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Just recognizing the need to have a page that discusses the allowable file names on different file systems (as of today, this page has no useful content). Intend to also include the filename delimiters (":" and "\" on dos/Windows, "/" on Linux (Unix), and ?? on Mac, maybe others -- should also deal with UNC and translating to/from UNC from any of the others). Should I deal with things like VMS, etc. (do I remember any of that (no) -- does anyone still need it (probably)).

Hmm, should I also cover allowable file names for things like Joliet and the other varieties of CD recording? Yes, I think so.

See AboutThesePages.




At least two varieties -- 8.3 and the long filenames (only one convention? Does Unicode come into play?)



(More than one variety, or does the new Mac basically follow the rules of Linux / Unix?)


Universal (file -- oops, no, I guess it's at least files and computers) Naming Convention

Joliet CDs

??? CDs



I've read these, possibly not thoroughly or completely, but enough to believe that they are very useful generally for the subject of this page:

Recommended for Specific Needs

I've read parts (or all) of these, possibly not thoroughly or completely, but enough to believe that they are useful for specific items related to the subject of this page:

Skimmed or Visited Briefly

I have not read these thoroughly, and certainly not enough to list them as recommended, but I list them here as they may be useful, and for further evaluation in the future:

Recommended by Others

These links have been recommended to me, or I've found reference to them, but haven't read them (possibly haven't even visited them):


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