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DragonSkinDev Discussion: Page for developer collaboration, enhancement requests, patches and improved versions on DragonSkin contributed by the TWikiCommunity.
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Development discussion for DragonSkin

To answer a few unasked questions:

Why another skin, when PatternSkin is about to be released?
This skin has been in use for several weeks at my site and was needed well before PatternSkin had a firm completion date.
What about save without preview support?
I'll include that in the skin sometime in mid-August, after the next beta is released (and I'm back from an upcoming conference).

The DragonSkinInstall topic has instructions for administrators on how to install and configure the skin. The DragonSkinCustomize topic has details for users on how to customize their look and feel, including changing the user-customizable parts of the left menu. -- Moved text, TW

-- ClaussStrauch - 27 Jul 2004

Looks great! Will test it, as soon as Cairo has been released.
BTW: This skin is ready for bundling with Cairo, isn't it? wink

Remember Peters words:

  • More skins are better then less smile

One wish: a demo link would be nice
One question: Why "foobar" ?

-- FranzJosefSilli - 29 Jul 2004

Cool! And I have the same wish with Franz, too.

-- KatsuhikoFujii - 31 Jul 2004

I fixed the Skin topic here in this web, needs to be repackaged:

  1. escaped the DragonSkin link in the Browser support section
  2. changed ?skin=foobar to ?skin=dragon
  3. added Description so that the TWikiSkinBrowser can pick it up
  4. changed signature fom my name to the author's name (skin template is also fixed in the mean time)

5. Better to name the zip the same like the Skin, e.g. capitalized as DragonSkin.zip. This is in anticipation of automated tools that assume this filename.

6. Also, for your convenience, here is a 600x130 screenshot where more content is visible:
600x130 screenshot with more content

7. Better to set the parent of the supporting topics to DragonSkin. In those topics, sign with your Interwiki signature. Also use ---+!! on top to exclude the first heading from the TOC. (The topics in the TWiki web are fixed accordingly)

8. In templates use %MAINWEB% instead of Main, similarly use %TWIKIWEB%, %HOMETOPIC%.

9. The Know web is retired, better to replace by %TWIKIWEB%.

10. For ease of installation, it would help to have a ready made section to copy & paste into the TWikiPreferences (see there what; modify if needed)

11. The DS_QUICKLINKSHEADING is used but not documented. I added it to the TWikiPreferences.

OK, is now installed on TWiki.org. Nice skin, works on many browsers.

-- PeterThoeny - 31 Jul 2004

Thanks, Peter!
It's helpful to have a quick example of preferences.

-- KatsuhikoFujii - 01 Aug 2004

I like the simplicity of this skin a lot. One minor complaint; the left bar is slightly too narrow (Konqueror browser), making the find topic input box overlap the content.

The text also crams up against the right edge, which looks a bit naff:

-- CrawfordCurrie - 01 Aug 2004

I get a 500 Internal Server Error when I click on the [More...] link. This does not happen when I set dragon as skin in the url params.

-- ArthurClemens - 25 Aug 2004

I don't think this is specific to DragonSkin. I get the same behavior when trying to do a "More" when using DragonSkin or PatternSkin on my home topic (ClaussStrauch). This sort of thing has happened before.

  • Yes, you're right. It happens on the personal pages. -- ArthurClemens - 25 Aug 2004
  • This is SF specific. SF kills processes that take too many resources, "More" screens in the Main web hits that limit because of number of topics in the "Set new topic parent" topic list -- PeterThoeny - 26 Aug 2004

-- ClaussStrauch - 25 Aug 2004

I noticed that DragonSkin does not include the web copyright (%WEBCOPYRIGHT%). I did a quick add of another div in the full-footer to include that, but it should probably be done in the released version.

-- DavidBright - 25 Aug 2004

Just to re-iterate, I am impressed with this skin, it works nicely across many browsers and is relatively speedy.

-- PeterThoeny - 26 Aug 2004

I found TWiki a few days ago and have set up an internal site. I'm impressed with some aspects, including the great look of the DragonSkin. On the other hand, it (both TWiki and DragonSkin) are a huge time wasting pain to set up! It seems to be quite hard to find the details needed to get things just right, but once you find the info you need, it seems quite easy. An example of a problem I had was not realizing that when I set the skin variable, I needed to set it to dragon NOT DragonSkin! Simple, but quite frustrating. At first I didn't know how to set the the theme either! Probably would have been obvious if I'd known to look at .../TWiki/DragonSkinInstall right off the bat, but for some reason didn't find that page until today. The problem I'm struggling with at the moment is getting the per-user left menu to work in a way similar to how it works in the default case. (Since this isn't the right topic, I'll not mention the day it took to get basic authentication working properly...) Despite the problems, I'm enjoying the (future) potential of TWiki!

-- BrendonWhateley - 26 Sep 2004

The DragonSkinInstall topic has instructions for administrators on how to install and configure the skin. The DragonSkinCustomize topic has details for users on how to customize their look and feel, including changing the user-customizable parts of the left menu. If you have questions that these don't answer, or if the documentation is unclear, feel free to send me e-mail (my e-mail address is on my user topic page). FYI: savemulti support for DragonSkin is coming soon (finally).

-- ClaussStrauch - 26 Sep 2004

I think the general problem that has been and to some extent still is giving me problems is the vast amount of stuff that can be set and customized. As you point out, IF I had started out looking in the right place, things would have been easier. I didn't find the pages you mentioned until after I had struggled for some time. After thinking about it for a while, I think the problem is two fold. First is the difficulty of finding the right information to do anything. The problem doesn't seem to be that the information isn't somewhere, the problem is locating it before you know what you want! Second, at least for the new user/administrator, it would be nice to have more examples. For example, what exactly should I set DS_LEFTMENUFONTSIZE to in order to select a slightly smaller font?? I as the new user/admin wants to use dragonskin with a smaller left menu font. I personally want to know how to do that. I have little interest in doing the research to know HOW this variable is used to figure out the answer! I have two suggestions: first, more examples, at least one for every veriable that a user could set! Second, more sophisticated search functionality, possibly similar to HTML meta-tags, including the ability for the admin types to search *.css and *.tmpl stuff. If this is the wrong place to have this discussion, let me know where to move it to. I'm also happy to discuss privately via email, if more appropriate.

-- BrendonWhateley - 27 Sep 2004

Brendon, I agree that this discussion is probably better conducted by creating a new topic in the Codev web. Your points regarding some sophisticated search capability helping an administrator or user to customize twiki are welltaken, but not specific to this skin. However, as admin you should be able to search the twiki template directories from the command shell.

However, in general you should be aware of that documentation is often the weak spot with community projects such as TWiki Plugins.

-- ThomasWeigert - 28 Sep 2004

documentation along the lines you'd like is discussed (and started) in UseCasesInDocumentation. documentation needs help, though.

-- WillNorris - 29 Sep 2004

I'm having problems with Opera 7.54 and the tabstyle.theme.css. The topic window seems to wander off the page on the right, other than that looks great. I will investigate more to see if I can pinpoint the problem but I was just curious to know if anyone else has had this issue.

-- DavidMonaghan - 12 Oct 2004

Great skin but... I've got a problem in preview.dragon.tmpl. The second %TMPL:P{"previewform"}% does not work correctly. The "TOPICPARENT" variable in the second "Save Changes" form gets not replaced. So I get in the "Save Changes" form at the bottom of the page always the following intput parameter (viewing the page source in the browser):

<input type="hidden" name="topicparent" value="%TOPICPARENT%" />
This results that a topic get the %TOPICPARENT% set in its META:TOPICPARENT every time a press the "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page. Using "Save Changes" from the top of the page works fine.
I have this problem using any version of DragonSkinDev and TWiki version 01 Feb 2003.

-- PascalBuchbinder - 15 Oct 2004

The problem with TOPICPARENT can either be solved by changing the preview.dragon.tmpl as follows:

$ diff preview.dragon.tmpl.oiginal preview.dragon.tmpl
< %TMPL:P{"previewform"}% 
> <form name="main" action="%SCRIPTURLPATH%/save%SCRIPTSUFFIX%/%INTURLENCODE{"%WEB%/%TOPIC%"}%" method="post">
> <input type="hidden" name="text" value="%HIDDENTEXT%" />
> <input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="%CMD%" />
> <input type="hidden" name="formtemplate" value="%FORMTEMPLATE%" />
> <input type="hidden" name="topicparent" value="" />
or by migrating to TWiki verion 02 Sept. 2004.

-- PascalBuchbinder - 21 Dec 2004

The fix for the problem of the navigation menu dropping slightly when using an included topic instead of the filesystem template is to use START and STOPINCLUDE in the topic and put the first <div> on the same line as STARTINCLUDE. See DragonMenuTopic in edit or raw for an example.

-- MattWilkie - 07 Feb 2005

Hello people, a quick question about the left menu. I would like to have a customized side menu for each web separately. Can I get away with this and how ? My thinking is that I should use the advice on customizing the side menu from a topic found on DragonSkinInstall. Then instead of %INCLUDE{"TWiki.DragonMenuTopic"}% to do a %INCLUDE{"%TWIKIWEB%.DragonMenuTopic"}% . However, I have doubts whether there will be recursive processing of that statement.

While previewing, I realised that also the nested statement gets processed, so it should work.I will leave this comment here, if you dont mind, for others with a similar problem.

Also just for the record, to prevent others from making the same mistake. If you are editing the side menu, follow the advice and place the menu contents in the TWikiPreferences page. Do not edit the templates/dragonmenu.dragon.tmpl page, since it will be overwritten by an update if you do one.

-- IgorNikolic - 16 Feb 2005

Since Dragon skin uses a table to place the left bar and the main content, the width of the main content cell is defined by the widest element. If there is a wide table/verbatim/figure then the whole cell gets expanded. This leads to two problems: (a) it becomes painful to read the text, having to constantly scroll right/left and (b) float:right elements seem to "disappear" from view (need to scroll right to see them). I tried to restrict the width of the content cell by adding this to typography.css:

.ds-innercontentcontainer {
width: 60em;
overflow: visible;
This partially does what I need, but I would like to make the width equal to the browser width, or a minimum width, whichever is larger. Could someone help me with that? Thanks. -- PankajPant - 10 Jun 2005

Hello, I am trying to include a list of webs on the left menu of dragons skin. I tried using the Blog Codev Main Plugins Sandbox Support TWiki TWiki01 TWiki02 TWiki03 TWiki04 TWiki04x01 TWiki04x02 TWiki04x03 TWiki05x00 TWiki05x01 TWiki06x00 WikiWed variable, but it did not list the webs in the form expected. Also the following code snippet is not working as expected when it is placed in the dragonmenu.dragon.tmpl file under templates directory.

Can someone verify what I was doing wrong or is there any alternatives. Thank you.

-- KarthikChinnayan - 10 Oct 2005

Please! I need to include some groups of webs on the left menu too and i didn't find how i can do it! Where's this informattion??? How can i do it? Please... I agree with Brendon: Twiki can be easy but it's too dificult learn it! Please, help us! wink

-- FrancinneTorres - 19 Dec 2005

If DragonSkinInstall and/or DragonSkinCustomize don't answer your question(s), feel free to send me email.

-- ClaussStrauch - 19 Dec 2005

I was wondering... is there a Dakar Version of Dragon Skin underway? I tried using dragonskin under dakar and it seems the edit-link is not working. %EDITURL% seems to be wrong

-- PeterLohmann - 05 Jan 2006

A Dakar version of DragonSkin is what I'm working on now.

-- ClaussStrauch - 05 Jan 2006

Does anyone know why I can't change the WEBLOGOIMG with the dragon skin? With the default Twiki skin, I can have our company logo appear via the web preferences. But with the Dragon skin, it switches back to the Twiki logo and I can't seem to get my logo back up there. Any thoughts?

-- PatSchmidt - 05 Apr 2006

I have not looked into details, but this is probably a preferences setting. Could be WIKILOGOIMG in your Main.TWikiPreferences. Look at twiki.dragon.tmpl and view.dragom.tmpl in twiki/templates.

-- PeterThoeny - 06 Apr 2006

Any news for when the dragon skin will be available for Dakar? Edit button still has a problem

-- PeterJones - 27 Jun 2006

Hi i got the following problems with this skin: 1. When i use the twiki searchengine, the given results are folowed by the sentence %Locked%

2. The plucene searchengine wont work anymore after i installed the plugin. I get a error: "Incorrect format of searchpluc.tmpl (missing %SPLIT% parts)"

3. I want to use my wysiwyg editor (xinha) i tried to rename my original edit.pattern.tmpl to edit.dragon.tmpl to get it to work, but al i get is a blank page

HELP PLZ!! it's urgent!

-- MaartenDeRuiter - 26 Jul 2007

It looks like this skin is not maintained anymore, last update was 3 years ago. You have these options: Fix it your self, wait until someone fixes it, hire a consultant, or switch to a different skin that is maintained.

-- PeterThoeny - 29 Jul 2007

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