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Since I am always trying to encourage people to help with WikiLearn, I guess I should write something about how I intend to write and arrange pages. This is my latest very rough attempt at doing this. (AboutThesePages and WhyWikiLearn and some pages on my home TWiki are also relevant.

See AboutThesePages.


Bullet List of Intentions

  • Beginner and Reminder pages (see AboutThesePages)
  • Installing and Using pages (see AboutThesePages)
  • A common naming convention -- currently this is not done well -- see next item
  • TOC pages that use an inline search (anchored to beginning of page titles) to list all pages relevant to a subject (see GaleonTOC) -- naming convention must support this but I have some pages with, e.g., Galeon at the beginning, and other pages UsingFtpReminder with the name of the software product smack dab in the middle -- need more thought about how to approach this -- the TOC page might have a brief description of the product, but the intent is that it is mainly a TOC page, and in general should not include a list of resources, notes, contributors etc. (The GaleonTOC page is probably a reasonable example.)
  • If I find a good tip in an email, do one of:
    • Paraphrase it in my own words, consider listing the author as a contributor, or acknowledging him in some other way. (In some circumstances I won't add the author as a contributor -- examples: if the tip is super obvious and all the email did was to remind me of something I already knew, <more later>
    • Quote all or part of the email with proper attribution
    • Post a link to the email in the archives (or enough identifying info to allow the email to be searched for in the archives)
  • Capitalization is important:
    • A TWiki page name must start with a capital (even if I break other rules -- I would like to change this restriction)
    • A TWiki page name, to be automatically linked, must start with one or more capitals, followed by one or more lower case, followed by one or more capitals followed by any alphanumeric character (I don't really care about automatic linking -- some day I'd like to make a clone of TWiki that does not use automatic linking)
    • I have one page in TWiki that, on statistics, displays a blank file name -- it is a popular enough page that it keeps getting ranked high in the statistics, but I don't know what the page name is or what the problem is. I thought maybe it started with a numeral, or maybe it starts with some punctuation.
  • So, with that said about capitalization:
    • Even if a command name is lower case, I will upper case it in a WikiLearn page name. I may lowercase it on the page, even if it is at the beginning of a sentence. (I've done it both ways -- need to decide which makes the most sense.)
    • In general, uppercase acronymns used as prefixes will be shown as one uppercase letter followed by lower case letters in a wiki page name, so that the beginning of the next term in the page name is obvious. For example, if I prefixed a page named Membership with IEEE, the page name would be IeeeMembership. There can be an exception for the last suffix in a page name, but with the ever present possibility of adding new pages with added suffixes, how do I know in advance that it is the last suffix. Or, could there be some advantage in changing the case of the previous last suffix when I add a new one? (A bad made up example to consider: I have GaleonTOC. If I somehow need to split that into say, old and new pages, should I do GaleonTOCNew, or GaleonTocNew, or ??
    • Tentatively, I will always uppercase TOC
    • <more_later>
  • Pages named "from two directions" -- in other words, some pages and page names will focus on specific tools and what they can do (like GaleonTOC, etc.), other pages will be named based on tasks (like PartitionADisk) and try to provide a bridge from desired tasks to tools available to do the job.


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