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Sorry for the copycatting -- somebody already maintains a Hall of Shame (or maybe several people maintain several Hall of Shames, but I'm pretty sure there is one for HTML also).

Just starting to list some web sites that are "ugly" in some sense. In general, my intent is to notify anybody on this list soon, ideally before I put their site on this list, but I already have several entries I plan to add before such notification.




Lines that Don't Wrap to the Width of the Window

This is the thing that I hate the most. Well, that's only true because of my "patented" T3 Browsing Method that allows me to (usually) avoid waiting for slow pages. There are at least two slightly distinct problems which cause lines not to wrap to the width of the viewing window.:

  • Pages with lines that just plain will not wrap at anything other than the predetermined length of the line. Example: At least some of the pages that Google creates to allow viewing a non-HTML page as HTML (kudos to them for that), typically with lines formatted something like this:


  • Pages with lines that will wrap to the width of the window, but which contain some special material (a graphic, table, link, or "quoted" material that should not wrap), but without taking special pains to allow the normal text to wrap. (I need some good examples of sites that do accomplish that, and perhaps discuss the things that can be done with TWiki markup to get the best results (the difference between verbatim, pre, and "=" TWiki markup.)

  • Google — kudos (again) to Google for making (some?) non-HTML pages viewable as HTML, but the HTML they create does not wrap to the width of the window (at least that created from ps and/or pdf files) (need to pin down a little better).

  • LWN — The LWN HTML markup does allow lines to wrap to the width of the window, but on their one big page format (example) there is something that forces the width of the page to be larger than something that fits on an 800x600 screen (with my preferred font).

  • WML: Website Meta Language — This is one of the more "dangerous" sites, in that they create and distribute tools to create other web sites — if those websites all have the same problem ... frown Here's how they create non-wrappable text (at least I think this is an example of the key HTML, but I am just taking a shot -- there might be a stylesheet or something similar causing the problem:

= WML consists of a control frontend driving up to nine backends in a sequential pass-oriented filtering scheme. Each backend provides one particular core language. For maximum power WML additionally ships with a well-suited set of include files which provide higher-level features built on top of the backends core languages.

Slow Pages

Again, like for lines that won't wrap to the width of the window, there are various ways of achieving slow loading pages. The most typical (I think) are pages with many graphics or just super long pages, perhaps of plain text.

Special Mention: Short but Slow Text Pages

  • TWiki -- there are a lot of good things about TWiki, including the flexibility to allow text to wrap to the width of the window, but, in its default installation it is slow, especially so when your waiting that long for short, plain text pages. There are workarounds to the slowness, including things like mod-perl and caching the static "rendered" pages (with plugin tools to support creating those pages).


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