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Deciding if Linux is Right for You

Updated: Apr 2003. This HOWTO to is meant for you if you are considering the Linux operating system, or wondering whether Linux has what you want in comparison to what you are currently using.

Aside: This is an experimental WikiLearn page to work out how we might use WikiLearn (or a dedicated TWiki) with the LDP. Hence, there are a lot of editorial comments on this page. If you have read the HOWTO, and do have a comment, please add it on this page regardless of the experimental state — seeing the types of comments that are made may help us "resolve" the experimental nature of the page.

The HOWTO was written based on the 2.24 Linux kernel, KDE 3.0.1, and GNOME 1.4. I just made that up in an attempt to possibly provide some additional information to judge potential staleness. Perhaps because of the (presumed) fairly general nature of this HOWTO, the information is not as useful here as it might be for some other HOWTOs. On the other hand (disclaimer: I have not read the Deciding-Linux-HOWTO), if by chance the author of the HOWTO makes a point of saying something like, "if you need the collapsible outlining feature of Word, it is not available in AbiWord", it could be useful to say that the document is based on AbiWord 2.0 with the thought that collapsible outlining might become available in some later version of AbiWord. (It is an RFE -- if collapsible outlining would help you, you can go to AbiWord's bugzilla (http://bugzilla.abisource.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4038) and vote for the feature. You are allowed 30 votes, but they (AbiWord) have some guidelines on voting — until you (or I) find and (re-)read those guidelines, I wouldn't apply more than 15 votes, and perhaps 5 would be more "polite".)


  • the Deciding-Linux-HOWTO is not actually on this WikiLearn page, it is available at:
  • this WikiLearn page is intended as an (experimental) feedback mechanism — if you read the HOWTO and find any problems, please record them on this page. This will help:
    • the next reader of the HOWTO, who may be better able to judge whether the HOWTO in its present state will be useful
    • the author of the HOWTO, who will be able to address the problems in the next revision of the document

BTW, the author of this HOWTO has authorized the creation of this WikiLearn page and will check it occasionally, and specifically, before the next revision in order to incorporate appropriate feedback in the next revision of the HOWTO. Re this statement: I'd plan to put a statement like this, or the opposite ("the author ... has not authorized ...") on each WikiLearn HOWTO page (or on the "table of contents" page), with something like the author's email address (obfuscated) or some other means of contacting the author to provide feedback (if such exists), or if the author cannot be contacted (i.e., the ldp has not been able to contact him), a note to that effect.

Aside: In addition, if a comment on this page poses a question, and you are able to answer the question, your answer may (as above) help the next reader of the document and the author





I should revise this -- presumably most of the additions on a page that is intended only for comments would have each comment attributed. If the HOWTO is "published" on WikiLearn, this section may be somewhat appropriate (especially if the HOWTO is published on multiple pages instead of one big page). Maybe I need instructions here (or a link to a page of instructions) on preferred ways of commenting (and signing) on WikiLearn.

  • () RandyKramer - 20 Nov 2003
  • If you edit this page: add your name here; move this to the next line; and if you've used a comment marker (your initials in parenthesis), include it before your WikiName.

Revision Comment

Since this is turning into an annotated experiment, I should explain what my intent was (is?) for this. On most WikiLearn pages (other than LDP HOWTOs), the intent is to let the reader who may have come to this page via the recent changes page know what changed in the most recent revision, to help him decide whether he wants to reread the page, call up the diffs page, or neither. Ideally, the most recent line would be displayed on the recent changes page, but that requires changes to the TWiki program which are not "actively" planned at this time. We (anybody) could make this section appear on the recent changes page by including it within the first 162 characters on the page, I may attempt that just to see if it can be useful. (The drawback would be if there was not enough general information to explain the general intent / content of the page, but maybe that it is solved by the title of the page.

  • %DATE% —

Comments on the use of TWiki for HOWTOs

how do you prevent someone from messing this up really bad?

For Rahul, I should apologize and try to explain: the above is his comment, but the RCS record of this page records it as my comment due to a (transient, but occasionally recurring) problem with TWiki as installed on Sourceforge. In the opinion of PeterThoeny (see LostRevisions), the RCS record was probably lost because (IIUC) when Rahul saved his changes, there was insufficient temporary space on one of the Sourceforge servers.

Comments (via Plugin)

I'm going to see if the comment plugin is installed on twiki.org, and, if so, try to "invoke" it here.

Some related points:

  • I suspect, but am not sure, that comments made via the plugin will not trigger a "record" on the Recent Changes (WebChanges).
  • I will want to put a note somewhere to the effect that I (and others), will, without remorse, hesitation, or second thoughts, delete comments that are whatever (obscene, libelous (sp?), not constructive (or with no content -- a general this document is no good is useless, perhaps one referencing a specific section with some hint as to why it's not good has some content / value). Actually, the note applies to comments via the plugin or via "real" editing.

_Ok, I guess the comment plugin is not installed at twiki.org. It does work at Yale:Sandbox.TestComments and I think I've convinced myself comments work even without edit privileges. (Will double check.)_

Page Ratings

This should probably be deleted or changed. On "normal" WikiLearn pages, it is intended as an indicator of the quality of the page. If the HOWTO is actually published on WikiLearn, a system of ratings something like this may be useful. If the page is only for the collection of feedback, it is probably always in a state of "scribbles" and I'm not sure it is neccessary to say that.

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Topic revision: r5 - 2003-11-24 - RandyKramer
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