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This is, more or less, a diary of the ChurchServerProject.

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I have registered as an official TWiki user and took a look around at the site so I can make Randy's job of teaching me what to do at the church easier. Val

Val, Wonderful! Welcome aboard! -- You might want to sign up on WebNotify to get a daily email notifying you of changes. (Unfortunately, you can't sign up for just this page specifically -- you will get notification of changes anywhere on the Wikilearn web.) Looks like you've learned a lot already -- I'll write more later. Randy -- RandyKramer - 16 Jan 2002


During class I finished installing TWiki and got it working (basically). Next steps will be to add a web or two, and some other tweaking. Intend to teach Val how to create pages, and, eventually, how to modify templates.


During class I got a few things done:

  • Found and fixed the problem with the hosts file, so we can now surf to www.christunited.org. (I screwed up -- I used Notepad to create the file which defaults to adding a .txt extension, and Windows Explorer was set to not display extensions for registered files, so I didn't notice the extension.) (Fixed on the computers on the "back" tables and the "front" table on the right as you go in the door (except the Compaqs).)

  • Jen managed to get the RJ-45 connector in three of the Compaqs (all she tried) -- seems you have to insert at an odd angle, with the back of the connector raised -- she seems to have the knack.

  • I did some fooling around looking at logs, trying to confirm that dhcp was running, trying to get dhcp to assign an IP to a few computers, no real progress (didn't try very hard).

  • I started to install TWiki, ran into problems at the first test (Apache couldn't find the files) -- next time I'm there I'll check permissions).

  • I realized it would be nice if I knew how to telnet (or SSH, or use a remote X display) into the server so that, if more than one of us were working on the server we each had a console to work at.

Choir practice is tonight from 7 to 9. If anybody is interested in working on anything tonight, let me know and I'll join you. The church will also be open on Saturday morning (9 til noon, I think), and likewise, if anybody is interested, let me know.

At this point, Web surfing will work, so Squid and TWiki are back burner items. Email and chat are the higher priority items.


I went to the church yesterday while members of the congregation including Val) decorated. Jen showed up as well (thanks, Jen!).

On all the workstations except the Compaqs, we:

  • installed TCP/IP
  • converted the file and print sharing from NetBeui to TCP/IP (tested K, except on two machines -- we reinstalled the printer driver and all as OK -- one of which was the machine that wouldn't work last week under NetBeui)
  • deleted NetBeui from the work stations
  • we had trouble (described below) with DHCP, so we assigned IP umbers to the workstations, starting at for Workstation A, nd incrementing for each workstation in alphabetic order
  • we can browse the server from IE as but could not do it as www.christunited.org even after installing a hosts (and an lmhosts) file in C:\Windows (only tried this on a few machines).

Trouble with DHCP: At first it seemed like only one machine (workstation J) could ping the server (and browse). Later, we checked another after a considerable delay (5 minutes or longer) and found that it did eventually find the DHCP server, get an IP number, and then allow pinging. Next time I'm there, I'll try to time how long it takes for the second and subsequent machines to find the DHCP server. Anyone have any thoughts on what we may be doing wrong or suggested solutions?


  • upgraded memory to 32 MB -- the Compaqs complained about a 164 memory error, but this went away if we did almost anything in the Bios (ran a diagnostic or something similar) -- we could not create a diagnostic (boot) disk for whatever reason
  • we could not plug the RJ45 connectors into the NIC cards (tried on two machines) -- did not investigate thoroughly -- will check more thoroughly next time I'm there.
  • Jen measured and cut Cat 5 cables

I will add this update to the webpage today.

So, Val can create web pages at her convenience. I will probably attempt to install TWiki next. Anyone interested in setting up squid, a local email server, or a chat server?


Aside: On 20011206, Stu and I went to the church and Stu accomplished the following. In the future we can encourage additional participation for education / experience (and to provide extra help or different expertise).

(This was an eye opener for me -- I think I've been focusing too much on trying to learn to do things from the command line (and too inhibited by fear of destroying my working TWiki) -- I think I'll install RedHat 7.2 (or Mandrake 8.1) on another box (at home) and try experimenting with more of the GUI setup tools.)

Stuart Boreen:

  • set up http, samba, and dhcp, and tested these services from the server and from his laptop temporarily connected to the hub
  • modified X to use the monitor now connected to the server
  • activated ftp and squid, but ftp did not immediately appear to work, and we didn't try anything with squid

Thanks, Stuart!

Aside: All of these packages had been installed with the initial install of RedHat 7.2 -- Stu's work consisted mainly of configuring the packages, testing them, and setting up the server so the packages would be automatically started on bootup.

The server is now known as: www.christunited.org at, with NetBios(??) hostname "www" on workgroup "church". The default index page on the server can be browsed using The index page cannot be browsed as http://www.christunited.org pending additional work, either setting up a DNS server, or modifying ths lmhosts (or hosts??) file on each workstation. (Of course, the addresses above work only on the LAN.)

In addition, we can now convert each workstation from NetBeui to TCP/IP at our convenience, but we'll need the original Windows (95) install disk to do so. (The Windows cab files are present on many of the workstations -- I made an attempt to upgrade from them, but was not successful -- I did not extract the files which was probably the problem.) (Printer sharing under NetBeui still works at this point in time, but not from the Linux server. (The Lexmark X12 printers might be "winprinters".))

dhcp will assign IPs to the workstations automatically, in the range thru

With Apache working to this extent, a class could be conducted on using Internet Explorer to browse to the default index page, or additional local pages could be created for variety. (I would still like to setup TWiki and Squid, and the other things mentioned on this page.)


  • RandyKramer - 14 Dec 2001
  • ValHaring - 15 Jan 2002
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