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My ISP, like many, offers a personal web site with a web account. I didn't try to set up the web site until recently -- keeping notes of my experience.

Note: I don't actually plan to use this as a web site at this time, but rather as an ftp interchange point so that people can send me attachments larger than I want to handle by mail. For now, anybody ftp'ing a file would need my userid and password (for the web site) so it's use will be limited. At some point I may investigate allowing anonymous ftp to the site.

See AboutThesePages.



URL for ftp transfers:

URL for web site:

Some FastNet documentation:

Uploading or Downloading Files via ftp

You must use a "real" ftp client, not, for example, Internet Explorer or some other web browser (at least that's the way I interpret their instructions, I haven't tried using IE, but may at some point). One free ftp client for windows is wsftp, see next section. (For Linux I like to use ncftp -- see UsingFtpBeginner or UsingFtpReminder.)

Getting ws_ftp

Do a google search on ws_ftp.exe or try one of these sites: Note: This is an older version of wsftp -- IIUC, the current version is "for pay" version with some kind of free trial -- I haven't attempted the free trial.

Installing ws_ftp

Before you start the installation think about the directories you want to use -- you will be asked to specify where ws_ftp should be installed (maybe someplace like C:\"Program Files"\ws_ftp) and the default local directory (i.e., on your machine) where you will upload and download files. That can easily be changed later, as each time you start a connection (click Connect), you will have a chance to modify the configuration.

After downloading ws_ftp.exe, click on it to start the installation process. Near the beginning you will be asked some questions to "qualify" you for free use. I don't remember the exact questions and answers, but I answered something like I was an "ordinary" person, using ws_ftp at home, for personal use, and I qualified.

Near the end of the installation, you will be able to do the configuration -- see next section.

Configuring ws_ftp

During the installation, you will do the configuration. You can easily change it later, as each time you start a connection (click Connect), you will have a chance to modify the configuration.

Here are the settings that worked for me. (Note that I am behind a NAT gateway / firewall, and at least one answer may be different if you are not.)

On the General tab:

  • Profile Name: Fastnet <anything you want>
  • Host Name / Address: ftp.users.fast.net
  • Host Type: Automatic Detect <this worked for me, don't see why it shouldn't for anybody else connecting to fast.net>
  • UserID: <website_userid> <the userid for your website on FastNet, without the angle brackets>
  • Password: ****** wink <the password for my website on FastNet>
  • Account: <leave blank>
  • Comment: <anything you want>
  • Anonymous: <uncheck this>
  • Save Pwd: <uncheck this -- it's more secure if you don't save it, especially on Windows>

Click Apply.
Switch to the Startup tab:

  • Initial Remote Site Folder: /
  • Initial Local Folder: <pick the folder where you want to upload / download files)

Click Apply.
Switch to the Advanced tab:

  • Passive Transfers: <this is what I had to check because I was behind a NAT gateway (most people have the dialup modem on the Windows computer and this does not apply)>

Click Apply.
Click OK.

Test by downloading "temp1.txt"

Click on temp1.txt in the right hand panel, drag it to the destination folder in the left hand panel and drop it, wait for it to download.

Take a look at the file -- it should be readable but may not have line breaks at the proper places (depending on what you open it with).

Upload (or Download) your Files

For pictures (and executable files, zips, etc.), make sure the Binary radio button is selected (see the three buttons under the panels -- ASCII, Binary, and Auto).

Then, just drag and drop files between the local and remote "panes" of the wsftp window.

One caution -- even though my FastNet website is supposed to hold 20 megabytes (MB), there is a note that says ftp transfers are limited to 5 MB each. (It looks like an older note as it seems to be contradicted somewhere else, but you might want to try files smaller than 5 MB first, and if files bigger than 5 MB don't work, split them into smaller files.)


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