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ToolTipPluginDev Discussion: Page for developer collaboration, enhancement requests, patches and improved versions on ToolTipPlugin contributed by the TWikiCommunity.
• Please let us know what you think of this extension.
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Feedback on ToolTipPlugin

-- PatrickNomblot - 21 Nov 2003

Nice Plugin. I reformatted the Plugin page, you can take this into the next release. Remember that the Main.PatrickNomblot link will be broken at most sites this Plugin is installed, so write TWiki:Main/PatrickNomblot. I changed the script tag to lower case for XHTML compatibility.

It would help to add a "Syntax Rules" and "Examples" section. It is not clear how to use the variable (what does TOOLTIP{END} do? etc.)

Small detail: It would be more consistent with other variables to write the parameter names in lowercase.

The Installation section needs some more details. This is the default text:

Plugin Installation Instructions

Note: You do not need to install anything on the browser to use this plugin. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the plugin on the server where TWiki is running.

  • Download the ZIP file from the Plugin web (see below)
  • Unzip ToolTipPluginDev.zip in your twiki installation directory. Content:
File: Description:
data/TWiki/ToolTipPluginDev.txt Plugin topic
data/TWiki/ToolTipPluginDev.txt,v Plugin topic repository
lib/TWiki/Plugins/ToolTipPluginDev.pm Plugin Perl module
  • Test if the installation was successful:
    • enter samples here

If possible by the license it is better to package the Javascript file with the Plugin (in the pub/Plugins/ToolTipPlugin attachment directory)

I also changed the form from WebForm to PackageForm. FYI, the end of the PluginPackage topic has a form to create a Plugin topic with the right template and form. You can fill out the missing fields.

FYI, most existing Plugins are packaged in the TWiki web.

-- PeterThoeny - 25 Nov 2003

I'll fix these points and uplload new plugin as soon as possible. Thank's !

-- PatrickNomblot - 28 Nov 2003

This is a cool plug-in. I have a couple of observations & possible bugs to report:

  • The WIDTH parameter appears to deactivate a given tooltip altogether. I haven't been able to get it to work. When I set it, the tooltip disappears. Also, what is the value: pixels? points? (Zorn's site doesn't appear to offer any clues.)
  • The text in the tooltips left-justifies with Netscape 7.x (Win 2k, XP) and Safari (OSX), but right-justifies with IE 6.x (Win 2k, XP).
  • I can't find any way to "shrink" the tooltip box to fit the text (I suppose WIDTH should address this when it's working).
  • Would be nice to be able to set the justification of the text (left, right, center).
  • Would be nice for the URL param to support wiki-style link formats (WikiWords, Web.TopicName, [[Double.Bracket][Links]]).

Thanks for a very useful tool.

-- SteveRosenthal - 05 Dec 2003

Good remarks, thank you steve. Note that the hard and nice job was done by walter zorn ;-).

I have fixed the WIDTH parameter problem. Here is the patch : ToolTipPlugin patch to fix width parameter

For the text justification, one solution could be to use :

on the left


on the right

I am looking for directly including TOPIC to build the Tooltip content so it's easier to edit it. I would also had the possibility to get the tooltip text from another TWiki TOPIC? This would be really great, no ?

-- PatrickNomblot - 9 Dec 2003

Hi Patrick - Thanks for the patch, but I'm having trouble applying it. When I try to run it, I get the error: "Hunk #1 failed at 284." I'm executing the patch as root using the command: patch <ToolTipPlugin.patch. Is that the correct method?

I like your ideas about including TOPIC and being able to refer to another topic to get tooltip text.

Thanks again.

-- SteveRosenthal - 10 Dec 2003

Line 263 in ToolTipPlugin.pm might need an update .. for instance:

old:  if ( ($attr =~ /END/i) || ($attr =~ /^$/) ) 
new:  if ( ($attr =~ /END/) || ($attr =~ /^$/) )

This makes sure that the plugin won't stop prematurely if something containg "end" (eg "weekend") is encountered - with the substituted line "END" at least has to be uppercase.

-- SteffenPoulsen - 05 Sep 2004

This plugin did not work for me as supplied, on TWiki build 3622. I had to delete data/Plugin/ToolTipPluginDev.txt and install a copy of this page as data/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin.txt instead. The page supplied as data/Plugin/ToolTipPluginDev.txt did not work, even at the correct location, but http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/edit/Plugins/ToolTipPlugin did. 'Love the plugin, now that it works!

-- ShaughanLavine - 27 Feb 2005

Guys, this just ain't workin. At this risk of being stupid, could a clearer example of the files to be edited be given. Even the comment above didn't work. I already posted this in the support area, but no responses.

-- ScottTurvey - 03 Mar 2005

What I said worked above—as you found out—doesn't: it worked on a few pages on my website because of where I had unzipped other stuff. So much for testing. So here is what is working for me (http://zillion.philosophy.arizona.edu/twiki/bin/view):

Copy ToolTipPlugin.pm (from http://twiki.org/p/pub/Plugins/ToolTipPlugin/ToolTipPlugin.zip) to the directory twiki/lib/Plugins . ("twiki" is the base directory of your TWiki installation, here and below.) Simply unzipping puts this in the right place, but it also leaves other things in the wrong place, so ... . As suggested in http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/ToolTipPluginDev, remove the i after /END/ on line 263 of ToolTipPlugin.pm and add
$attr =~ s/=\'(\d+)\'/=$1/g; # For decimal values, remove quotes
after line 290. (I haven't analyzed how necessary the two changes to ToolTipPlugin.pm are, but I made them, and my installation works.)

Copy the page http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/ToolTipPlugin to twiki/data/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin.txt. (Click the edit button on http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/ToolTipPlugin, select all, cancel the edit, and paste to twiki/data/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin.txt.)

Unzip http://www.walterzorn.com/scripts/wz_tooltip.zip to twiki/pub/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin/wz_tooltip.js. (After all, if you are going to this much trouble, might as well use the latest version.) There is lots of documentation at http://www.walterzorn.com/tooltip/tooltip_e.htm#docu , which should be mentioned on the plugin page.

Finally, add
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="%PUBURL%/
to the end of your WEBCOPYRIGHT variable on your TWikiPreferences page. That incantation must occur on any page with tooltips made using this plugin after the plugin occurs on the page. Since standard TWikis have the WEBCOPYRIGHT at the bottom, this accomplishes that.


--Main.ShaughanLavine - 04 Mar 2005

One more patch, to get INCLUDE working: replace one occurrence of TWiki::getRenderedVersion( by TWiki::Func::renderText( in ToolTipPlugin.pm

-- ShaughanLavine - 04 Mar 2005

Shaughan, Thanks much, it finally is working. Wasn't real clear on the patch (above), so I did nothing there... Many thanks again,

-- ScottTurvey - 08 Mar 2005

Oh, I also update my question in the Support Web by pointing them to this topic.

-- ScottTurvey - 08 Mar 2005

Looking at the "Syntax" and "Examples" I'm a ittle confused as to where to use javascript/mouseover and where to use %TOOLTIP{}%

-- AntonAylward - 19 Mar 2005

added .zip to CVS

-- WillNorris - 19 Jul 2005

I unzipped ToolTipPlugin.zip (version 1.2 according to the page that got installed) and this file appeared: pub/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin/wz_tooltip.js. However, the instructions have you add PUBURLPATH/Plugins/ToolTipPlugin/wz_tooltip.js to your WEBCOPYRIGHT variable. the .js file is not found following those instructions.

-- CarterSmithhart - 07 Sep 2005

i enhanced the version of the code in SVN to automatically insert the include .js file SVN:7937

-- WillNorris - 26 Dec 2005


  • updated the SVN version with version 3.38 of wz_tooltip.js
  • aggregated the plugin description
  • removed the "i" in if ( ($attr =~ /END/i) || ($attr =~ /^$/) )

Hope I got everything mentioned on this page.

-- AndreUlrich - 29 Dec 2005

I have attached a zip file of a patched and completed version of the Plugin that works under Dakar. It should work in pretty much any version of TWiki, but the TWiki.ToolTipPlugin page advises making a change to Main.TWikiPreferences:

<script language="JavaScript" src="%PUBURLPATH%/Plugins/ToolTipPlugin/wz_tooltip.js"></script>
to variable WEBCOPYRIGHT in TOPIC Main.TWikiPreferences or add it in your skins so this javascript code is called just before the closing body tag). Replace /TWiki06x00/ with /TWiki/ if you install the Plugin in the TWiki06x00 web.
that change should be made to TWikiPreferences in earlier releases. The Plugin uses deprecated endRenderingHandler, but is otherwise clean. It supplies 2 files missing from the official version, puts files in the right directories, corrects errors in the examples on the TWiki.ToolTipPlugin page plus some grammatical infelicities, and it applies all the changes suggested above plus changing (not commenting out, as I at one time suggested) TWiki::Pref::getPreferencesValue to TWiki::Func::getPreferencesValue and TWiki::Func::handleCommonTags to TWiki::Func::expandCommonVariables. Since I've supplied additional files and moved files to new places, it didn't seem worth adding a diff. I'm tempted to just put this on the TWiki.ToolTipPlugin page, but someone else should make that call—so this has been tested on at least two sites. Here is what is in ToolTipPlugin.zip:
File: Description:
data/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin.txt Plugin topic
data/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin.txt,v Plugin topic version info
lib/TWiki/Plugins/ToolTipPlugin.pm Plugin Perl module
pub/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin/ToolTipPhoto.gif gif for example on TWiki.ToolTipPlugin
pub/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin/ToolTipPhoto.gif,v gif for example on TWiki.ToolTipPlugin version info
pub/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin/ToolTipBackground.jpg jpg for example on TWiki.ToolTipPlugin
pub/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin/ToolTipBackground.jpg,v jpg for example on TWiki.ToolTipPlugin version info
pub/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin/wz_tooltip.js Javascript applet called by Plugin
pub/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin/wz_tooltip.js,v Javascript applet called by Plugin version info

-- ShaughanLavine - 24 Feb 2006

I've just installed the version from ToolTipPluginDev on my TWiki 4.0.1, and it seems to work quite fine.

One minor suggestion for enhancement: Decorate your <a ...> tag with a class="toolTip" attribute - so that style sheets have a chance to give tooltips a different look compared to "conventional" links.

And a not so small suggestion for enhancement: In my way of using tooltips, the tooltips would make excellent endnotes in a printout. This wouldn't make use of the js library, so maybe a separate AnnotationPlugin would be a better idea....

-- HaraldJoerg - 22 Mar 2006

Thanks Shaughan for updating this Plugin, and thanks for HandlingCairoDakarPluginDifferences in a compatible way!

The Plugin author specified PleaseFeelFreeToModify, so feel free to update the Plugin topic directly. If you want, shoot an e-mail to PatrickNomblot to verify.

-- PeterThoeny - 22 Mar 2006

While waiting for the best solution to come around (yes, HandlingCairoDakarPluginDifferences should be done), I have uploaded a new version from SVN which is Dakar only. The reason for not making it Cairo compatible, is that on Dakar it is now using the postRendering handler, and therefore there is a nice way to put the script in the body tag automatically. That way docs can be made somewhat cleaner and less scaring for new users.

This means this plugin is now purely drag-n-drop for Dakar, no manual customizations needed on install. I hope this can be the starting point for taking some of the suggested enhancements in again - along with the Cairo compatibility. Perhaps someone can think of a nice way of achieving the same in Cairo?

Until then, I hope users on Cairo will grab ShaughanLavine's version from this page.

-- SteffenPoulsen - 15 Apr 2006

Thanks Steffen for updating the Plugin.

I never understood why endRenderingHandler was deprecated in favor of postRendering, and I did not get an answer to when I asked. Anyway, with conditional code it should be possible to make this Cairo and Dakar compatible. We really need to think more user centric.

-- PeterThoeny - 15 Apr 2006

When I enable ToolTipPlugin on my TWiki server and edit any topic in Wysiwyg, the following statement calling the wz_tooltip.js script is appended to my text everytime I click Save. Why is this so?

<script src="http://localhost/twiki/pub/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin/wz_tooltip.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

-- AlokNarula - 20 Dec 2006

Help! What have I done wrong?

I downloaded and installed the Plugin as per instructions. I executed the installer script to attach the images to the Plugin page. I enabled the Plugin in configure.

The Tooltips on the ToolTipPlugin page on my TWiki web appear to be enabled (I don't see the %TOOLTIP.. text), but no popup window appears.

I can see the popup tooltips on the ToolTipPlugin page here at twiki.org, but nothing from my own server.

There are no error messages in my apache2 error log.

Any ideas?

-- DuncanKinnear - 03 Jan 2007

It's OK, I figured it out. After reading Alok's question above, I tried adding this script tag to the end of the Plugin topic text and the tooltips appear fine.

Now two questions arise from this:

  1. Why did the ToolTipPlugin.txt file shipped with the install not have this line already?
  2. Is there a more generic place to add this script tag so we don't need to keep adding it to pages? And If so, what is the performance hit of having it loading for every page?

Thanks in advance.

-- DuncanKinnear - 04 Jan 2007

Has anyone a solution for the problem Alok described already?

My wysiwyg appends the very same <script>-tag.

Neither Duncans nor Shaughan advice to add

<script language="JavaScript" src="%PUBURLPATH%/Plugins/ToolTipPlugin/wz_tooltip.js"></script>
to %WEBCOPYRIGHT% respectively to the end of the plugin topic text worked.


-- CarloSchulz - 07 Mar 2007

Hmm, tried to add

<script  src="%PUBURLPATH%/%TWIKIWEB%/ToolTipPlugin/wz_tooltip.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
to edit.kupu.tmpl but wysiwyg still addends this annoying script tag.

-- CarloSchulz - 07 Mar 2007

OK, I downloaded the 15 April 06 version, unpacked, ran the installed, and added that extra to the copyright notice. It doesn't work, I can see why, but not sure the best way to fix it.

1. The note about adding to the copyright notice must be put on the plugin page because it's a show-stopper.

2. It's not finding the .js file. Apache says:

File does not exist: /usr/local/www/twiki/pub/Plugins/ToolTipPlugin/wz_tooltip.js
Of course the installation has placed the file at /usr/local/www/twiki/pub/TWiki/ToolTipPlugin/wz_tooltip.js

So what's correct? Move the .js file to where it's looking, or ask the plugin to look where the file has been put? Whatever the answer, and assuming what I've noted is correct, it needs to be changed and/or noted on the plugin page because most admins don't look here first, they expect to follow the directions and it sort of works.

-- SueBlake - 10 Mar 2007

The examples (ToolTipPlugin#Examples) only seem to work in Internet Explorer, not in Firefox on Windows and not in Firefox or Safari on Mac OS X. Is this a known problem?

Note the tools tips at http://www.walterzorn.com/tooltip/tooltip_e.htm work fine in Firefox (Windows & Mac OS X) and Safari. Does ToolTipPlugin need to be updated for the latest wz_tooltip.js?

-- DarylSpitzer - 25 May 2007

Firefox works for me out of the box. Installed Plugin fresh from twiki.org on 18/6/07.

An observation: Any error on page load makes the tooltips stop on Firefox. IE appears more tolerant. I think it may have something to do with the script being at the end of the page. That is probably done to make sure the javascript is initialised after the page is loaded.

The proper way to do this is to initialise in the body tag: onload="tt_Init()". But that means modifying the template and not everyone can do this.

Separately, it would help to document the URL parameter in the plugin doco. It's easy to spot in the code, but I tried several more twiki like ways to make a link with a tooltip.

-- BramVanOosterhout - 19 Jun 2007

BTW, Bram notes that the examples (ToolTipPlugin#Examples) don't work for him in Firefox either.

-- DarylSpitzer - 25 Jun 2007

I found it. It's fixed. As I said above, the Firefox problem has to do with browser behaviour when there are errors on the page. In this case the problem was with the line that said: (r23)

Note that you can also I18N chars etc :-))!')">do this and this too !.

The I18N expands to a twiki link, with unescaped < and > As a consequence the html on the page is badly formed and Firefox does not run the tt_init() at the bottom of the page.

IE on the other hand does, and only screws up this particular tooltip. I changed the I18N to i18n, so it no longer expands and now all tooltips work in Firefox and the offending line reads (r24):

Note that you can also do this and this too !.

The i18n is now part of the tooltip text.

PS I also learned I can edit the ToolTipPlugin page. Should I go ahead and document the URL parameter on the page?

PPS looking at the code generated by ToolTipPlugin, I noticed it generates </A> as the closing tag. This is not valid XHTML. It should be </a>

-- BramVanOosterhout - 30 Jun 2007

Bram, the ModificationPolicy says PleaseFeelFreeToModify so you can go ahead and change what needs to be changed. Especially if you wanna fix errors, invalid html or improve the docu.

-- CarloSchulz - 01 Jul 2007

The I18N links now, caused by an unfortunate spec change in TWiki 4.1.

-- PeterThoeny - 14 Jul 2007

I am confused by some of the ToolTipPlugin#Examples. Is the second example in each set meant to be a "raw" view? (but not done as a verbatim). Or is it meant to be an actiual working tooltip?

  • screenshot:

-- VickiBrown - 28 Aug 2007

Hi. Did anyone find a solution to the script line getting added to the text at the end of the page when you edit with the WysiwygPlugin, as reported by Alok and Carlo above. The line seems to be added as a result of the postRenderingHandler in ToolTipPlugin.pm, but it gets interpreted by the WysiwygPlugin as part of the topic text.

This is killing use of Wysiwyg in our installation, as it trashes the whole page.

-- SteveJonesST - 04 Sep 2007

We installed this plugin recently. There was no evidence of error in that. Everything seems to be in the right place. The generated HTML seems to have all the javascript links. The scripts are identical to those here at twiki.org. There are no messages in the error log (relating to this plugin).

But it doesn't work. It works here at twiki.org but not in our installation. I'm giving up and moving on for the moment, but any enlightenment will be appreciated.

-- DavidHoughton - 12 Dec 2007

I'm using Lynwood Brown's delightful combo of TimeTablePlugin and Plugins.Calendar.Plugin . The tooltip text works as expected in both the Month view and the event list. but is showing up verbatim in the timetable. -- TimeTablePlusToolTips

-- VickiBrown - 14 Mar 2008

I couldn't get this plugin to work with TWiki 4.2. An updated js file and a simple patch to the plugin appear to have it working for me. I've attached 2 patch files. Apply from TWiki root directory. I'll test these patches tomorrow on another box to insure that they work as promised.

-- RussOchsner - 25 Apr 2008

  1. cd to TWiki root directory
  2. Download the two patch files
  3. unzip wz_tooltip.js.patch.zip
  4. patch < wz_tooltip.js.patch
  5. patch < ToolTipPlugin.pm.patch

-- RussOchsner - 25 Apr 2008

Hm, this Plugin has PleaseFeelFreeToModify policy, hasn't it? wink

-- FranzJosefGigler - 26 Apr 2008

There appear to be a number of issues with the ToolTipPlugin. Tips were not working with Firefox. Updated to the latest wz_tooltip.js (5.20) and found that the syntax to call the JS routines had changed.

I've opened bug TWikibug:Item5966 and have gotten a version running locally in SVN. Need to test a bit more and I'll build a test version and attach it to this topic. I've also incorporated the patches from RussOchsner. The rebuild will also hopefully resolve an issue with the installer script.

-- GeorgeClark - 28 Aug 2008

I've committed my changes to SVN and ran a trial build of the ToolTipPlugin. I've tested it on 4.2.1, 4.1.2 and 5.0 (SVN). Updated to 5.20 version of the wz_tooltip.js, and updated to the new js. syntax Updated documentation. Also changed the postRenderingHandler to only include the wz_tooltip.js file when the page includes a TOOLTIP.

-- GeorgeClark - 29 Aug 2008

Found one more minor issue - wrong filename of the background image in one example. Also changed the </A> tag to have a lower-case a. The above attachments have been updated with the new version, although I didn't change the file comments.

-- GeorgeClark - 30 Aug 2008

Fixed a couple of additional issued. WikiWords in the Tooltip text break the tip because TWiki inserts strings delimited by double-quotes. Same with unresolved WikiWords, which result in span tags with double-quotes. I've added code to escape links and spans that include double quotes within the tooltip text. I'm attaching another build of the plugin with these enhancements.

-- GeorgeClark - 02 Sep 2008

Not sure what you use to escape WikiWords; other parts in TWiki prefix WikiWords with a <nop>, which gets removed at the end of the rendering process.

-- PeterThoeny - 02 Sep 2008

A WikiWord that was not escaped in the tooltip caused problems because you end up with a string TEXT=".... <a .... class="twikiLink" " where the open-quote of the class= prematurely closed the TEXT= of the tooltip.

Rather than require that the user <nop> any WikiWords, I passed the %TOOLTIP attributes to a routine to change any embedded double-quotes to a & quot; This allows WikiWords to be used in the tooltip and eliminated the requirement that the user escape them. Some of which are not obvious (such as I18N - which was breaking one of the examples unless escaped.

So poor choice of terminology - I didn't escape the WikiWord, I fixed the embedded double-quotes so that the WikiWords become usable in Tooltips.

-- GeorgeClark - 02 Sep 2008

I've made one more build with a few more modifications. I've added support for the optional tip_centerwindow, tip_followscroll and tip_balloon js files on the wz site. The scrips are loaded only if a tip includes a parameter that would require the script. If I don't hear any further feedback, these are the files that I'll release.

-- GeorgeClark - 15 Sep 2008

Your balloon example doesn't seem to work on my environment, neither on firefox nor with the internet explorer. There also seems a problem with the browser compatibility of the centerwindow cause the sample on the extensions home does not work on my firefox (3.0.1).

-- FranzJosefGigler - 15 Sep 2008

I also added this comment to the bug report, but are the 4 .js files all added to the script tags just before the closing body tag of the page source? I noticed the centerwindow problem at wz home, but the copy I downloaded for the plugin does seem to work.

Note if the pub path didn't resolve correctly, then the ballon images won't overlay the tip, which seems to be what your screenshots showed. So another thing to check in the page source is what did the BALLOONIMGPATH get set to?

Oops... noticed that it's not set on my local copy either, but the gif's were in the browser cache. I must have broken something - I tried to auto-add the BALLOONIMGPATH parameter only if the BALLOON parameter is true. I obviously broke something. I'll dig into that later but will be offline until tomorrow night.

-- GeorgeClark - 15 Sep 2008

Hopefully one last test. Typo dropped the BALLOONIMGPATH. I've verified that it is added by default unless manually overridden.

-- GeorgeClark - 17 Sep 2008

Can't test it this week, but I'm sure it's okay. I propose that you finally release it now, so that others can use the extension update mechanism provided by configure and don't need to do the old manual way of updating from tar or zip files.

-- FranzJosefGigler - 17 Sep 2008

The new version has been uploaded and can be installed from configure.

-- GeorgeClark - 19 Sep 2008

Note that the latest EditTable breaks %TOOLTIP% (expands it incorrectly).

-- VickiBrown - 22 Sep 2008

Does TOOLTIP support INCLUDE by named section (e.g STARTSECTION). I was hoping to have a tooltip that includes a named section in an topic.

-- AtleGundersen - 24 Sep 2008

George, with your latest security release I suddenly don't get the baloons right with IE 6.x again. tooltipplugin_ie2.png

On FF they are correct, strange.

-- FranzJosefGigler - 03 Oct 2008

AtleGundersen - Unfortunately the INCLUDE function does not use the standard TWiki functions, but it is implemented directly in the plugin. It doesn't support named sections. I attempted to support the standard %INCLUDE tag but it breaks quit a bit when it expands inline.

FranzJosefGigler. - I have no idea how the corners are getting corrupted on IE. The plugin really doesn't do anything with the actual drawing of the tip That's handled all in the js library from wz. The security fix didn't touch the libraries from WZ. I'm looking at it but right now I'm stumped.

-- GeorgeClark - 05 Oct 2008

There was a slightly newer version of wz_tooltip.js on the wz site. I locally downloaded it and tested - same results. I also diff'd all of the files that I had uploaded with the wz originals, and they all match - no differences.

You can eliminate the plugin from testing by writing the Tip markup directly into the topic. Not sure what else to suggest at this point.

-- GeorgeClark - 05 Oct 2008

AtleGundersen - I think I've figured out how to handle includes by named section. I need to test it more before I upload - It's part of a more extensive rewrite that converts to a registered tag handler.

-- GeorgeClark - 05 Oct 2008

FranzJosefGigler: The incorrect rendering seems to be an issue with something in the TWiki default skin. If you override the skin to print - add ?skin=print to the URL, the problem goes away. So there is something conflicting between the TWIki default skin and the balloon type tip. I don't think it's anything in the plugin.

-- GeorgeClark - 05 Oct 2008

That's good news! The ToolTipPlugin is great, so I'm looking forward to test the new additions.

-- AtleGundersen - 16 Jan 2009

I would like to use params on %INCLUDE, something like %INCLUDE{topic?ipaddress=xx.xx.xx.xx}%, nowadays occurs the error 'Invalid topic name'.

-- Saulo Alessandre de Lima - 2015-05-15

I just checked the code. The plugin uses TWiki::Func::readTopic() to include the topic. E.g. adding a parameter does not work for two reasons: Parameter is considered part of the topic name; topic does not render to expand variables in topic even if the parameters would be supplied. You'd need to enhance the plugin to support include of a full URL.

-- Peter Thoeny - 2015-05-15

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Unknown file formatpatch ToolTipPlugin.patch r1 manage 0.4 K 2003-12-09 - 15:02 PatrickNomblot fix width parameter
Unknown file formatpatch ToolTipPlugin.pm.patch r1 manage 0.4 K 2008-04-25 - 14:52 RussOchsner Preliminary patch to make plugin work with updated wz_tooltip.js. Works with TWiki 4.2
Compressed Zip archivetgz ToolTipPlugin.tgz r5 r4 r3 r2 r1 manage 31.9 K 2008-09-17 - 02:02 GeorgeClark Trial Build - missed setting BALLOONIMGPATH
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PNGpng tooltipplugin_ie2.png r1 manage 4.7 K 2008-10-03 - 06:02 FranzJosefGigler  
Compressed Zip archivezip wz_tooltip.js.patch.zip r1 manage 16.5 K 2008-04-25 - 01:25 RussOchsner Patch to update wz_tooltip.js. Works with TWiki 4.2
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