue (version 2.9): on all pages in the Topics box the tool tip for Home is broken. It has todo with the use of the word WebHome in the tool tip. 'WebHome' works but looks strange. I am shure you find a better solution.

-- AlexanderCatharin - 01 Jul 2003

This topic's getting very long again (perhaps time to refactor to another archive topic?)!

Another suggestion: can the "New Topic" please ask:

  1. what template do you want to use? perhaps from the choice of WebForms.
  2. do you want the topic just created from (i.e. the page that was showing here before this one) to have a link to this topic?
  3. if the topic being created is a plural (i.e. ends in 's'), advise them make it a singular. Present the singular version and get them to correct it
  4. Perhaps others of the options listed at WhereISTheMagicOfTheTWikiURLDocumented
  5. This needs to be a common implementation and tied into DanglingLinksNeedPlacementGuide; more ConsolidateFunctionalityFromSkins

I am starting to believe that these should be made common to TWiki, perhaps as part of CreatetopicCgiScript ...

I'm looking forward to some great themes! Perhaps if you can merge in the code and all the functionality from TigerSkinPlugin we can make it easier for non-perl-expert skin writers to port as a theme?

I agree that expansing is incredibly slow now!

-- MartinCleaver - 13 Jul 2003

It would be nice to have an 'edit full screen' option. Sometimes, when I am doing a full rework of a topic, I copy the contents out to notepad just to make full use of the real estate. It would be great to not have to do this.

PS. Welcome back from your holiday, Colas, I hope it was good!

-- MartinCleaver - 21 Jul 2003

Back from holidays, it was good. I am a bit busy with catching up with things here, changing jobs, just some quick words:

  • yes, 2.9 is slow. I advise people to stay on 2.8. I think this will be the occasion to rewrite the script in "standard TWiki" perl... so do not hold your breath.
  • your suggestions on new topic functionalities are nice, I will definitely try to implement them.
  • do you just want just a big textarea html space in the browser, or an edit-offline-in-your-favorite-editor (emacs :-) option like discussed in Codev?

-- ColasNahaboo - 22 Jul 2003

It appears that v2.9 is the only one available. I have installed this, and have noticed, as you mentioned, that the generation of files are extremely slow. But is it possible to just upload v2.8 generate and make that work with the rest of 2.9? Or should I just use the generate program on your website?

Also, I had a problem that I didn't chmod savemulti and save wouldn't work. I don't know if I just didn't see that in the installation instructions, or if it wasn't there, but if it wasn't there, then can it be added?

-- JeffLink - 23 Jul 2003

You can access all past versions via the "action" link besides the attachement name (one of the usability quirks of TWiki, see AttachmentActionLinkBadName )

Here is the direct link to it:

Just uncompress the 2.8 directly in your TWiki install and re-run bin/koalaskin-generate

On the chmod problem, they have the good modes as distributed in the tar file, so you do not need to do a chmod by hand. I will add this info in a new "Troubleshooting" section in the doc for next release.

-- ColasNahaboo - 24 Jul 2003

I've added a comment about DanglingLinksNeedPlacementGuide, above.

In retrospect it might have been better, Colas, to have released 2.9 as 2.8.1 and on dev rather than on the main topic.

-- MartinCleaver - 27 Jul 2003

2.10 08 Aug 2003 performance fix

  • this fixes the performance bug of 2.9. 2.10 is only 15% slower in generating templates now than 2.8, (2.9 was more than 50 times slower - 30mn for 20 webs!!!)
    Nothing else is changed for this update, (I wanted to fix this bug ASAP), so I recommend you upgrade all to 2.10)

At least, this bug is fixed. I will now begin to implement the rest of the features that were pending.

-- ColasNahaboo - 08 Aug 2003

Colas, having just watched some of my users, I realise that they do not necessarily change to the correct web before hitting the 'New' button. I'd advise, therefore that the New page could either give instructions to change web or could allow the creation of topics in webs other than this one. I guess the instructions route might be better - perhaps in addition to the WebTopicCreateHelp I described to you on TWikiIRC there should be a common lead in perhaps called something like (or better) TWiki.TWikiTopicCreateHelpHeader

templates$ diff -u ~/mbs/templates/oopscreate-mbs.koala.tmpl oopscreate-mbs.koala.tmpl
--- /home/mrjcleaver/mbs/templates/oopscreate-mbs.koala.tmpl    Sat Aug  9 23:21:12 2003
+++ oopscreate-mbs.koala.tmpl   Sun Oct 12 00:40:35 2003
@@ -10,10 +10,17 @@
 <input size="32" type="text" name=search style="font-size: 9pt" value="%PARAM1%">
 <input type=submit name=Go value="Create" accesskey=c title='[Alt-C] Create new topic'>
 <br>With new topic parent: (default is current one)
-<select name="topicparent"><option value="%TOPIC%">%TOPIC%</option>
+<select name="topicparent"><option value="%INCLUDINGWEB%.%TOPIC%">%INCLUDINGWEB%.%TOPIC%</option>
 <option value="%HOMETOPIC%">%HOMETOPIC%</option>
 %TOPICLIST{"<option value=$qname>$name</option>" separator=" "}%
+<br>In web:
+          <select name="web">
+          <option value="%INCLUDINGWEB%">%INCLUDINGWEB%</option>
+          <option>%INCLUDINGWEB%</option>
+%WEBLIST{"        <option>$name</option>"}%
+          </select>

and in searchmulti (which appears to have a slightly broader scope than one might think it ought):

bin$ diff -u searchmulti- searchmulti
--- searchmulti-        Sun Oct 12 00:30:38 2003
+++ searchmulti Sun Oct 12 00:35:19 2003
@@ -131,15 +131,17 @@
       $newurl = "$TWiki::urlHost$TWiki::scriptUrlPath/view$TWiki::scriptSuffix/$webName/$search";
       TWiki::redirect( $query, $newurl );
     } elsif ( $opname eq "create" ) {
+      if ( ! $web ) { $web = "$webName"; }
       if ( TWiki::isWikiName($search)) {
-       $newurl = "$TWiki::urlHost$TWiki::scriptUrlPath/edit$TWiki::scriptSuffix/$webName/$search$topicparentParam";
+       $newurl = "$TWiki::urlHost$TWiki::scriptUrlPath/edit$TWiki::scriptSuffix/$web/$search$topicparentParam";
       } else {
        if ( ! $topicparent ) { $topicparent = $TWiki::mainTopicname; }
-       $newurl = "$TWiki::urlHost$TWiki::scriptUrlPath/oops$TWiki::scriptSuffix/$webName/$topicparent?template=oopscreate&param1=$search&param2=warn";
+       $newurl = "$TWiki::urlHost$TWiki::scriptUrlPath/oops$TWiki::scriptSuffix/$web/$topicparent?template=oopscreate&param1=$search&param2=warn";
       TWiki::redirect( $query, $newurl );
     } elsif ( $opname eq "forcecreate" ) {
-      $newurl = "$TWiki::urlHost$TWiki::scriptUrlPath/edit$TWiki::scriptSuffix/$webName/$search$topicparentParam";
+      if ( ! $web ) { $web = $webName; }
+      $newurl = "$TWiki::urlHost$TWiki::scriptUrlPath/edit$TWiki::scriptSuffix/$web/$search$topicparentParam";
       TWiki::redirect( $query, $newurl );
     } else {

Also, it seems that doing New -> Create PageA -> Cancel will try to go back to the view of PageA; this is clearly wrong because PageA does not exist yet, so the user gets stranded on the Create page.

-- MartinCleaver - 12 Aug 2003

2.11 14 Aug 2003 Web Maps

  • new KSWEBMAP option to make use of the TWiki:Plugins/TreePlugin, see its doc.
  • With KSWEBMAP defined, site map points to web maps, (and changes for each web)
  • ALERT! you must, to use KSWEBMAP, install the icon changes.gif into TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/ in your =pub/=dir
  • some fixes to theme expansion, on the inheritance of themes
  • new template: ks_otherindexes
Minor update. Upgrade if you want the Web Map functionality (interface to the Tree Plugin of Salva & Martin)

Note: from now on, I will use ALERT! instead of [!] to signal things that must be done manually when upgrading

-- ColasNahaboo - 14 Aug 2003

Hey Colas, I think this update - while certainly useful - is slightly incomplete. You say when KSWEBMAP is defined, so I set this KSWEBMAP=true; generating causes it to point at a topic called 'true', certainly not what I expected and this does not work. I checked your site and it uses a trio of topics WebMapList, WebMap and WebMapBars - these don't exist on my site but I do have have TreePlugin installed.

-- MartinCleaver - 17 Aug 2003

Ah sorry. There seems to be a bug on some machines were you must give an explicit topic name to KSWEBMAP (one of WebMapList, WebMap and WebMapBars, at your choice... or any other one you design), as lower-case strings are not automatically converted to WebMap.

So use:

And note that you must install by hand these 3 topics in each web, see the TreePlugin.topics-v1.tar.gz on TWiki:Plugins/TreePluginDev, as the Tree Plugin only give the engine, no pre-made topics pages using it

I will make things clearer for next release.

-- ColasNahaboo - 17 Aug 2003

Has anyone successfully used KSWEBMAP in combination with KSNOMARGIN ? When I do so, the WebMapBars is not substituted into the layout of the horizontal topics list. Is this a problem in the generation script or is there additional setup to do? BTW, Web Map works nicely when the Topics is placed in the left margin.

-- EdwardPlumer - 17 Dec 2003

I'm getting ungodly bad save times soon after I installed the KoalaSkin. Seems to happen with larger files mostly. Like TWikiPreferences literally takes 5 minutes to save. I'm running Apache 2 and Perl 5.8, but the only issues I read about those two items were on Windows machines, and I'm running RedHat 9 Linux. Thought maybe you might have seen these before and have a quick fix or know where to look? Thanks!

-- JeffLink - 19 Aug 2003

I am experiencing the same troubles as JeffLink. It may be good to direct any follow up on this issue to TimeOutSavingTWikiPreferences. I will note that I do not currently use KoalaSkin, but when I was first getting my TWiki site up, I experimented with both KoalaSkin and GnuSkin and the save issue seemed to come up sometime after that, but I have no direct evidence that this is at all related to either of these skins.

-- DavidBright - 19 Aug 2003

I'm getting the same problem on a RH9.0 and a RH7.2 system. It only happened after loading Koala skin, which I like but am scared to use because of this problem. I've added a comment to TimeOutSavingTWikiPreferences. Hope someone can come up with a solution.

-- PeterWhiting - 29 Sep 2003

I've created a KoalaSkinMBSTheme

-- MartinCleaver - 09 Oct 2003

I installed MultipleAttachmentsAtOnce - it failed to take effect because KoalaSkin does not use attach.tmpl, but rather koala.attach.tmpl.

  1. Has anyone else installed this combination? Can you share with me your new koala.attach.tmpl?
  2. Any reason why MultipleAttachmentsAtOnce can't get in the core pronto?
  3. We need a sensible mechanism for patches to not have this koala.attach.tmpl / attach.tmpl descrepancy problem in the first place.

-- MartinCleaver - 11 Oct 2003

Anyone figured how to make WebChanges of a webgroup recursive?

-- MartinCleaver - 11 Oct 2003

I know I can turn off the subweb bar if I have too many subwebs, but is there a way to make it wrap instead?

Also see code added at 12 Aug 03

-- MartinCleaver - 11 Oct 2003

We encountered problems saving TWikiForms based topics from within the 'Preview' window. Doing so cleared all form data. Saving from within the edit window posed no problem. ( has a similar issue). Also, the preview window shows twice the same (correct) form. Maybe anticipation of what's to come with the save stick out tongue ?


  • After some debugging, I ended up in "preview.koala.tmpl".
    • Removed % META{"form"} % to get rid of the second form (First form is generated by FORM_TL, FORM_TR, FORM_LM, ...)
    • added % FORMFIELDS % to avoid wiping form content.
    • Found one < /form > without matching opening tag. Probably not related, but removed it anyhow ...
  • Then regenerated my skin ( bin/koalaskin-generate ).

That seemed to work. However, I'm new to TWiki editing, so it would be great if anyone more experienced could confirm my changes. Especially the spare < /form > tag bothers me...

Here are my changes (Had to put spaces around 'FORMFIELDS' in order to submit - remember to remove them frown )

diff -U 1 preview.koala.tmpl.ori preview.koala.tmpl
--- preview.koala.tmpl.ori   Tue Feb 25 15:56:16 2003
+++ preview.koala.tmpl   Thu Oct 23 17:03:10 2003
@@ -30,6 +30,4 @@
 <br />
 <span class=text>%FORM_TL%%FORM_TR%%TEXT%%FORM_LM%%FORM_BL%%FORM_BR%</span>

@@ -45,3 +43,4 @@
 <input title='[Alt-P] Do not save yet, but show what the topic would look if saved' type="button" accesskey=p name=backbutton value="  Back " onClick="history.go(-1)" />
-<input title='[Alt-Z] Discard changes and return to view mode, release lock' type="submit" acecsskey=z name=action value="Cancel" /></form>%TMPL:END%
+<input title='[Alt-Z] Discard changes and return to view mode, release lock' type="submit" acecsskey=z name=action value="Cancel" />

-- HansPype - 24 Oct 2003

Thanks Hans, fix incorporated in 2.12
-- ColasNahaboo - 18 Dec 2003

EdwardPlumer - 17 Dec 2003: added a question, fixed in 2.12

2.12 19 Dec 2003

    • added edit help text a la TWiki:Codev/HelpTextInEditPage, with triple-clickable signatures
    • CSS fonts: to have working-anywhere fonts we use
    • New "Realated webs" feature: you can have a simplified navigation webs bar with only current web and user-choosen related ones. Suggestion by Martin Cleaver. See KSWEBSRELATED, WEBSRELATEDBAR, RELATEDWEBS
    • bugfix: the script searchmulti ignored the templatetopic parameter (searchmulti can be used to create topics, with the parameter type=create, so it must supports all parameters of the edit script). This is not needed in normal operation, however.
    • troubleshooting hint for cygwin (1rst line of bin/ scripts)
    • fixed some chars that did not work in UTF-8 in templates
    • bugfix: icons to web maps in sitemap linked to the current web only
    • new value FORM_TO
    • new CSS class: "topic" for tables, allowing to replace the use of %BOX... vars
    • New section CSS to document CSS tags
    • better CSS for definition lists
    • HTML page Title is now "topic in web @ site" for easier managing of browser tabs which show only the title start
    • new templates/ks_title.koala.tmpl subtemplate for the title to be theme-settable, with new default beign to be topic first, then web
    • new "slim" theme by Nils Boysen. Use by KSTHEME=slim
    • theme spacedtopic to have the window title use the spaced topic, needs patch TWiki:Plugins/SpacedWikiWordPluginDev#SPACEDTOPICP_patch
    • bugfix: (by Hans Pype) forms in preview views:
      • was appearing twice
      • save from preview cleared the fields
    • bugfix: new could create topic with spaces (SearchMultiCreateNoSpaces.patch)
    • bugfix: searchmulti in create mode now preserves the formtemplate parameter
    • bugfix: cancelling an initial edit of a being created topic was triggering an error page. Now it comes back to previous topic
    • When creating a topic by "new", one can create now a topic only exists in another web - Req. by Martin Cleaver
    • bugfix: groupmaps would be messed up with group names with underscores in them
    • bugfix: with KSNOMARGIN, KSWEBMAP would induce a line break (reported by Edward Plumer)

This release adds a lot of bugfixes, but you may want to wait one week before upgrading since I will not be connected till 28 Dec 2003.

This will be the last KoalaSkin usable on Netscape 4.x I think. This browser is too nuggy to continue supporting

-- ColasNahaboo - 20 Dec 2003

I've attached a modified searchmulti that is compatible with current-cvs TWiki. The syntax for searchWebs is changed to use a hash of args instead of a list. Simplifies code significantly. Behavior without this change is that you always get empty search results.

-- NathanNeulinger - 22 Dec 2003

Thanks. I have incorporated your fixes in upcoming 2.13. I actually have put both codes in, and decide to use the old one if ($TWiki::wikiversion eq "01 Feb 2003") so it will work with both the stable Feb 2003 and any new release >= 18 Dec 2003

-- ColasNahaboo - 31 Dec 2003

(moved from above) Follow-up. Installed 2.12 and defined WebMapBars in my WebPreferences file as "[[Plugins.WebTree][Tree]] |" to get a functioning KSNOMARGIN version of page. A few more notes:

  1. Is this the right way to specify WebMapBars? Putting this information in WebList prior to regenerating the KS templates did not do anything.
  2. The final vertical bar above might be better defined in the template itself
  3. The tool-tip text for "Home" in that same banner bar appears to have a carriage return problem as well since the tag html text is being displayed.
  4. The tool tip text for my web-group and webs tabs are formatted strangely; the last character of many of the words are prefaced by a space so that "Hello to the World" might look like "Hell o to th e Worl d"

-- EdwardPlumer - 02 Jan 2004

  1. Webmap: The intended way was to define it in weblist, and regenerate. Ou can see it at:, with a web with NOMARGIN being:
  2. You should not need to have a vertical bar
  3. Could you give me the HTML code that is issued for the page?
  4. Now this is strange. Could you send me the templates generated by KoalaSkin for this web? ( contents of templates/Foo for web Foo)

-- ColasNahaboo - 05 Jan 2004

Old closed topic. See KoalaSkinDev for current one

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Unknown file formatpatch FixForNS4Blockquote.patch r2 r1 manage 0.6 K 2002-06-17 - 12:57 ColasNahaboo fix to bin/view if you have NS4 users - v2
Unknown file formatEXT NEW_WEB r1 manage 0.7 K 2002-12-19 - 15:51 ColasNahaboo Shell script to create a new web
Unknown file formatEXT hsv2rgbhex r1 manage 14.0 K 2002-07-16 - 04:33 MartinCleaver i686 binary
Unknown file formatagenda koalaskin-generate.agenda r1 manage 23.8 K 2002-09-17 - 10:21 FabioSpreafico  
Unknown file formatpatch lockremains.patch r1 manage 0.7 K 2002-09-12 - 13:16 ColasNahaboo bugfix to savemulti for pre-1.19 versions
Unknown file formatEXT repair-topicparent r1 manage 1.2 K 2002-08-06 - 13:44 ColasNahaboo to repair %TOPICPARENT% bugs for v1.13 installs
Compressed Zip archivezip r1 manage 11.8 K 2002-12-19 - 10:11 ColasNahaboo hsv2rgbhex + rgb2hsvhex cygwin binaries intel
Unknown file formatEXT rgb2hsvhex r1 manage 14.1 K 2002-07-16 - 04:32 MartinCleaver i686 binary
Unknown file formatEXT searchmulti r1 manage 5.7 K 2003-12-22 - 16:48 NathanNeulinger modified searchmulti that works with TWiki cvs
Unknown file formatEXT test-ctrl-chars r1 manage 3.7 K 2003-05-15 - 21:05 ColasNahaboo test script for macintosh users
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