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General and Some Experiments

<quoted from Advogato, http://www.advogato.org/article/242.html >

Some of this already works in KDE 2, posted 11 Feb 2001 by tackat>

What if the Unix GUI didn't need a mouse? What if every application could be controlled solely with the keyboard?

This is already possible in KDE 2 for a long time via DCOP. Fire up kwrite (make sure you don't have two kwrites there at the same time -- otherwise you have to add the pid to those commands) and type into your favourite xterm:


 dcop kwrite KWriteIface insertText 'Windows rocks!' true 

 dcop kwrite KWriteIface setCursorPosition 0 8 true 

 dcop kwrite KWriteIface insertText 'sux! KDE ' true 

 dcop kwrite KWriteIface shiftHome 

 dcop kwrite KWriteIface writeFile 'conquer_your_desktop.txt' 


or check your Mail using KMail by entering:

 dcop kmail KMailIface checkMail 

or bind the command "dcop kdesktop KScreensaverIface lock" to your "Pause"-key using kmenuedit. That way you can start kscreensaver by pressing the "Pause"-key.

To explore the possibilities you might want to use kdcop.

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