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Questions (and answers??) I was asked in advance of the 17 May 2003 Question and Answer session for the core group.




Here are the questions I got from Robert. The Q&A session is Saturday from 10 AM until noon at Seibert Church:

File Manager

> How to use the file manager to move and copy files?

I'm not sure which file manager is provided with CFK (as I mentioned to you, Joe, (I think), I don't have CFK set up at the moment). Presumably, if we know which file manager it should not be too hard to show how to use it.

Using konqueror, open two copies of konqueror, one displaying the files to be copied or moved, and the other showing the location they are to be moved to — simply drag and drop the files between the two instances of konqueror.

Floppy Drive

> How to save files to the A drive?

I would answer this one of two ways, depending on whether CFK has one of the automount utilities installed -- if not you must mount and unmount, often /mnt/floppy (because that mount point often exists). Saving is then very similar to dos/Windows, except the path starts with /mnt/floppy instead of A:

CD Rom Drive

> How to use the CD Rom Drive (must it be mounted or can you just drop in a CD)?

Basically, same answer as previous question except /mnt/cdrom.

Cut and Paste

> Can I cut and paste?

Two things:

  1. Like before, don't know what is set up in CFK.

  1. We should explain the difference between the clipboard and the selection, and the ways of using each. Selection uses mainly the mouse buttons (including the middle button??), clipboard (at least in KDE) using the keys much like windows.

Mention Mozilla trying to be more windows like, and the option in klipper to synchonize the selection and clipboard (which I just turned off because it was a pain (I keep doing copy then paste, and keep wiping out what I wanted to paste).

Drag and Drop

> Can I drag and drop?

Similar to previous item.

Clearly you can drag and drop between two instances of konqueror.

Setting the Clock

> How do I change the time?

In kde I double click on the clock. Not sure about CFK. I think we setup CFK so the hardware clock is set to local time, might mention that some people in Linux use GMT (or, I guess that's UTC now).

Configuring within KDE

> What can and can not be configured from KDE So on and so forth.... basic things like this.

Well, I presume that means KDE is on CFK. Unless I get really ambitious, we'll probably just pull up the Control Center in class and look at it.


  • () RandyKramer - 16 May 2003
  • Robert Friedrich - questions asked in 13 May 2003 email
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