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The Cardinal 2450V42 modem is a 2400 bps (2.4 kbps) hardware modem with jumpers for setting.




From http://www.embeddedlogic.com/TH99/t/txt/52279.txt (more on that page, re registers, etc.)


2400V42 (INTERNAL), 2450V42 (INTERNAL)

Card Type                    Modem (asynchronous)
Chip Set                     Unidentified
Maximum Data Rate            2400bps
Data Bus                     8-bit ISA
Data Modulation Protocol     Bell 103/212A

                             ITU-T V.21, V.22, V.22bis
Error Correction/Compression MNP5, V.42, V.42bis

                            SERIAL PORT ADDRESS
   Setting      IRQ     SW1/A       SW1/B      SW1/C       SW1/D
  COM1 (3F8h)    4      Closed     Closed      Closed       Open
  COM2 (2F8h)    3       Open      Closed       Open       Closed
  COM3 (3E8h)    4      Closed      Open       Closed       Open
  COM4 (2E8h)    3       Open       Open        Open       Closed

        Setting                   P3
           2               Pins 2 & 3 closed
           5               Pins 1 & 2 closed
  Disabled IRQ2 & IRQ5           Open


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