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On 11 Oct 2002, I downloaded the source rpm for rdate and compiled and installed it (in Mandrake 9.0). (For source of rpm see TimeInLinux.)

Here's what I did (starting as user dad, switching to root when noted, but I may have been root more than required):

  • Downloaded the src rpm (rdate-1.2-1mdk.src.rp) to /home/dad/downloads
  • Made a "working" copy in /home/dad (the intent was to make sure I kept a copy of the rpm -- after I finished the working copy was still intact in /home/dad, so this step wasn't really necessary)
  • "Installed" the source using rpm -i <package name>
  • Switched to root
  • Located the "installed" source (tarred and bzipped) in /usr/src/RPM/SOURCES
  • Bunzipped the source using bunzip2 <package name>
  • Untarred the source using tar xvf <package name> (could have done it all in one step with tar xvfz
  • This put files into a directory named rdate-1.2 (<package name> - <version>), including COPYING, rdate.1, rdate.c, and Makefile. Browsed (lessed) the files.
  • As root, in directory /usr/src/RPM/SOURCES/rdate-1.2, I ran:
    • I did not run ./configure
    • make
    • make install

As noted above, I did not run ./configure but perhaps should have based on the article below, but, (1) I jumped the gun, and (2) in reading afterwards I noticed that ./configure creates the Makefile -- since there was one maybe no harm was done (or maybe ./configure updates the Makefile??).

At that point everything seemed to be OK -- rdate worked (except that Mozilla was a little flaky after that with respect to movement of vertical scroll bars in a textarea -- problem went away after a few minutes and I'm not sure it was related).

For reference / possible future uninstall, here are the results of make and make install:

cc -o rdate rdate.c -g -Wall -pipe -D_GNU_SOURCE

make install:
install -d /usr/bin
install -d /usr/share/man/man1
install -s -m 555 rdate /usr/bin
install -m 444 rdate.1 /usr/share/man/man1


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  • (rhk) Compiling Software Tutorial: Version 2.01; contributed (to LinuxOrbit) by Harold Rodriguez, viewed in June, 2002 -- looks like a reasonable, concise introduction to compiling (focused on installing applications from source) -- the more I browse this the better it looks, includes recommendations on where to store packages (mkdir /packages), where to install programs (see aside below), and how to uninstall.

Aside: I'm not sure whether the recommendation for where to install programs (he suggests under /usr but mentions /opt) complies with the LSB (or whatever it is) -- need to check.

  • Chapter 2 (Compiling) of the ROX-Filer User Manual might provide a useful example of compiling (doesn't look like the simplest possible compile -- I'll look for that -- don't I have that written down somewhere, like:
make install

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