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Just recording some questions I asked in an email to newbie@linux-mandrakePLEASENOSPAM.com -- I created the email on a Linux box under Mandrake and could not send it, so I used TWiki to copy and paste it back to a Windows box and sent it from there.)


  • How do I create additional IMAP folders and make them "visible" from another computer running an IMAP mail client? (I can see the inbox on the server from the client computer.)(See "Background" below)

  • Anybody know of a good concise reference on IMAP, especially one that might touch on the above?


I've got a local email server running (finally wink ), and am using procmail to do a few things, including filtering mail into different folders on the email server. (Under my user directory, /home/dad/mail.)

I've tried a few different IMAP email clients (primarily from Mandrake 8.2 -- Mozilla 0.9.8, KMail, Sylpheed (well it never comes up) and Mohagany 0.64-2 on Windows) -- so far I can't see any of those other folders from a client computer. (I can see the inbox on the server from the client computer.) (I haven't tried an IMAP client on the server yet.)

Is there something special I must do to make a folder visible to an IMAP client? What? Must the folders be below, for example, /var/spool/mail(/dad) instead of /home/dad/mail to be visible to IMAP?

thanks, Randy Kramer

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