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QuickMenuSkinDev Discussion: Page for developer collaboration, enhancement requests, patches and improved versions on QuickMenuSkin contributed by the TWikiCommunity.
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Feedback on QuickMenuSkin

-- VernonLyon - 13 Jun 2006

Moved old discussion to QuickMenuSkinDevArchive.

QuickMenuSkin beta


Here is the "next generation" QuickMenuSkin beta. It is tested to be compatible with most of the browsers, including (but not limited to) Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, IE5, IE6, IE7. It needs some feedback (new look, functionality etc).

New features:

  • Autocomplete jump-box (requires TWikiAjaxContrib, AutoCompletePlugin)
    • Fills in the topic name for you after a few letters
  • New look
  • Supports NatEditContrib ( Set SKIN = natedit, quickmenu )
  • W3C compatible XHTML (with only minor exceptions)
  • NEW Adjustable page width, by standard css ( e.g. Set QUICKMENUPAGEWIDTH = 80% ). Default now set to 100%.


  • Autocomplete issues
  • NatEditContrib issues (native support, does not require additional templates anymore)
  • Compatibility problems with oops templates
  • Mixed up search result page
  • Attachment tables
  • Twisty problems in help and other places (uses TwistyPlugin now)
  • Compatible with SectionalEditPlugin ( contains editsection.quickmenu.tmpl ).
  • Various smaller issues



Issue priority state/problem
The autocomplete will download an empty topic list in restricted webs (e.g. ALLOWWEBVIEW = XxxGroup is set), TWikiAjaxContrib limitation? normal FIXED, Using AutoCompletePlugin
attachtables -template needs table fix for attachagain cosmetic attachtables.quickmenu.tmpl
Comments/docs in templates is lacking low  
Sectional edit template height messed up by NatEdit normal FIXED
Clickin on Jump-box doesn't start downloading pagelist on any pages with TwistyPlugin. The same code on TWiki 4.0.5 works just fine with TWisty. normal FIXED
This was the bug in BehaviourContrib, please dowload the latest BehaviourContrib (1.2.1)
Right margin of the page will display too large on IE7 cosmetic FIXED
Problems with attach, KlaasHolwerda reports not being able to use attach-feature in all webs. high FIXED
Unable to use the bottom bar buttons in IE6 on viewing the page. high FIXED
User page has thinner margins than other pages. cosmetic FIXED
Attach-page always assumes BatchUploadPlugin is available cosmetic FIXED
Problems saving a topic high FIXED

To do:

  • Add proper installer
  • Add possibility to switch to old QuickMenuSkin look

This skin will replace previously installed QuickMenuSkin. Tested extensively only on TWiki 4.1.2.

-- MikkoLaakso - 29 Jun 2007

I have e-mailed Vernon to let him know about the changes that I have made to pattern skin templates for TWiki 4.2. He would send me the work he was doing to the skin so we could check what changes needed to be made. I haven't received any files yet.

Now I am not sure who to address.

-- ArthurClemens - 06 Jul 2007

I have taken responsibility of QuickMenuSkin for now. I received mail from VernonLyon, saying this is ok. I will be checking the skin to svn shortly.

Updated QMS for TWiki 4.1.2 today, with all of the issues resolved. It is tested with IE 6 and Firefox. If any problems are detected with other browsers, please report them.

-- MikkoLaakso - 26 Aug 2007

Thanks Mikko for taking on the maintenance of this skin. Diversity is good for the TWiki ecosystem.

-- PeterThoeny - 28 Aug 2007

I am currently having trouble updating the skin due to moving + broken server display + DHCP only connection. At the moment, the skin works with IE and Firefox, but has problems with Opera (the menubar elements are not where they should be). If somebody wants to take a look for fixing things, I am happy to help. Also, help is needed for porting to the development version of TWiki and creating an install script.

The current version is attached below.

-- MikkoLaakso - 04 Nov 2007

Hi, I am currently testing the Beta skin and I find out a few bugs with it. First, there is a problem with the changes template (ex: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/changes/Plugins) . The skin does not applied at all when using this template. I think there is also a problem with the search template since I am not able to see some data. For example, I can not see the data contained in my user form, like in http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Main/MathieuLeFrancois. Can someone check on these issues ?

Thank you

-- MathieuLeFrancois - 07 Nov 2007

I haven't looked at this for a while, still running one of the original versions of quickmenu. To me, the new quickmenu look is a huge harassment. Is it possible to configure the old quickmenu look in the new version? Also, the lastest version I tried does not run on an out-of-the-box TWiki installation.

-- PeterHuisken - 09 Nov 2007

Mathieu: I have had little time to develop the skin lately. But the skin is already running in our company experimental TWiki server, and so far there has been very little problems.

Peter: Configuring the skin would mean a) changing the bitmaps back to originals by copying them to QuickMenuSkin folder, b) changing the actual style.css (in same folder). Most of the work should be in changing colors and fonts, should be easy. I will see to the installation problem shortly, as I need to set up my system again (HD failure).

If you have any questions about how to change the skin, contact me in ddblues@hotmailPLEASENOSPAM.com.

-- MikkoLaakso - 13 Jan 2008

Hi Mikko, thanks for taking up my comments in such a spirit. Coming weekend, I'll install the 4.2rc2 version, and try your suggestions.

-- PeterHuisken - 15 Jan 2008

I cannot get the new TinyMCE editor to work with this skin for IE explorer <7. I continue to get the error "Unable to install TinyMCE;<Meta name='TinyMCEPLUGIN (This is wreaking my head.. It works perfectly with other browsers and other skins. It looks like its just not loading the javascript correctly.. Any feedback would be great

-- PadraigLennon - 17 Jan 2008

So you can get TinyMCE to work with IE explorer >7, but not the older versions? What version of TWiki are you using (QMS is not yet adapted to 4.2)?

-- MikkoLaakso - 24 Jan 2008

That is correct. I am using 4.1.2 for production but this is also an issue for 4.2. If I set SKIN=quickmenu in TWikiPreferences it causes the error. However if I set SKIN=pattern and preview a topic with QMS e.g. http://server/twiki/bin/view/Sandbox/TestTopic4?skin=quickmenu it works fine.

-- PadraigLennon - 24 Jan 2008

Any idea when QMS will be adapted to 4.2?

-- RanaMunad - 30 Jan 2008

I have installed QMS on my 4.2 Twiki site got the error "Unable to install TinyMCE? ;<Meta name='TinyMCEPLUGIN. I have switched back to pattern SKIN but i do not see the WYSIWYG eidt option any more. How to get back the WYSIWYG edit option back with pattern skin?

-- RanaMunad - 30 Jan 2008

Never mind got it. Did not realized it now simply Called "Edit" not "WYSIWYG" any more in 4.2

-- RanaMunad - 30 Jan 2008

I have adapted QMS for TWiki 4.2 and its new template system.

Since TWiki comes with PatternSkin, I have based my adaptation on this skin. I separated templates files and css files like it is done in PatternSkin which will ease customizations from my point of view.

I created several new css classes in order to match PatternSkin's. I call them exactly like they are called in pattern except I changed the pattern[..] for qms[..] to be consistent. There is maybe a work to be done in these classes, I may have more than really needed.

I attached a zip file to this page leaving you the opportunity to test it and I am looking forward to have a new official QMS version soon.

Thank you

-- MathieuLeFrancois - 07 Feb 2008

Thank you very much for this effort, Mathieu! You have ported the skin to 4.2 and put QMS in line with PatternSkin, very nice. I am working on my masters thesis until the end of may, and I cannot guarantee much work to be done on the skin from my behalf, during this time. I will, however, install and try the skin. We should check this into svn asap also.

-- MikkoLaakso - 10 Feb 2008

Hi Mathieu,

first of all: Thanks a lot for that neat and tidy skin and your efforts to adopt it to TW4.2. I'm trying it right at the moment, having problems with the "More topic actions"-Link (uses template=oopsmore). It only gives me a blank page.

-- MarcusFleige - 11 Feb 2008

Oops, sorry about that. Found the error: Unzipping creates an own subdir, leaving the old skin stuff in place...

-- MarcusFleige - 11 Feb 2008

Mathieu, Great work.. That fixed my problem with IE<7 above.. Thanks for your hard work.. IMHO this should be the default skin.. Simply because of the extra area you have to work with. It makes it so much easier to read documentation. It has been a real hit here on our intranet

-- PadraigLennon - 11 Feb 2008

As mentioned earlier, I wished this skin was set up in a more lightweight manner. Now it re-implements all templates, which makes it a drag to update. I wouldn't be able to tell which templates (or template parts) are unique.

I think the same functionality can be achieved with just a handful of templates. Then you would be able to use this skin with: Set SKIN = quickmenu,pattern.

The templates need to be sorted out. Who would like to help out on this?

-- ArthurClemens - 11 Feb 2008

Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for your efforts concerning the quickmenuskin!

I have installed your newly adapted QMS on a TWiki 4.2 installation. It works very nicely. I think this skin is the best available for TWiki. It looks nice, very clean, and offers all the needed buttons. And screen space!

I do think, the contents of the menu bar has some room for improvement:

  • Include a direct edit button.
  • Make the Options configurable in a separate topic, just like the other sub-menu's. By default, I would prefer to call it Topic, since if contains topic related selections.
(Above is possible now, since the default 4.2 installation has the right definition for EDITURL, using BASETOPIC.)


-- PeterHuisken - 18 Mar 2008

Peter, feel free to adapt the skin like you wish.

I do not have much time to help you all with your requests these days but you will find Pattern skin's documentation very usefull since both are using the same templates system. The css is also not very difficult to understand, I separated it in two distinct classes : colors and styles.

Mr Clemens, you are right when you say that templates of skins can be complementary. There are a lot of similarities between templates of the same type. If complementary templates between skins should be achieved, I think perl scripts must be reviewed because the way TWiki currently applies templates is not adapted to this idea.

My idea was to provide a complete skin. This way we could be able to get rid of the pattern skin (or others) we do not want to use.

Thank you

-- MathieuLeFrancois - 25 Mar 2008

I am not suggesting to stick to pattern skin. But if you build your skin upon one of the base skins you get bug fixes basically for free: template bugs, javascript and css bugs. And you can be sure international users can still read the localized texts in your skin.

But fine, these will be my last words on the subject.

-- ArthurClemens - 25 Mar 2008

QM is a very nice clean skin and the new 4.2 QM is great. I am currently using twiki 4.1 with the QM 4.1 version. I have also installed twiki 4.2 with the QM 4.2 version.

I see the following error on both the 4.1 and 4.2 QM with both IE and FF. If I have the Configure option Localisation/{UserInterfaceInternationalisation} set I get the error. When it is not set I don't get the error.

Also, when the option is set I still don't see the bubble.gif on the menu bar. If I use PatternSkin all works with no errors and I get the combo box for the defined languages in the upper right corner.

ERROR: Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Node cannot be inserted at the specified point in the hierarchy" code: "3" nsresult: "0x80530003 (NS_ERROR_DOM_HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR)" location: "https://t820.usnetwork.lan/twiki42/pub/TWiki/QuickMenuSkin/qmenu.js Line: 18"]

Is this a known QM problem?

Thank you

-- BrianLemke - 26 Mar 2008

What Arthur is refering to is doing something like MoveableTypeSkin - which I implemented using just one tmpl file twiki.moveabletype.tmpl that is less than 200 lines. everything else, it gets from the default skin.

Mathieu, I'm guessing that you have not seen the work I did to make this work, and work well - it happened in the twiki 4 timeframe. It may not be perfect, due to insufficient attention from other skin designers, but this has been acheived.

-- SvenDowideit - 27 Mar 2008

Mathieu position makes sense if you want to make really fast web sites. I tried to implement a skin with minimal css/js from scratch and was astonished by the speed gained. I actually ended up making my skin Sven's way (small templates overrides over pattern), out of laziness, as I felt that the different caching plugins allow you to somewhat ignore these speed issues in favor of upgrading and convenience (pattern is really well refined, and very configurable), but both approaches are valid.

-- ColasNahaboo - 29 Mar 2008

I want to use EditChapterPlugin with this excelent Skin, but they are not compatible with each other. When I enable this plugin, EditChapterPlugin stop working, editing all the content of page, instead of editing only the content of the sub-section. How do I make it compatible with EditChapterPlugin?

-- MarceloAInuzuka - 14 Apr 2008

Marcelo, the problem seems to be with the edit.chapter.tmpl file contained in the templates directory. It seems it is only implemented for pattern skin.

Sven, I actually did not see your work before doing my skin. I thought the idea Arthur submitted earlier was absolutely glorious but my knowledge about TWiki skins was limited and I did it the easiest way possible.

-- MathieuLeFrancois - 15 Apr 2008

I have just upgraded to TWiki 4.2.3 (from 4.2) and found that the WYSIWYG edit option no longer works - Editing simply defaults to raw. Running back through the archives, this is the same in for TWiki 4.2.1 and 4.2.2. Looking at the sources, it seems the method for testing for Wysiwyg availability has changed, probably because it is the default now, which would explain things. This is not important for us right now, but thought others may find this useful.

-- AlexSchuilenburg - 14 Oct 2008

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