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One of a series of pages to develop course design and test web pages to be used in the Outreach Program at Christ United Methodist Church in Easton, Pa.


Csic Purpose

  • To develop course design and test web pages to be used in the Outreach Program at Christ United Methodist Church in Easton, Pa.

Csic Course Design

Limit class size to the available 14 workstations.

Using all available resources - create and teach a course to make intelligent use of the Internet and e-mail simple.

Would like to create a Splash Web Page with links to Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, a Glossary Page and FAQ's.

Would like to use Powerpoint to capture a lot of the screen prints for each of the four weeks session - this may be easier than loading all as web pages and give an alternate way to present information especially with timed arrows pointing to different parts of the screens.

Have not yet decided whether to do the Twiki Pages in the first half and the Powerpoint shows in the second half of class or intertwine them. I would prefer to intertwine if I could move easily enough between the browser and the powerpoint shows. Powerpoint shows would consist of following -

  • Week One - Screen Prints of Different Web Browsers/Web Pages.
  • Week Two - Screen Prints of Different E-Mail Provider Pages.
  • Week Three - Screen Prints of Different Search Engine Pages.
  • Week Four - Screen Prints of Different Useful Links.

Would also like to hand out cd's instead of books with a tablet for them to take notes. This would save a lot of time putting books together. I would need help if I wanted to do an autostart menu.

Use the large screen stand alone setup in the acutal room to demonstrate instructions and also the webcam section, can be put by the double doors.

Csic Week One (Completed)

This is the hardest week as it sets the pace and tone for whole course.

  • Ice Breaker - Puzzle Pieces to get to know each other, also to use to visualize connecting pieces (hosts/servers) of the Internet. Would like to string these puzzles pieces together to do a visual web across top of computer room, adding on to it class by class.

  • Allow adults to get familiar with computers.

  • Promote comfortablity with teacher/helpers and physical surroundings.

  • Set ground rules for weeks to come.

  • Teach simple Internet Basics.

Csic Internet Definition (Completed)

Give the dictionary meaning for Internet. Create following (not necessary in this order) hyperlinks on webpage -

  • Who - Connects You to the Internet? (Completed)
  • What - is the Internet? (Completed)
  • Where - is the Internet? (Completed)
  • Why - the Internet? (Completed)
  • How - to see the Internet? (Completed)
  • When - to use the Internet? (Completed)

CsicBriefInternetHistory (Completed)

Would like to create a webpage with two timelines, the Internet compared to major events in US, with the years as hyperlinks.

CsicInternetConnections (Completed)

Would like to create a webpage with different providers and different speeds.

CsicUsingInternetExplorerBrowser (Completed)

Would like to create a webpage with sections of the Internet Explorer browser as hyperlinks -

  • Menu Toolbar (Completed)
  • Standard Buttons Toolbar (Completed)
  • Address Toolbar (Completed)
  • Links Toolbar (Completed)
  • Status Toolbar (Completed)

CsicWeekTwo (Completed)

  • Allow time for questions and Review.

  • Ice Breaker - Do Word Scramble

CsicEMailDefinition (Completed)

Give Dictionary meaning of E-Mail.

Create following (not necessary in this order) hyperlinks on webpage -

  • Who - Is Using Your E-mail To Make Money? (Completed)
  • What - E-Mail Programs to Use? (Completed)
  • Where - To Find E-Mail Newsgroups? (Completed)
  • Why - Use E-Mail? (Completed)
  • How - Does E-Mail Work? (Completed)
  • When - Is E-Mail Bad? (Completed)

CsicEMailComposition (Completed)

Would like a Web Page using different parts of an e-mail as hyperlinks.

  • Sending Address (Completed)
  • Subject Line (Completed)
  • Body (Completed)
  • Attachments (Completed)
  • Smiley Faces / Emoticons (Completed)
  • Netiquette (Completed)

CsicEMailOrganization (Completed)

Would like a Web Page using hyperlinks showing different ways to organize your e-mail.

  • E-Mail Folders (Completed)
  • E-Mail Address Book Entries (Completed)
  • E-Mail Address Groups (Completed)
  • E-Mail Filtering SPAM (Completed)

CsicEMailCustomization (Completed)

Would like a Web Page showing how set E-Mail program customizations.

  • E-Mail Stationery Customization. (Completed)
  • E-Mail Signature Customization. (Completed)
  • E-Mail Toolbar Customization. (Completed)
  • E-Mail Addresses and Identities Customization. (Completed)
  • E-Mail Options and Settings Customization. (Completed)

CsicWeekThree (Completed)

  • Have time for Review and Questions.

  • Ice Breaker - Type of a Scavenger Hunt Game where the people get one clue that tells them to go physically to another room in church to find another clue to do the same to find what they are searching for. Each Person would receive their own set of 3 clues to find 14 different object. If possible, each clue would narrow down the search until the last clue is very specific to where the object is located.

CsicSearchEngineDefinition (Completed)

Give Dictionary meaning of a Search Engine.

Create following (not necessary in this order) hyperlinks on webpage -

  • Who - Is Creating All The Web Pages That Search Engines Find? (Completed)
  • What - Do Keywords and Meta Tags Have to do with Search Engines? (Completed)
  • Where - Search Can Engines Not Go? (Completed)
  • Why - Check Source of Information on Web Pages that Search Engines Find? (Completed)
  • How - Many Search Engines Are There? (Completed)
  • When - Do Search Engines Fail? (Completed)

CsicPopularSearchEngines (Completed)

Would like to create a Web Page using the following Search Engines as hyperlinks, comparing differences and same features of each as well as how many web pages each indexes.

  • Google (Completed)
  • All The Web (Completed)
  • Ask Jeeves (Completed)
  • Terra Lycos (Completed)
  • AltaVista (Completed)
  • Meta Crawler (Completed)
  • Yahoo (Completed)
  • Excite (Completed)

CsicSearchEngineSearchTechniques (Completed)

Would like to create the following as hyperlinks to explain different types of searching techniques.

  • Picture Search Techniques (Completed)
  • Sound Search Techniques (Completed)
  • Movie Search Techniques (Completed)
  • Keyword and Keyphrase Search Techniques (Completed)
  • Boolean Command Search Techniques (Completed)
  • Advanced Builder Search Techniques (Completed)

CsicReasonsForUsingSearchEngines (Completed)

Would like to create a page with following hyperlinks to demonstrate the many different reasons to use a Search Engine.

  • Ancestry and Family Trees (Completed)
  • Credit Reports (Completed)
  • Company and Product Reviews (Completed)
  • Colleges and Online Learning Programs (Completed)
  • Entertainment and Games (Completed)
  • Hospital, Doctors, Prescriptions and Medical Research (Completed)
  • Politicians and Legislation (Completed)
  • Airplane Flights, Bus Schedules and Travel Packages (Completed)

CsicWeekFour (Completed)

  • Questions and Review
  • Ice Breaker - Find a Word Puzzle to complete at home
  • Hand out Certificates
  • Hand out Evaluation Forms
  • Hand out a Favorite Link Page

CsicOtherThingsToKnowAboutTheInternet (Completed)

Create following (not necessary in this order) hyperlinks on webpage.

  • Who - Put Cookies On Your System? (Completed)
  • What - Do Web Page Internet Errors Mean? (Completed)
  • Where - Are All Those WebCams? (Completed)
  • Why - Do You Need Browser PlugIns? (Completed)
  • How - Does File Sharing Work? (Completed)
  • When - Can You Shop Online Safely? (Completed)

CsicUsingHelpfulInternetUtilityPrograms (Completed)

Create a Web Page using different Anti Virus Programs, Firewall Programs, Spyware, PopUp Stopper, and Zip/UnZip programs as links.

  • Using Anti Virus Utility Programs (Completed)
  • Using Firewall Utility Programs (Completed)
  • Using Spyware Utility Programs (Completed)
  • Using Stop Pop Up Windows Utility Programs (Completed)
  • Using Zip/Unzip Utility Programs (Completed)

CsicDownloadingMultimediaAndPrograms. (Completed)

Create a webpage using following as links.

  • Dangers of Downloading Multimedia and Programs. (Completed)
  • Advantages of Downloading Multimedia and Programs. (Completed)
  • Downloading Several Types of Multimedia and Programs. (Completed)
  • Ways to Download Multimedia and Programs. (Completed)
  • Websites to Download Multimedia and Programs. (Completed)

CsicProgramUpdatesAndSystemManagement (Completed)

Create a Web Page using following as hyperlinks.

  • Windows Critical Program Updates (Completed)
  • Other Software Program Updates (Completed)
  • Using Backup System Management Programs (Completed)
  • Using Disk Cleanup, ScanDisk, and Defrag Disk System Management Programs (Completed)


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