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I named this page this way to perhaps catch Peter Thoeny's eye.

I'm starting to do more editing of Wikilearn in Linux using Konqueror (2.2.1, under KDE 2.2.1, under Mandrake 8.1).

I may be starting to notice a problem with the way Konqueror caches pages, and it may be that what IE5 does is really better, even though we currently (in discussions on Codev) think of it as a bug.

Anyway, I don't know enough about the problem to articulate it very well at all, I will make an attempt below. This page is also intented to serve as a test page to try to understand the behavior better so I can articulate it better.

What (I think) I've seen, once:

In Konqueror, if I'm in the process of editing or previewing a page (haven't yet saved it), and I lose my connection to the Internet, when it is restored I cannot complete the save, or go back to the edit page with my previous changes, thus I lose the changes I made. Since this has only happened once, I've really lost track of exactly what I did, so I will test by making edits on this page, then leave the page either on the edit page or on the preview page, wait until I am disconnected, then reconnect and try to complete the preview save process. I will try other variations -- it may be that the problem only arises when I discover that I am disconnected by trying to preview or save.

In IE, I've never noticed this problem (IIRC) and I've used IE on TWiki (or other wikis) for quite a while.

So, I'll save this now, then come back and add something, and leave the page on the edit page.


  • RandyKramer - 26 Jan 2002
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