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VoidSkinDev Discussion: Page for developer collaboration, enhancement requests, patches and improved versions on VoidSkin contributed by the TWikiCommunity.
• Please let us know what you think of this extension.
• For support, check the existing questions, or ask a new support question in the Support web!
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Feedback for the VoidSkin

-- DaleBrayden - 27 Feb 2003

Wow. What a nice clean good looking skin with a solid structure. I'm jealous. smile

-- MattWilkie - 28 Feb 2003

Yes, it's nice and clean. I contemplate to use your skin... My suggestions, based on http://www.useit.com advice:

  • Font size is hardcoded. Sometimes I like change size and I cannot.
  • Your style magic does not distinguish between links visited and not visited yet. This confuses me on new sites.
  • I do not know how to implement it, but serch has radio button selection, and GO (submit) button. So if I want to search by page name, I need 2 clicks. Maybe to have no radio buttons, and 2 submit buttons ("page name" "text") will take less space on the screen?

Did you think how to group webs like KoalaSkin does?

-- PeterMasiar - 28 Feb 2003

Thanks for the kind words - most of the credit for the appearance has to go to the guy at dotvoid.com (and, I suppose, to the people he derived his css from smile ).

I struggled a bit with the hardcoded font sizes. I finally went that route because if I use css font-size names like 'small' or 'x-small', different browsers interpret the meaning in wildly different ways. In particular, a size of 'small' displays very readably in IE but seems to be unreadably small in Netscape. Sigh ... in the end I chose the hard-coded pixel-based sizing because at least it looks nearly the same everywhere.

About the visited/not-visited links colors - this was an arbitrary choice that I made. I wanted the overall color scheme to be uniform. But I'll play around with giving the visited links a reddish hue - something subtle but noticeable.

I really like the idea of losing the radio buttons and just making 2 submit buttons. I'll try to make that change sometime soon.

-- DaleBrayden - 02 Mar 2003

I prefer relative font size and dislike if a site forces a font size onto the user. In pre-CSS time you can use <font size="-1">...</font>; for CSS use {font-size:90%}.

-- PeterThoeny - 03 Mar 2003

I've been using Owen Brigg's sizing method for the past few weeks. The nutshell summary: size all text elements (h1,h2,p,table,td,...) using em or ex ,then scale the whole works from the body selector: body {font-size: 80%;} .

So far it has worked well and been reliable across browsers. I tossed the line-height stuff because I prefer the browser defaults myself.

-- MattWilkie - 04 Mar 2003

Thanks for the link to the Owen Briggs site - this is the first 'empirical' study of cross-browser display issues that I've seen. The screenshots are informative - but I gotta say that my experience with browsers on Linux shows a lot more variation. Konqueror seems to display pretty nicely, as does Opera for the most part, but both Mozilla/pre 1.0 and Netscape/any version tend to think that, for example, 12pt should be rendered as being about 7 pixels tall. Grrr. Anyway, I will try the techniques listed in the Owen Briggs style sheet. I've actually tried similar things in the past and basically gave up when I ran into the percent-size-sensitivity that he mentions (things like 76% works consistently across his tested browsers, but 75% yields inconsistent results ...).

-- DaleBrayden - 05 Mar 2003

OK guys - you've convinced me. I applied the Owen Briggs changes to (a copy of) my style sheet and the results were not so bad. I still prefer the fine-grained control that hard-coded pixel sizing gives, but certainly for displays that are either very high-res or very low-res the adjustable sizes will work better. I'm incorporating the changes now, along with several other changes to the VoidSkin. Specifically:

  1. All the navigation links on the left will be specified by preference settings.
  2. The style sheet will be split into 2 style sheets: 1 for size and layout, the other for colors.
  3. The labels on the navigation boxes on the left will be specified by preference settings.

I've made most of these changes on the twiki at my workplace, but I still have a few tests and tweaks to do. By putting the color specifications in a separate css I was able to make a blue-themed skin with the exact layout of the gray-themed VoidSkin. I'll post both of them here in a day or so.

-- DaleBrayden - 07 Mar 2003

I've started to use ex instead of em for sizing. An ex is not as fine grained as a pixel, but about half the size of em , and using decimals one can approach pixel resolutions ( 0.5ex is 4px for a default IE install according to http://allmyfaqs.com/faq.pl?CSS_Units).

-- MattWilkie - 11 Mar 2003

I'll try that. I've actually made the changes listed above - the configurable nav links, different css for size/layout and color, etc. I'm still not entirely happy with the sizable css - I'm using em and setting the body font size to a percentage. It looks basically OK, but I still have some testing to do with various browsers on Linux. I modified the skin so that it looks for 2 preference variables called VOIDSKINSIZE and VOIDSKINCOLOR. The VOIDSKINSIZE can be "sizefixed" or "sizable". And the VOIDSKINCOLOR can be "grey", "green", "blue", "red", or "black". The 2 settings select the 2 stylesheets used by the templates. So Set VOIDSKINSIZE = sizefixed uses stylesheet .../VoidSkin/voidsizefixed.css, and Set VOIDSKINCOLOR = grey uses stylesheet .../VoidSkin/greyvoid.css. Separating the size/layout styles from the color/border styles made it (relatively) easy to make the sizable layout, and very easy to make different color schemes.

-- DaleBrayden - 11 Mar 2003

Quick update - I'm still tinkering with the 'extra' templates for the various 'oops' conditions. Sigh ... procrastination is a terrible thing.

-- DaleBrayden - 01 Apr 2003

I like this skin!

Can you tell me what I need to do to it to use SaveNoPreview i.e. SavemultiCgiScript ?

Thanks, Martin.

-- MartinCleaver - 31 Mar 2003

Actually, I don't know. I hadn't seen SavemultiCgiScript until you mentioned it here - if you figure this out I'd like to hear about it.

-- DaleBrayden - 01 Apr 2003

I've updated the installation package and some of the documentation for the VoidSkin. The update includes:

  1. Choice of sizable or fixed-size fonts, based on preference settings.
  2. Choice of color scheme, based on preference settings.
  3. All templates are now implemented (search, bookview, attach, oops, etc.)
  4. Navigation sidebar, title, etc. all configurable with preference settings
  5. style sheet modified to distinguish (barely) between visited and non-visited links

In theory you can install this, adjust the preference settings in TWikiPreferences, and not have to touch any of the templates or stylesheets.

Though there is now a choice of color scheme, the only ones that are not annoying or kind of painful to look at are the 'grey' and 'blue' schemes. The 'black' color scheme makes twiki look a bit like a porn site, and the 'red' and 'green' will induce nausea after just a few minutes. I made these additional color schemes only as proof-of-concept.

-- DaleBrayden - 08 Apr 2003

Nice skin! But I did not looked at 'red' theme wink

I am just curious: Dale, you decided to put all links and titles into TWikiPreferences, so they are global. FlexibleSkin uses WebMenu page for this - IMHO much more -- flexible is the word wink . Is it something hard to implement, or against your design decisions?

-- PeterMasiar - 09 Apr 2003

No - it wouldn't be hard to implement, but it does need a plugin in addition to the skin. I decided not to make a plugin for this because it would require slightly more effort to install (and maintain!). Also, although the settings are global, the fact that they are normal TWiki preference variables means that individual users can customize the settings by overriding the settings in their user pages. In fact, I do that on my site so that I can have easy access to "web-site maintenance" links.

-- DaleBrayden - 09 Apr 2003

Very nice! I am giving it a try, and wait for acceptance results from users.

Just: I had to correct the preview.void.tmpl so as to use '%PUBURL%/TWiki/VoidSkin/previewImg.gif' instead of 'images/previewImg.gif'. Is this normal?

thanks for the job! -- JeanMarieClement - 04 Jun 2003

I like it! A couple of installation issues.. I think there's a missing / in the step to install templates in twiki/templates, since there is also a TwikiTemplates directory this is confusing. Also, to set skin = void you have to set SKIN = void (capitals). As a newbie to twiki this stumped me for a few minutes. Now it's up and running great. Thanks. -- RickMangi - 04 Jun 2003

Thanks to both of you for the information about installation issues - and sorry for the inconveniences. Now that you mention it, I do believe I had to tweak my own installation and forgot to fold the changes back into the installation package here. I will make the changes as soon as I get some time - and please let me know if there were other problems.

-- DaleBrayden - 04 Jun 2003

Everyone at my company has made positive remarks about this skin. Some people are even using the black and red colors! smile

I am having a small problem, though. When editing a topic form data is not shown anywhere. I tried modifiying twiki.void.tmpl. I changed the "edit" definition and added a FORMFIELDS variable after the edit box. That seems to work, but after pressing save changes all form data is lost.

Also, the Change Form link does not work since there is no template for that and it is not possible to press a button to make the change.

-- RodrigoChandia - 16 Jun 2003

Ok. I fixed that too by adding a FORMFIELDS to the preview.void.tmpl just after the save HTML form.

What would be the best way to contribute any (useful) changes I make to this template?

-- RodrigoChandia - 16 Jun 2003

I really like this skin and have it set as the default for a while now. I've made customizations of course, based on the way I think we use our intranet. In particular, reducing the amount of text on the edit page makes it look even nicer (and ease of use is increased with only a single help topic link to a version of GoodStyle).

Minor bug report:

  • This skin (like several others) has the "hard-coded TWiki" problem. The skin can use the variable TWIKIWEB instead of hard-coding "TWiki" in several locations, for both referencing the TWIKIWEB or the path to attachments, etc.
    • Example: twiki.void.tmpl uses PUBURL/TWiki/VoidSkin instead of PUBURL/TWIKIWEB/VoidSkin
  • It's easy to find these occurances with grep -r -i twiki * after unzipping.

I'm not using preview, since this intranet saves topics directly after edit. I'm thinking of adding another button: "save and continue editting", to reduce the view/edit/view/re-edit cycle.

-- JonathanCline - 17 Jun 2003

Thanks again for the trouble-reports. I think I've solved the installation problems that were reported up to June 4, but I haven't updated here at twiki.org yet. I was not aware of the form-related issues - I've never added any twiki forms, and I don't fully understand how form processing works in twiki. I would appreciate it if RodrigoChandia could send me his changes for preview.void.tmpl (send to dale@braydenPLEASENOSPAM.org or attach the template(s) on this page) so I can merge them with the existing template. And I will definitely remove the hard-coded references to TWiki - thanks to JonathanCline for pointing that out. I too would like to make 'Preview' optional - how would I go about doing that? And I really like the idea of "save and continue editing" - tell me how, and I'll try to add it to the skin. Finally, I really do plan to update the installation package Real Soon Now.

-- DaleBrayden - 18 Jun 2003

In addition to the hardcoded TWiki problem, also grep for 'WebHome' which should also not be hardcoded. Use HOMETOPIC instead.

My hack to bypass 'preview'. (I know this has been discussed before, and the solution below may not be valid.)

modify twiki.void.tmpl
search for action="%SCRIPTURLPATH%/preview  blah blah  method="post"
change to action="%SCRIPTURLPATH%/save  blah blah

  • By bypassing the preview, this hack does not allow users to use the normal preview buttons (release edit lock, etc).

-- JonathanCline - 19 Jun 2003

I implemented SavemultiCgiScript by downloading KoalaSkin, 1) extracting the savemulti script and placed it in the bin/ directory, 2) modified bin/.htaccess to include savemulti, 3) grabbed the form out of edit.koala.tmpl and put it in my own skins. Very little editing of the form attributes were necessary.

-- MattWilkie - 19 Jun 2003

New Release 20 Jun 2003

  • %r60 - 2004-11-20 - 09:11:48 - MartinCleaver removed from bottom bar on edit page
  • %Edit removed from top menu on edit/preview pages
  • corrected the path for the previewImg.gif
  • corrected capitalization in Set SKIN = void in the installation instructions at twiki.org
  • Add FORMFIELD to edit and preview templates
  • Fix the hard-coded TWiki and WebHome problem
  • Added version number to the installation zip. (1-2-1)
  • Added 'more' menu item
  • savemulti - now easily selectable by changing the "previewaction" template in twiki.void.tmpl
  • Breadcrumbs - can be easily disabled by modifying "breadcrumbs" template in twiki.void.tmpl
  • Fixed some minor rendering problems

The new installation package is on VoidSkin. Additional information (and demo, in a way) is at http://www.brayden.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/VoidSkinDev and http://www.brayden.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/VoidSkin

-- DaleBrayden - 20 Jun 2003

The color.css and dotvoid.css files start out by defining the background color attribute for "body, td" — why is "td" included? I would expect that a table data cell would inherit its background from the body and thus make this specification redundant. However, the real reason for my questioning this is that including "td" in fact breaks some functionality in TWiki. When I tried this skin, I noticed that suddenly my Site Map had lost the web colors. The reason is that the web color is specified as a "bgcolor" attribute on the table row (<tr>), but the "td" specification (being more specific), overrides that. I would think this problem would also show up elsewhere (for example, when coloring rows in a table using the TablePlugin). I've deleted the "td" spec on my own site; is there any reason not to do so in the standard distribution?

For those that like to have TWiki webs indicated by color, I've attached a one-line patch to the twiki.void.tmpl template that will cause the bar that appears at the bottom of the page header to have the web background color (%WEBBGCOLOR%). As this bar is quite small, the indicator is fairly subtle, but may still be useful.

I have also attached a patch to twiki.void.tmpl to use the %EDITBOXSTYLE% variable that is used by other skins (and the default edit.tmpl).

Do you have an example of a previewaction template that implements savemulti?

I'm also curious about the following entry in the header of each page:

 <meta name="description" content="%TEXTHEAD%" />
With what is the %TEXTHEAD% supposed to be replaced? This seems to normally be associated with search templates, but VoidSkin places this meta tag in every page and %TEXTHEAD% is apparently not normally defined.


-- DavidBright - 07 Jul 2003

EDITBOXSTYLE did not exist in the Dec 2001 twiki release, which is what I'm using (and what was available when I created the void skin).

I will try removing the color setting for TD from the void skln css - there was some reason I did that, but I can't remember now what it was. It seems to me I had a rendering issue with IE - but I'm not sure. By the way, if dotvoid.css is still included in the installation zip file, then that is a mistake on my part. Only the _color_void.css, voidsizable.css, and voidsizefixed.css should be included.

Quick update : I changed the css so that instead of "Body, TD" it is "Body, Table" - the issue was that at least IE doesn't seem to have table bg color inherit from body. Anyway, I think this change addresses the issue. -- DaleBrayden - 23 Jul 2003

About %TEXTHEAD% - this was actually a bit of an oversight on my part. At my site I modified the view script to replace %TEXTHEAD% :

    $tmpl = &TWiki::handleCommonTags( $tmpl, $topic );
    if( $viewRaw ) {
        $tmpl =~ s/%META{[^}]*}%//go;
    } else {
        $tmpl = &TWiki::handleMetaTags( $webName, $topic, $tmpl, $meta, ( $rev == $maxrev ) );
    writeDebugTimes( "view - handleCommonTags for template done" );
    # drb 7/25 ... changed here ...
    $tmpl =~ s/%TEXTHEAD%/$metadescrip/geo;
    # ... to here
    $tmpl = &TWiki::getRenderedVersion( $tmpl, "", $meta ); ## better to use meta rendering?
    $tmpl =~ s/%TEXT%/$text/go;

The reason I did this was that normally TWiki pages do not have a meta-description in the header, thus hindering search engines.

Finally, about savemulti - the version of void skin at my site uses savemulti, and I've updated the templates accordingly. I'm not quite ready to post it here at twiki.org, though, until I add a couple more features (notably, edit-menu at bottom as well as top).

-- DaleBrayden - 07 Jul 2003

I'm having trouble getting this skin to work. Where is the latest installation documentation? The VoidSkinDev on TWiki and on brayden.org have different instructions. For example, " unzip the contents of the VoidSkin directory into the twiki/pub/TWiki/Main.VoidSkin directory" -- is that right? Or should it go into TWiki/VoidSkin?

-- RamonFelciano - 13 Jul 2003

Looking at the contents of VoidSkin-1-2-2.zip I'd say you need to unzip the archive into a temporary directory and then:

  1. rename (move) [unzip-dir]/twikidata --> [unzip-dir]/data
  2. rename (move) [unzip-dir]/twikitemplates --> [unzip-dir]/templates
  3. move or copy [unzip-dir]/* --> [your_twiki_dir]/
(this assumes you've used the default installation directories when you installed twiki).

-- MattWilkie - 14 Jul 2003

Just downloaded 1.2.2. Looks very nice. Although I am starting to miss an Edit button at the bottom of the screen (where I typically am when I want to edit).

One question though. I thought I read earlier in the topic (8 April) that all templates (including oops) are included. My 1.2.2 zip file only has 10 templates. Are the others available elsewhere?

-- JeffBrooks - 17 Jul 2003

Well, let me put it this way: I thought all templates were included. There are a whole raft of -oops- templates that actually wind up using the void skin template via INCLUDE, even though I don't include them in the distribution.

-- DaleBrayden - 17 Jul 2003

A very nice look and feel. Many thanks!

However the VoidSkin does not interact correctly with the standard changeform.tmpl template. In particular the twiki.void.tmpl "standardfooter" does not %TMPL::P{"topicaction"}% which is where the changeform.tmpl places the all important submit button! This means that forms can not be added or changed while using the VoidSkin (:-(

I assume that we need a changeform.void.tmpl template which does interwork with the VoidSkin correctly... alas I don't understand enough about Skins to be able to do this.

-- StephenGaito - 22 Jul 2003

Many thanks to EricL for the template updates. I'll add them to the next distribution. The next distribution will include menus at top and bottom, save without preview (i.e. the savemulti support) and a few cleanups.

-- DaleBrayden - 23 Jul 2003

I missed having my per-web logo (originally set up under the GnuSkin), so I modified the template to include that. I've attached a patch to twiki.void.tmpl to display that.

-- DavidBright - 29 Jul 2003

Invisible Text problem with IE 6

Problems using this skin were seen when users were using Internet Explorer 6. The main text area would be "invisible" until either selected by mouse or if the window was resized, then text would magically appear. This was tracked down to the %INCLUDE{TWiki.SiteMap} table which was set for width=100%. Somehow, this was interacting poorly with IE6's abilities to deal with this skin's CSSs. Changing the table width to 99% or removing the width statement altogether in the SiteMap topic fixed the problem. I'm not sure what the real root cause of the problem is, but at least there's that kludge. Still haven't solved rendering problems under Macintosh OS X IE 5.2 though.

-- EricL - 01 Aug 2003

IE 5 AND 6 seem to have trouble with tables that have width='100%' nested inside a DIV. For that matter, IE is unable to correctly sort out the meaning of nested DIVs and absolute vs. relative positioning. Maybe someday Microsoft will get its s*** in a sock and fix their CSS implementation. In the meantime - removing width='100%' from tables in twiki seems like the only solution on the server side, and running a safer and more compliant browser (that is, some variant of Mozilla) provides a solution on the client side.

-- DaleBrayden - 01 Aug 2003

Would 99% work? That is what we have for the edit box.

-- PeterThoeny - 02 Aug 2003

Lovely skin. Very clean and professional appearance. cool! I had a problem setting the preferences for the left hand nav bar until I matched them up with the TWikiPreferencesForVoidSkin.txt file. Then, as an experiment, I removed the TWikiPreferencesForVoidSkin.txt file completely, and it still works fine. I'm pretty new to TWiki and have taught myself just enough unix, perl, and javascript to make this go, so perhaps I erred in putting the file in the twiki/data directory in the first place. Also as a minor issue, there's no VoidSkin.txt page included in the package. I'm working on figuring out how to put a graphic in place of the SITETITLE... I'll let you know if I get it working, in case others prefer a graphic, too.

-- GeorgeHarnish - 10 Aug 2003

I agree with positive comments from GeorgeHarnish.

George, doesn't the patch from DavidBright allow a graphic to be displayed? I haven't tried it yet but I will soon.

One annoying thing for me is that the void skin 'Printable' template looks so ugly that I wonder if it's finished or even included in the package? What are the experiences of others in this respect?

-- SimonHardyFrancis - 09 Sep 2003

I will have to check what's actually in the distribution. I have the bad feeling that I've modified the printable template at my site but did not include it in the void skin distribution. Of course, the printable skin at my site is nothing much to look at either - its main advantage is that it has zero-width margins so the only margins on the printed page are those you specify in your Print/Page Setup menu.

By the way, I've been somewhat promising to update the void skin distribution for a while and haven't done it. The main items I still intend to add are:

  1. the patches that have been posted here
  2. action menu at top and bottom of each page (see my site for example).
  3. Better support for sizable fonts

It's that last item that has been holding me up. I've tried so many variations in my CSS for the sizable font version that it's starting to feel like Monte Carlo programming.

-- DaleBrayden - 09 Sep 2003

Thanks for the response and good luck with the new release.

I've also found another small problem which could also be cleared up in the new release: I tried to add some TWiki web forms using the skin but this didn't work for me. I think it was the 'Add Forms' page that didn't allow me to select the form to add to a page. The work around for this problem is simply to disable the skin during web form construction and then re-enable after.

I also came across the annoying IE 6 disappearing text problem... Time to switch to Opera or something else? smile

-- SimonHardyFrancis - 10 Sep 2003

I understand that a workaround for the disapearing text bug in IE 6 is to expressly set a height="100%" width="100%" on the "div" giving the problem. I don't know whether you can put it in CSS or whether it needs to be explicitly inline.

-- TomKagan - 10 Sep 2003

Try using float! As mentioned on CoffeeBreak.

-- JonathanCline - 11 Sep 2003

The workaround (mentioned higher up) of changing 100% to 99% worked for me - but unfortunately not for some users with slightly older versions of IE frown In frustration I have now switched from IE to Opera...

-- SimonHardyFrancis - 11 Sep 2003

Other things not working in void skin but which do work using the default skin: At the bottom of WebChanges then the all / 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 most recent changes links don't work.

-- SimonHardyFrancis - 01 Oct 2003

This skin is excellent, and is helping the adoptation of TWiki at my company. It looks a lot like the corporate style. I did encounter the I.E. rendering bug detailed above, and found this site invaluable: http://www.positioniseverything.net/explorer.html . I applied a height="1%" to the .contentbox element and the problem went away. I also added a word-wrap: break-word which helped with long words stretching the contentbox.

Actually, it's a relief to find out others have encountered this bug. For months I thought it was just me. smile

-- CarlPatten - 05 Mar 2004

I am very happy to hear that the skin is useful to you. I have had absolutely no time to make any repairs to this skin for several months (change of job, cross-country move, selling a house, buying a house). Maybe things will settle down soon and I can incorporate the various bug-fixes and suggestions.

-- DaleBrayden - 09 Mar 2004

In the meantime, I have one other I.E. 6 glitch to work around and could sure use a tip or two. If a large image is included in the content box, or if the browser window is narrowed, the whole box drops down to below the sidebar. Only in I.E. 6 does this happen, of course; Opera and Mozilla keep the box in place and let the image overflow the right edge. If I turn off the rendering bug fix, the box stays put in I.E., but that's no solution. I've been fighting this one for days without success.

-- CarlPatten - 22 Mar 2004

Not many CSS experts here; the css-discuss mailing list and wiki have been very responsive to my queries in the past. Links to both are in CssResources.

-- MattWilkie - 22 Mar 2004

This skin (version 1.2.2) seems to not be able to break edit locks. It tells me to hit the "edit anyway" link, but there isn't one! It wasn't clear to me that any of the above helped with this. What's the right thing to do?

-- RobertWithrow - 13 Apr 2004

The oopslocked.tmpl defines those links in "topicaction", which the Void skin is not displaying.

One way to fix this: in /templates/twiki.void.tmpl, look for this line:


In that section, add the following line above the "endcontent" :
This appears to be a bug in the skin. Default TWiki displays topicaction in the standard footer. I like having it at the end of the content because it's easier to find that way.

-- CarlPatten - 22 Apr 2004

It would be nice to include this skin in CairoRelease, but it would need to be adjusted somewhat within one week:

  • Format VoidSkin topic to latest template so that the TWikiSkinBrowser can pick up the skin. See instructions in Codev.TWikiSkinBrowser. You can use SkinPackageHowTo to recreate the Skin topic text.
  • Some variable names in TWikiPreferences might conflict with existing variables in a deployment, like SITETITLE or LOCALLINKS. How about naming them like VOIDSKINLOCALLINKS? Identifiable names make a TWiki upgrade easier.
  • The skin should be packaged for the TWiki web, not Main web
  • Not sure if affected, but savemulti is now in the core code

-- PeterThoeny - 26 Jul 2004

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Unknown file formatpatch EditBoxStyle.patch r1 manage 0.7 K 2003-07-07 - 06:55 DavidBright Use the EDITBOXSTYLE variable
Unknown file formatpatch VoidSkinWebLogo.patch r1 manage 0.4 K 2003-07-29 - 20:40 DavidBright Include a per-web logo, ala GnuSkin
Unknown file formatpatch Web-Color-hbar.patch r2 r1 manage 0.6 K 2003-07-07 - 07:33 DavidBright Color the page header bar according to the web
Unknown file formattmpl changeform.void.tmpl r1 manage 1.5 K 2003-07-23 - 00:32 EricL fix to let void skin work with changeform function
Unknown file formattmpl moveattachment.void.tmpl r1 manage 1.8 K 2003-07-23 - 00:33 EricL fix to let void skin work with moveattachment func
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