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This page is a list of printers that are known to work with Vector CFK (or at the very least, some version of Linux). I'd like to suggest / request that you include your name on any recommendation you make.

Many Linux distributions have hardware compatibility pages that might provide a guide (not a guarantee) as to whether any given hardware might work in Vector CFK -- here are some URLs (it would be neat if we could get Internet connectivity at 7th or 10th Street or get an offline copy of some of these databases):


General Recommendation

It used to be that almost any parallel port printer would work with (Vector CFK) Linux. Now there are some parallel and USB port "winprinters" that offload some of the processing chores of the printer to the computer's CPU. I don't know if any of those will work in Linux.

In any case, make sure you can return any printer you buy for a full refund if it does not work with Vector CFK Linux. Keep your receipt, know how long the return period is, and test the printer before the end of the return period.

The cost of a printer includes both the original cost of the printer and the replacement of "consumables" like paper and ink.

Inkjet and dot matrix printers are usually the least expensive to buy. Inkjet can print colors but dot matrix cannot. The ink cartridges for inkjet printers are fairly expensive, even if you stick with just black.

Inkjet Printers

Avoid winprinters. Look for ink cartridges that are large and easy to refill, and an ink cartridge separate from the printhead is an advantage.

They are the cheapest way to obtain color printing, but they can be expensive to operate. If you can get away with black and white only, consider a dot matrix printer.

List of inkjet printers that have been tested to work with Vector CFK Linux:

  • Canon BJC-3000 (no longer sold new, original price around $200) -- decent print quality, large ink cartridges separate from the print heads so you don't have to replace both, fairly easy to refill -- works with Mandrake Linux since 7.2 -- RandyKramer - 12 Mar 2003 -- I should point out that I usually run this under Windows, and have never tried to print a picture under Linux.

Laser Printers

List of inkjet printers that have been tested to work with Vector CFK Linux:

  • <later>

Dot Matrix Printers

List of dot matrix printers that have been tested to work with Vector CFK Linux:

  • <later>


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