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%SECTION{summary}%There are a variety of ways to denote keyboard shortcuts. This page is intended to record those, and propose my own variation.




There are a variety of notations used to denote keyboard shortcuts.

Here are several ways to denote the keyboard shortcut: "hold down the control key, press and release x, release the control key, and finally press and release y"

  • Wordstar style (??): <ctrl>x, y the style I'm most used to and prefer (from WordStar / qedit)
  • X resource file syntax: Ctrl<Key>x, <Key>y
  • Emacs style: C-x, y

Other shortcuts may require holding down more than one modifier while pressing the first key of a multikey sequence:

  • <ctrl<alt>x, y
  • Ctrl Alt<Key>x, <Key>y
  • C-A-x, y (??)

Or holding down one or more modifier keys while pressing an entire multikey sequence:

  • <ctrl<alt>x, <ctrl<alt>y
  • Ctrl Alt<Key>x, Ctrl Alt<Key>y
  • C-A-x, C-A-y (??)

After my learning experiences with keyboard shortcuts in Nedit, the last is the style of shortcut I currently recommend. Since I will need to use it fairly often, I plan to use a slightly modified and shortened notation for such shortcuts — note the parenthesis around "x, y":

  • <ctrl><alt>(x, y)

Note that the syntax in the X resources file must still be:

  • Ctrl Alt<Key>x, Ctrl Alt<Key>y


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