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A page to collect my thoughts on organizing TWiki by (multi-level) webs versus by the parent/child "bread crumb trail".

My impression is that Main.PeterTheony prefers the bread crumb trail approach, and TWiki may therefore never support multi-level webs to the extent I would like. This page is to help me decide whether (and how) I can live with that?




I can finally articulate one objection to organizing pages by the parent/child relationship and bread crumb trail.

Unless you do something like establish a page naming convention and then use a TWiki.FormattedSearch you can't (easily?) have a two way relationship. What I'm trying to say is:

With the web organization:

  • Any page within a given web is (should be) relevant to the subject of the web )as embodied in the <Web_name>). So, you want to find all (or most, or some) of the TWiki pages relevant to that subject, you can do things like display the WebIndex for that web (or WebChanges, or do a WebSearch). So, you can go from a subject (the web) to all the pages on that subject (all the pages in that web). I know I'm oversimplifying this, and can come up with counterexamples — if I have an Oop (Object Oriented Programming) web, and a C++ subweb, and want to find all the pages related to C++, I may need to also look in the Oop web (or vice versa, or similar).

BTW, assuming multilevel webs, the URL would presumably include all webs in the hierarchy which would give me the advantage of being able to see that Cpp is a subweb of Oop, and allowing me to move up the hierarchy and search all of Oop if I exhaust a search of Cpp. Other related points:

  • The bread crumb trail could show the web hierarchy as well (good)
  • The URL could get very long (bad)

  • <lost the train> Nah, see the bread crumb trail organization -- my point is at least implied there — with the bread crumb trail it is not easy to find (or restrict a search to) "sibling" pages. (Unless I use a better search engine, like Google, Namazu, or similar.)

With the parent/child / bread crumb trail organization:

  • From any given page I can find the parent (it's in the bread crumb trail) (and, in the web organization, it's the name of the web the page is in)
  • What is difficult is finding all other pages that might be related to this child. I can go to the parent, but then how do I find all the siblings? Or, can a FormattedSearch search for all pages with the same parent? (I'll have to check.) Would that resolve my concern? Maybe, I mean, even now I can resolve my concern by using a page naming convention (like a Cpp prefix for all pages related to C++ programming) — the problems I see with that include:
  • Messy names: CppCaseStatement instead of CaseStatement (with Cpp as the web name)
  • The need to add extra functionality (a formatted search) to find all Cpp pages, instead of using the built in functionality like WebIndex, WebChanges, WebFind (within the web named Cpp)
  • The inconvenience of that extra functionality — WebChanges, WebFind, WebSearch are on the header of every page, any extra added functionality for the bread crumb trail organization will not be
  • Is there a potential issue with file access times as a directory fills with thousands of files?
  • I think I had one more concern, lost it for the moment.


  • () RandyKramer - 21 May 2003
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