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(Please also see EmailNotificationForTWikiOrgTopics -- MattEngland)

I'm a new, potential TWiki installer and administrator (I have yet to even download the software; I'm simply researching on which sw to use--TWiki, MediaWiki, dokuWiki--before I jump in). I just got done wading through all the email-notification capabilities, and it looks like this is a central point: ConsolidateNotification

All the text is probably good for all the Codev developers and TWiki regulars, but there is no "status" section, leaving me to be just about as confused as to what to do as when I started looking at all the plugins...although I must admit that the apparent designation (?) of MailerContrib as "the one" helps guide my decision. However, near-immediate notifications of page/doc updates are important (all blogs, forums, and email lists I know use this capability almost all by default; why not TWiki?), so I either need to run the cron quite frequently or I need to hack the TWiki code to call MailerContrib's bin/mailnotifier ever time a page is updated (I'm hoping this is simple).

But I digress. I'm simply trying to find out the current State of the TWiki Union wrt email notification of topic-page changes. I'm basically trying to figure out if the core has email notification built in yet for any of the released or beta packages, and if not, which plugin may be best for me. Given "the one" designation, I may go with MailerContrib; if I can't get immediate notify to work well (or the cron of MailerContrib eats up too much resource when run frequently), then I may go to an immediate-notify solution.

I also notice that I have yet to find a means to set email notifications for my own usage/subscription of twiki.org...which is what led me to the whole "wading" process above...but this will be a Question for another support topic.

-- MattEngland - 06 Apr 2005


I was bold enought to add Codev.ConsolidateNotification#Current_Status...but I don't know how anyone sees that update without an automatic (email) notification (unless they happen to look at the page manually).

I also wish there was a means to comment on TWiki pages without editing the main text...but maybe that's not possibly because the Comment plugin(s) are not in core...and therfore not on TWiki.org?

Yep, I'm definitely cutting my teeth all over the place. wink

-- MattEngland - 06 Apr 2005

Hi Martin,

Yes, I am enjoying my stay on TWiki.org. I find the communities' professionalism quite enjoyable, including your posts.

I should be clear: I like to think I fully support ExplorationThenConsolidation. I am big into requirements managment, I believe this "exploration" phase to be a critical part of this process.

(As a side note: I would like to see Wiki technology and Requirements-Management Database technology coverge a bit. But I digress. See a tool like Telelogic's DOORS for more info...although it's nearly impossible to get a working feel for what that stuff does off Telelogic's website.)

And I do not want to give the indication that the "overkill" is unnecessary; it's extremely important.

However, I do not think it (ExplorationThenConsolidation) requires mutual exclusion with getting a per-topic email-watch capability into the core software so TWiki.org (and others) can support users like me who wish to watch things per-topic instead of the entire site (or at least, I presume this is why I have no such option on TWiki--that the capability is not in the core--is my assumption correct?). Why not put in said functionality, soon (I guess whenever the next TWiki.org update is made--with Drakar, whenever that is?), so 1) myself and others like me don't have to continually poll our topics manually on TWiki.org, and 2) the core installers can easily get email-notification up and running (but I'm of course more interested in #1--I can handle #2 for myself just fine).

I guess I would be disappointed if Drakar (or whatever the next core release would be) was held up because ConsolidateNotification was taking longer.

In the meantime, I will probably use MailerContrib or one of the immediate-notify plugins (for my special requirements). Also, I will probably continue to contribute to ConsolidateNotification.

Thanks again,

-- MattEngland - 07 Apr 2005


TWiki version: TWikiRelease02Sep2004
TWiki plugins: DefaultPlugin, EmptyPlugin, InterwikiPlugin
Server OS:  
Web server:  
Perl version:  
Client OS:  
Web Browser:  

-- MattEngland - 06 Apr 2005


Hi Matt.

Your point about EmailNotificationForTWikiOrgTopics is a good one. (see my response there)

TWiki tends to be a bit of a garden: with functionality being like plants in that it can grow everywhere!

The ExplorationThenConsolidation paradigm specifically encourages this as exploration allows people to freedom to find what they find important without the overhead of coordinating/negotiating with others. The consolidation phase puts a gate on the madness and says sooner or later key functionality emerges that is needed in common by all implementations.

ConsolidateNotification looks overkill because it is about reconciling differences and building needed functionality into the core infrastructure layer.

I hope this helps - and I hope you enjoy your stay at TWiki.org

-- MartinCleaver - 07 Apr 2005

> trying to find out the current State of the TWiki Union wrt email notification of topic-page changes.

ConsolidateNotification should conclude by saying that MailerContrib is the codebase that anyone wanting to build functionality should start from. Your contributions would be very welcome there - and you might find useful implementation snippets on the other plugins referenced on ConsolidateNotification.

-- MartinCleaver - 07 Apr 2005

My understanding is that twiki.org does not support outward mailing (presumably because of the risk of it being kidnapped by spammers? I don't know). There has long been an initiative to more twiki.org to a new server, though AFAICT it has been abandoned. There was an offer from various people to support the move; see ReasonForTwikiOrgSlowPerformance

-- CrawfordCurrie - 10 Apr 2005

Moving TWiki.org is not abandoned, just postponed. Resource and financial question.

Outbound e-mail could be done on SF with a hack: Cache oubound e-mail on the server; run a cron from the shell to send the e-mail.

-- PeterThoeny - 11 Apr 2005

So is it feasible to hack an outbound email solution and install one of the extensions to TWiki.org to allow for per-topic email notification?

If there's any way I can help with this, please let me know. (No guarantees I can fulfill all requests, but I'd at least like to offer, I might be able to do help with some things.)

-- MattEngland - 11 Apr 2005

Sorry Matt, I was away on holiday and not email notified of changes to this topic (for obvious reasons!).

Perhaps we can chat on TWikiIRC about ways in which you can help. Email me when you see this please...

-- MartinCleaver - 07 Oct 2005

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