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A list or notes about some interesting computer related stuff being developed, with resources.

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Remembrance Agents

From: Remembrance Agents: Because serendipity is too important to be left to chance...

What is the RA?

Remembrance Agents are a set of applications that watch over a user's shoulder and suggest information relevant to the current situation. While query-based memory aids help with direct recall, remembrance agents are an augmented associative memory. For example, the word-processor version of the RA continuously updates a list of documents relevant to what's being typed or read in an emacs buffer. These suggested documents can be any text files that might be relevant to what you are currently writing or reading. They might be old emails related to the mail you are currently reading, or abstracts from papers and newspaper articles that discuss the topic of your writing.

We are experimenting with remembrance agents in word processors, web browsers, and on wearable computers. The word-processor version works in Emacs and XEmacs, and can be downloaded below.

One example of a remembrance agent is described in the first link below. It is a web browser with a fairly wide black margin on the right. As you browse the web, it searches a set of databases (possibly that relate personally to you (for example, emails that you've sent or received), or that are more general (for example, all emails, possibly in some category, like newsgroups) to suggest links to other resources that may be "helpful" (whatever "helpful" might mean -- perhaps variable depending on some parameters you set? (Don't know that that is part of the intention yet or not.)

I found a link to remembrance agents from another page on TWiki, possibly in Codev. Conceivably, the database we're creating on WikiLearn could be useful in such a system. (After all, it is intended to be my "remembrance agent".)

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