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Kde Panel on Multiple Heads, aka:

Windows Toolbar on Multiple Heads

MacIntosh <whatever> on Multiple Heads

Similar for other OSs, Desktop and Window Managers, etc.

Just recording my wishlist item that there be an option to have the KDE panel appear on each head (or selected heads) of a multi-head display.



Comparison to Existing Options

This is in contrast to the options which exist in the version of kde I'm using (3.4.2), which include displaying the panel on any specific head, or spread across multiple heads.

Setup Specifics

I use two heads, physically and logically side by side, with the panel at the top of what I consider my primary (display) head.) I'd prefer to display the entire panel on each head.

If I (or someone) uses some different configuration (e.g., 4 heads in a 2 x 2 configuration), other options might be appropriate (like have the panel optionally displayed on any of those heads). If I used a 2 x 2 configuration, I suspect I'd want the panel displayed on each of the heads, but possibly on the top of the bottom two, and the bottom of the top two.

Use Cases

Although there are many uses for this, one of the first ones for me is being able to access the klipper "pulldown" easily on whichever head I'm currently "working". (Maybe in the meantime, I'll find a way to put a duplicate klipper <something> on each head.)

Idea not specific to KDE

This shouldn't be read as a suggestion specific to KDE (although I wrote it that way)--it is applicable to any operating system (or part thereof) that uses (or includes, or allows) something like the KDE panel.

To be somewhat more specific, Windows does include such a thing, I think they call it the toolbar (and this is from back as far as Windows 95--I forget about Windows 3.1, but do recall the GUI was quite a bit different, so it might not have existed in 3.1).

Most of (all?) the Linux window / desktop managers have something similar (something that, for example, exists on the display (but may sometimes be hidden, either obscured by other "windows" or "auto-hidden") and may help you to, among other things, invoke other programs by displaying a menu (on demand), or icons (the systray and similar), switch between multiple desktops, view various information (a clock, the date, ...).

(Note: Exact capabilities can certainly vary, and do not necessarily include all of these items, even if all are available on the system (this applies to any system, listed here or not.)

Even the MacIntosh, from what little I remember of it (I probably remember, hmm, was it Ada (darn), better.

Why I'm recording this at all

  • partly because to me (in the position of needing/wanting it--necessity is the mother of invention, after all) it is an obvious development and should never become subject to a pat-ent (intentionally obfuscated--why encourage someone)
  • I suppose I should use the word "plurality" (a plurality of occurrences) in this description to be sure it is considered valid "prior art" wink

Why not on bugs.kde.org

Why I haven't (so far, iirc--i.e., unless I did it some time ago and have forgotten it) reported it on the kde bugs / wish list (bugs.kde.org):

  • it's hard to find the best place (apparently, nowadays the best place might be under Plasma, or, at least, what used to be the panel-devel mail list has become (or been replaced by) the plasma-devel mail list
  • I suspect items get deleted from that list for other than the reason that the suggestion has been implemented (I'm 99.9% sure I've reported bugs or suggestions before, but when I recently asked to view "my bugs" (or whatever), it reported none (one such reason might be that bugs / wishes are reported against a specific version of kde, and at some point in time may be purged based on that being an old version)
  • you must report them against a currently active version of kde--I tried to report it against the version I'm currently using (kde 3.4.2) and the software told me to basically install a newer version.


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