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Konqueror Browser Issues

This page is dedicated to issues with the Konqueror browser.

See BrowserIssues and BrowserFormattingIssues.

Aside: I will not report bugs to KDE for older versions of Konqueror unless somebody confirms they still exist in a currently supported version of Konqueror. (I don't know which versions are currently supported -- I'm assuming versions before 3.0 are not supported.)

Aside: See BrowserFormattingIssues -- I noticed some discrepancies between the way Konqueror and IE rendered TWiki pages back in the days of Konqueror 1.9.8, and developed some habits to minimize the differences. I should consider checking to see if those problems have been resolved with more recent versions of Konqueror. I will consider making a test TWiki page (something like the test pages I made once during my TWikiEngineReview on C2 for comparing wiki markup languages).



In general Konqueror works great with TWiki - including the TWikiDrawPlugin. There have been issues in various versions.

(deleted reports on outdated konqueror versions, MichaelDaum - 28 Mar 2005)"

Note: Reorganized the version specific issues in reverse chronological order (i.e., newest version on top (in addition to reporting some new issues that I've noted with Konqueror 3.4.2. -- RandyKramer - 18 Aug 2006

Konqueror 3.5.7 and 3.5.8

Konqueror crashes when working with WebTopicCreator page.

Konqueror 3.4.2

"Create Question Page" Doesn't Work

On the page AskedQuestions, clickinging the button "Create question page" does not do anything. It works fine in Firefox (1.0.6).

I have similar problems with Yahoo mail--clicking the "reply" button does not work in Konqueror but works fine in Firefox. Maybe if I looked a little closer at the page source (HTML and whatever I might get a clue--maybe it's a Javascript issue?? (I do have both Java and Javascript enabled).

rdiff Doesn't Display Entire Entry

This problem may exist in other versions of Konqueror, tested only on 3.4.2. The problem does not occur on FireFox 1.0.6.

When viewing a page with rdiff, under some circumstances (not well defined yet by me), konqueror doesn't display an entire entry.

For example, viewing http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/rdiff/Codev/PleaseMakeADocWeb?type=history, in the vicinity of "Please make a Doc Web" ...

in FireFox you see (approximately--the < and > don't show up in quite the same location here as when viewed in FireFox (that's not the problem that I'm trying to report here)):

Changed: < < As a total side note, wtf do those various TopicClassification items mean? I don't have a clue which to select. >
> As a total side note, what do those various TopicClassification items mean? I don't have a clue which to select.

in Konqueror you see:

Deleted: < < As a total side note, what do those various TopicClassification items mean? I don't have a clue

Note two problems (or one problem and one difference):

  • (Maybe this is intentional, but I'd have to look at the source to see how this was done (and why is it different?))--In FireFox, the legend is "Changed:" and you see both the added and deleted lines. In Konqueror, the legend is "Deleted:" and you see only the deleted lines.

  • In Konqueror, fairly often, lines like this are truncated--note that you don't see the "which to select." portion of the sentence. (The funny thing is, when I copied and pasted from Konqueror to demonstrate the problem here, the copy and paste shows the entire sentence.)

Aside: I used to see another (possibly similar) problem which I appear not to have reported (as I haven't found it here so far). I can't recall it in detail, so when I come across it again I'll report it. In my vague recollection it has something to do with the way verbatim or pre text is now displayed, i.e., in sort of a text box with a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom. It may have occurred when there was only one line of text in the verbatim or pre thing, and my recollection is slowly coming back--I think the problem was that you could not see that single line. If the text included more than one line, all lines were visible. So now, with this much recollection, the problems don't seem to be related. Still, if this problem does still occur, I'll report it here.

Konqueror 3.3.x (on a recent Debian/Unstable)

Editing Tags on TWiki/Dakar

There a serious bug in Konqueror that shows up when tabs are given to it in a textarea which will eb the default behaviour of Dakar. Though all other browsers that I tested on this issue cannot insert new tabs they will happily send them as they are. Not so konqueror frown (oh dear). Here's how to reproduce:
  1. open up GoodStyle
  2. hit edit
  3. don't change anything, just hit save
  4. everything's fine
  5. hit edit again
  6. now insert qwe or whatever
  7. hit save and watch the textarea flipping all tabs to single spaces befor the new topic is served to you
  8. trouble

You will end up with only those tabs being replaced with single spaces that have been visible in the textarea. What the ...

This error occurse wether or not you enable "Allow Tabulators" in the context menu of the textarea although it will allow you to insert tabs.

This error is not replroducable with firefox.

Possible Workarround:

  • if you don't have raw access to your .txt files: before doing any edit operation do a search-replace of tab to 3 spaces, or
  • if you have raw access to your .txt files: used sed to substitute all tabs with 3 spaces in all webs (crude, I know)
  • if you have access to your TWiki engine: hack it in order to not allowing to send any browser tabs - most (I'd say) cannot edit tabs.

Borders of input fields

Konqueror is not able to remove borders of textareas and input fields given a CSS style like:

.twikiEditFormular textarea {
Firefox is just fine.

-- MichaelDaum - 28 Mar 2005

Links on lines of their own

On DEVELOP I see links in TWikiVariables split onto lines of their own. The HTML is fine, Firefox is fine, has to be the stylesheet....

-- CrawfordCurrie - 28 Mar 2005

Here's an example link posted on the twiki-dev mailing list by CrawfordCurrie showing the problem:


But Konqueror is happy with the same page on TWiki.org:


This is most probably CSS related as the plain skin looks fine:


-- MichaelDaum - 29 Mar 2005

Found out what the problem is. Have a look at these snippets from style.css of the PatternSkin:

.twikiLeftBar li a {
 display:block; /* ouch */
.twikiToc li a {
 display:block; /* ouch */ 

The point is that anchors are told to be formatted as a block element which introduces a newline or has other funky effects. An anchor is more of an inline element that spans a part of the text. So best would be to ignore display:block for anchors from the perspective of a browser ... or delete it from your CSS.

-- MichaelDaum - 04 Apr 2005

Michael, do you think we can expect an improvement in (Konqueror) browser rendering of block links? It seems to be the only browser that doesn't render this correctly (and also Konqueror based Safari does it well).

-- ArthurClemens - 05 Apr 2005

How about removing the ouch lines from the PatternSkin CSS?

-- MichaelDaum - 05 Apr 2005

There is a reason to have the links as block: they behave as menu button. This means it is easier to click on them, because you don't have to roll over the (smaller) link label. This is a technique that is commony used in menu bars.

Because Konqueror seems to be the only browser that cannot handle this link drawing, and the browser is not used a lot (I suppose), I figured we could wait for a Konqueror update.

-- ArthurClemens - 06 Apr 2005

Now that Konqueror has passed the Acid2 test, any bugs should be in the code, not in the browser.

-- ArthurClemens - 04 Jun 2005

Konqueror 3.1.1 (KDE 3.1.1, KNoppix 3.2)

I switched back to konqueror as my preferred browser because konqueror now has tabs (not sure when this occurred) and because Mozilla was killing me with its inability to create truly independent instances (without unreasonable (IMHO) effort) — a crash in any Mozilla window or tab killed all open instances of Mozilla.

Some observations / problems:

Three fairly minor or subtle problems:

  • Tab Width — in Mozilla, the width of the tabs in the tab toolbar is varied so all tabs are viewable on the toolbar without horizontal scrolling (at the sacrifice of not being able to read the contents of the tab name). In konqueror, the tabs stay at a readable width, but I must cycle through the tabs to find them, as they don't all fit on the toolbar without scrolling. (The <ctrl>[ and ] keyboard shortcuts (in Knoppix) help a lot, I think Mandrake has similar keyboard shortcuts using a different key.)

_My preference would be a drop down window instead of the tab toolbar — in addition to making it easier to find the desired tab while seeing the full title, the drop down window could be incorporated on a different toolbar (the standard toolbar?), thus using less vertical space in the browser window.

  • Tab Loading Speed — in Mozilla, I could click on links very quickly and specify that they should be opened in a new tab (I forget how I specified that) and all the links I clicked on would eventually be opened in separate tabs. In Konqueror, I cannot do that — if I don't pause between clicking on links for a long enough period, only the last link I clicked on is opened. "Long enough" varies and seems to depend on loading / link speed — if I wait until I see the headings in the tab toolbar flicker a few times (to indicate the selected link has started to create the new tab), then I can click on a new link.

  • Opening to tab from other applications (kmail) — this problem occurs in Mozilla as well (at least for the Mozilla version in Mandrake 8.2): When I click on a link in another application (for example, kmail) I'd like it to open the page in a new tab of a specific browser instance (window). What happens instead is that a new browser instance / window is opened. (Both Mozilla and konqueror open a new window — as implied from above, the new konqueror window is truly a new (independent) instance, while the Mozilla window is just another window of the only Mozilla instance that can (easily) be run.)

Konqueror 3.0.2

Installed kde-3.0.2 today which fixes a form post issue in konqueror 3.0.1. So now konqueror rox. -- MichaelDaum - 04 Jul 2002

Konqueror 3.0.1

Since then I have serious problems editing and previewing pages randomly. Right now I couldnt figure out what goes wrong. Basically I get a scrambled preview or an oopsemty message while previewing/saving, e.g. I can't edit/save the TWikiPreferences any more. -- MichaelDaum - 06 Jun 2002


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