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%SECTION{summary}%appres is an X utility to display all or portions of the X resources data base. For example, you can use appres to see what fonts or colors are used by the various widgets in an X based application. You can also use it to see any key binding done via the translation table.


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This is a very preliminary page, created primarily to move stuff about appres off the pages I'm now writing on creating Nedit key bindings via the Xresources translation table.




appres should display the X resources database, either entirely or any part of it.

The following two commands do not give the same results, because when appres is invoked without a specific class, it does the inquiry for the class AppResTest.

appres  | grep nedit
appres  nedit | grep nedit

Aside: I have misassigned some resources under NEdit instead of nedit, at some point I need to (figure out how to) get rid of them. Run:

appres  NEdit | grep NEdit

to see them.

from man appres (IIRC):

The appres program prints the resources seen by an application (or subhierarchy of an application) with the specified class and instance names. It can be used to determine which resources a particular program will load. For example,

% appres XTerm

will list the resources that any xterm program will load. If no application class is specified, the class -AppResTest- is used.

To match a particular instance name, specify an instance name explicitly after the class name, or use the normal Xt toolkit option. For example,

% appres XTerm myxterm


% appres XTerm -name myxterm

To list resources that match a subhierarchy of an application, specify hierarchical class and instance names. The number of class and instance components must be equal, and the instance name should not be specified with a toolkit option. For example,

% appres Xman.TopLevelShell.Form xman.topBox.form

will list the resources of widgets of xman topBox hierarchy.


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