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What is the "catch"? Nothing is FREE.

Believe it or not, there is no charge for these classes. We can only teach 14 people in a four week session. We only ask that if you wish to learn, and sign up for these classes, please show up at the church or leave a message to say that you are unable to attend, so that another person may have a chance.

Can anyone attend or is this just for church members and friends?

This is a community outreach program. It is open to anyone who wishes to learn about the Internet, as long as you are willing to attend and again show up for the classes.

Why does Christ United Methodist Church offer these classes?

Christ United Methodist Church cares about doing community outreach, and tries to provide any programs that would interest and provide a benefit to improve the quality of life. You may have seen some commercials on television about the United Methodist Church that end in - "Open Hearts", "Open Minds", and "Open Doors". This is one of the ways our church is accomplishing this.

Where did all the computers come from?

Most of our computers in our classroom have been donated to us by "Lehigh University", after purchasing new cimputer systems. Other computers have been donated by individuals. Money was donated by individuals to purchase the software licenses. While these systems are not the fastest, they do the job of giving those who attend the classes, an opportunity to have "hands on" experience.

Do these classes replace college courses or are there any college credits given for these classes?

Our classes teach very basic computer concepts that total only 12 hours of class time. These classes are not meant to take the place of any accredited college courses, nor are there any college credits given to any one who attends them. We are volunteers who love to share our computer knowledge to give those who attend class, a chance to get their "feet wet" with computers.

Is there an age limit for these classes?

There is no age limit. However, a good portion of our students are those adults, who never had any computer experience. They hear and see their children using computers and feel "lost" on one. We feel that computers are now a part of everyday life and those who do not understand them, will be missing opportunites if they do not understand what to do with a computer. Also remember that as you get older, sometimes it is harder to learn "new" stuff. No one will be an expert by the time they finish our classes, but they will feel much more confident about using a computer, and to continue to learn about them.

Why are the classes only held on a Sunday?

Some of the volunteers work during the week, and it is easier for them to teach on a Sunday. We also have some youth volunteers who attend school during the week. Perhaps as our program grows, and more people volunteer to help, we may be able to have classes at other times. We are always looking for volunteers.

Why haven't I heard about the classes before?

While this is our third year of teaching classes, our funds and time to promote these classes are limited. We have notified all of the social service agencies in the area, have displayed posters where possible, and advertised the classes in free publications such as the "Treasure Hunt". Most of the people who attend have heard about them from others who already attended and liked the program. We are always looking for ways to promote this program.

Does the church have a website or is there a way I can contact someone to answer more questions?

The church's website is - http://www.gbgm-umc.org/christeaston/index.html. You may e-mail any questions to me at this e-mail address - t.tootmalloy2@verizonPLEASENOSPAM.net.


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