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Recording notes about how I configured kde 3.1.0 (on a Mandrake 9.1 system) so that I can transfer the configuration to other systems.

A primary driver for this page is that I will now have (or plan to) have a workstation using Mandrake 9.1 and one using Knoppix 3.2, I'd like most things to look and behave the same, with perhaps a few visual differences to help me remember which system I'm working on. (Ideally, both systems will be accessed from an X terminal, with windows from both machines on the same desktop. (Actually, the Mandrake 9.1 system will be both the X terminal and one of the workstations, the reasons for the second workstation include less risk of crashing because I will have fewer windows open on (from) each system, and the Knoppix system (which is Debian) will be upgraded to KDevelop 3.1 and used for development — if it crashes I'll still have the other system for other activities (won't lose the work on that system).

Farther aside: I chose to do development on system5 because it has twice as much memory as system 12 (512 MB vs. 300 MB). However, so far, knoppix seems to use twice as much memory for about the same number and type of tasks (12 windows running konqueror, far fewer tabs on the knoppix system, 1 kmail window). (I am running root on knoppix at the moment, will see what happens when I switch to a user account.) WUWT (What's Up With That?)?

This page is more focused on appearance related things (bright enough colors to see, readable fonts, preferred behavior, etc.). I'm ignoring the things like setting up the network (with two (or more) NICs and so forth (all on 192.168.0.), allowing access to all machines on 192.168.0.), etc. That is / will be covered on <later>.




In any case, one of the first steps is to install the freely distibutable Microsoft True Type Fonts — see <later>. (Configuration -> KDE -> System -> Font Installer)

Configuration -> KDE -> LookNFeel ->

Theme Manager
not really sure of what to choose here, it was at default, I'll try leaving it there.
It was at default, but that matched Galaxy, I renamed Galaxy to M91Galaxy and then went looking to see if a file was created — it was, at <later>./home/rhk/.kde/share/apps/kdisplay/color-schemes/M91Galaxy.kcsrc, so I need to copy this to a new system (as I could not find the Galaxy [theme | style | color scheme] on my Knoppix 3.2 install (system5). I've also got Widget Color set to "Standard Background", Contrast set to approximately 70% (a guess based on slider position), and "Apply colors to non-KDE applications" checked.
is set to "Galaxy", "no description available" (I hope that information is transferred with the M91Galaxy.ksrc file mentioned above.
Windows Decorations
Redmond (almost the same as KDE2)
Sans font, 10 pt., text color white (FFFFFF), background black (000000), underline filenames is not checked (I may want to change that). (My font colors in most cases are black on white with few exceptions -- one place is the window titlebar where it is white on blue — not sure what these settings affect.
Windows Behavior
Darn, this is a pain, I wonder if there is one (or a few) file(s) that I can copy from this system to capture all my default settings. I didn't look at this carefully, there are a lot of possible settings, and I don't recall changing any, but that doesn't mean that the same settings will be the default in Knoppix (3.2). Or, in lieu of a file to transfer, a copyable list somewhere that I could paste in a TWiki page and then record all my settings. I think I'll ask on a low traffic mail list (do I know of one anymore?).

I'll skip (for now) the pages where I don't think I made any changes, and go on to fonts.

"Fixed Width" is set to "Monospace 10", all other fonts are "Sans 10"; "Use anti-aliasing for fonts" is set, but with no "Exclude range" or "Use sub-pixel hinting" (I should experiment with those -- many fonts don't look as good as I'd like (maybe moreso in konqueror or kmail — the menu and tab fonts don't look bad)
Multiple Desktops
Set to 8, BLT, SF, Pr, TW, WL, Ma, X, Wo (left to right in two rows — I think it's unfortunate that the other thingie works top to bottom in multiple columns — if they both worked the same it would be more consistent for the user (as it is, it's just another souce of cognitive dissonance, to what purpose??)
Length 100%, "Expand as required to fit contents" is checked (is that meaningful), Size is Custom, 48 pixels.
Hide Automatically, Immediately, No Animation
Quick Start Menu now set to 0 (was 5, didn't bother me), Menu Item format is "Name only", Quick Browser is set to show hidden files, max 30 entries
Hmm, and I like the fact that this multiply nested "definition" thingie worked — is it documented or undocumented (such that it may disappear in a future version of TWiki?)
Uses Mandrake slides, I didn't change anything, but the dialog is too tall to fit on an 800x600 screen.

There are other dialogs / settings. Enough for now. (until I find a more convenient way to record / transfer this stuff from one system to another.

Aside: On Knoppix I did have to (after the install to hard disk) change the keyboard layout from German (de) to American English, on <later>.


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