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The results of some testing toward getting an email server working on Church100.home

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From Windows

Hosts file

I added the following line to my c:\windows\hosts file, and then tested it via telnet:       church100 church100.home

telnet church100 and telnet church100.home both worked. I did not have to reboot windows to make the changes effective -- just saved the hosts file.

Mail from Netscape

I tried sending mail from Netscape to user02@church100PLEASENOSPAM.home without any changes to the netscape setup. I then realized this could not work, as Netscape is set up to use my ISP as the relay (SMTP) mail server. Aside: Four of the messages I sent got bounced by my ISP -- the fifth, the only one addressed as user02@192PLEASENOSPAM.168.0.100 is apparently in bit heaven -- I wonder if it would have worked if I had added ":25" to specify the port? I'm going to try to change this to something like mail.church100.home (or maybe with the IP address).

OK: It worked with the mail server set to church100.home. Now I see that a mail server setting like relay.fast.net is the FQDN of a server named relay on the domain fast.net. My mail server (for now) is a server named church100 on the domain home.

Also, note that, so far, church100 did not have to know anything about office6 -- in other words, office6 is neither in the hosts or dns files on church100. (It may be that later, as I make things more secure, it will be required that church100 be able to do a lookup (forward or reverse) on office6 -- especially in order to relay mail??)

That might work to send mail to church100 -- it will not work yet to send mail out on the Internet as the church100 mail server is not yet set to do that.

Next steps

  • Set up the pop3 server (and then (or at the same time) imap)
  • Set up postfix to relay mail to the Internet
  • If necessary, make DNS work to support that (maybe reverse lookups to the mail senders?)

Interim Summary

To make sending mail work at the church (within the local network only, so far), we must:

  • add the line:       church100 church100.home to the hosts file on each machine
  • set up a mail client (Netscape?) on each machine
    • set the mail server to church100.home (or whatever)
    • set up userids on church100 for each client (the adam and alice approach, user01, or what was it Val suggested?)

pop3 and imap server

Fortunately, they seem to be set up at least reasonably well for a start. Set Netscape (3.04 on office6) to use church100.home as the pop server and downloaded mail from church100.

Used telnet to try some things. Learned some things:

  • There are no service pop3 start (or similar, or similar for imap) commands -- use service xinetd start or whatever.
  • The port for pop3 is 110 (or pop3, not pop-3)
  • The port for imap is 143 -- haven't found a name for it that works in a telnet command so far
  • Aside: The port for postfix (or smtp) is 25, haven't looked for a name yet that works in telnet
  • I looked at the /etc/xinetd.conf file -- it's not obvious to me what starts pop3 or imap. There are files in directory /etc/xinetd.d/ including ones named pop3 and imap.
  • When telnetting into pop3, things seemed to go OK -- had to set the local echo, and logged in with user user02, pass password, and quit.
  • When telnetting into imap, I got the ready string, and had to turn local echo off (IIRC) because everything I typed was doubled. I could not manage to log in with many variations of A001 user user02 password.
  • When telnetting into smtp, things seemed like they would go OK -- got the "ready string" prefixed with 220 -- I didn't know what to do next, so I just closed the telnet session.

New summary

OK, imap and pop3 seem to work -- next steps:

  • Set up postfix to relay mail to the Internet
  • If necessary, make DNS work to support that (maybe reverse lookups to the mail senders?)
  • Set up fetchmail on a cron or ifup job to fetch mail from my ISP
  • Set up procmail in "dummy form" so I can start adding filters in the future
  • ????


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