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I see the need for a Mozilla Manager running as a separate program / process to aid in recovery of previously open windows / tabs after Mozilla crashes (which it does).

UPDATE: In the response to the bug I posted on bugzilla, I got a reply that led me to a Mozilla manager written as a Java script (or javascript??) -- had the page open to record here, but experienced another Mozilla crash before adding it, so have temporarily lost it. Since it requires Java, and Mozilla on Mandrake (9.0) does not come with Java preinstalled, and I'm not likely to install Java myself in the near future, it doesn't do me a lot of good. (I wonder if the Mozilla in Knoppix comes with Java preinstalled -- could be a reason to switch.)

See also MozillaMultipleInstances which talks about my bugs getting marked as duplicates and the "forcefulness" of at least one of the replies when I decided it was not a duplicate and attempted to reopen the original bug.

I guess I feel the need to expound upon the necessity of this a little bit. Why not just fix the bugs that cause the crashes? So far I've found two different causes for crashing -- one seems to be related to the number of windows / tabs open (or memory used, or something similar) and one seems to be related to problems opening specific web pages.

I believe that no matter how hard the Mozilla developers try, there will always be something that causes Mozilla to crash under some circumstances.

Now, unfortunately, because Mozilla seems to run a single instance of the program, the cost of a crash is high -- all my open windows and tabs close, and, if I've been editing TWiki pages (or similar) I lose all of that work in progress.



Mozilla Manager

Update: I reported these as bugs (RFEs) 190716 and 190718. (I tried searching before reporting and didn't find anything that was a duplicate, but I apparently did a lousy job searching. (IIRC, I searched on "instan" and "manage"). Based on the followup notes added to my bug reports, the following bugs are similar or related:

  • 190716: 19454, 36810
  • 190718: 40109, 61942 (not), 63004, 135137

If you read those you will find many other bug numbers cited. And, you will get thoroughly confused, just like I think the Mozilla developers are (seemingly, anyway).

_PS: Here's a sample URL: http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=135137_

I have covered the following issues elsewhere -- I don't know if I've actually filed a bug / RFE, but I'll try again today. (It may be that Mozilla refused to accept my bug because I was (am) not using the latest and greates Mozilla -- at least some open source projects have done that).

  • On Linux, at least, no matter how I start Mozilla, there is only one instance of the application (no matter how many windows and / or tabs are open). When Mozilla crashes (which it does, for at least two separate reasons), all open Mozilla windows and tabs close. Since I sometimes have a large number of tabs and windows open (150 ??), when they close, I lose a lot of "context".

  • See previous item. Because Mozilla crashes, and when it crashes it closes all open windows and tabs, there is a need for a Mozilla "manager" which runs as a separate program and process which keeps track of windows and tabs open and what they are open to, where the page is scrolled, where the cursor is postioned, and, in the case of a text box and/or form, the text that has been entered. In general, it should allow me to restart all previously opened windows and tabs after a Mozilla crash to their previous state, with some manual intervention to avoid reopening the window or tab that may have caused the crash. When someone is ready to work on such a manager I will be happy to provide some additional thoughts -- some quick ones:
    • Some monitoring tools, so that if total open windows or tabs or memory used is an indicator of an iminent crash, the user can monitor and avoid the problem. (Some crashes seem to be related to having a large number of windows/tabs open, some others seem to be related to opening a specific page with presumably some problem.)
    • An interface with a series of checkboxes for each previously open window and tab with the idea that all windows and tabs with the checkbox checked are restored by the press of a button
    • A means to store multiple "profiles" (really, past sessions), so that if you crash with 150 windows open, crash again as you are restoring those 150 windows (but possibly have only opened say 5 of the old ones but also opened 5 new ones), you don't lose the information on the 150 older windows (nor the information on the 10 (or 5) newer windows
    • If possible, some indication of what Mozilla was doing last (i.e., just before it crashed) -- which window / tab was it opening -- that may help pinpoint a specific web page with content that causes a crash (and lead to resolution of some specific Mozilla problem)
    • NEW ITEM: There are other situations where Mozilla and all other windows freeze / lockup. In that case, I'd like to have a LinuxTaskManager (see). Like that, it would be helpful if the Mozilla manager could be called up from a virtual terminal and allow me to kill windows / tabs one at a time while recognizing which window / tab contained which URL (at least) so that I could try to do the least "damage" possible.


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