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Ok, the abiword-dev maillist is throwing a new (to me) term around, so I need to find out more about it. This is a page to record what I find. Here's a quote from Leonard Rosenthol to give me some context (from "Re: resolution and zoom issues", Tue, 30 Apr 2002 20:44:23 +0100, "Tomas Frydrych"):

The correct behavior when zooming is (IMHO) to simply adjust the scaling factor for all objects - provided that everything is able to be affine transformed. Now that we are (hopefully) moving to a consistant font system (FreeType) which supports affines on the data - text is easily addressed by simply specifying that to FT as part of the glyph extraction process. (NOTE: we may have to modify/patch Pango to support this - I don't know).

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I've read these, possibly not thoroughly or completely, but enough to believe that they are very useful generally for the subject of this page:

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I've read parts (or all) of these, possibly not thoroughly or completely, but enough to believe that they are useful for specific items related to the subject of this page:

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I have not read these thoroughly, and certainly not enough to list them as recommended, but I list them here as they may be useful, and for further evaluation in the future:

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These links have been recommended to me, or I've found reference to them, but haven't read them (possibly haven't even visited them):


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