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I've been bitten once by using an undocumented TWiki feature whose behavior was later changed. Now I'll start of list of those features so I hopefully remember not to use them (or stop using them).

To make it clear (to myself at least) -- do not use undocumented features as they are subject to change or deletion.

See AboutThesePages.


Undocumented Features and Status

<Hn> Tags Exclude Headings from TOC

At one time you could apply an HTML heading tag with an uppercase H (like <H3>) and it would be rendered as a header but not included in the TOC. (I don't know whether an #Automatic_Anchors_to_Headings was created -- oops, I did it again (used an undocumented feature) -- I probably want to start campaigning to get the things listed in that item fixed so the automatic anchor feature is finalized and documented -- I might start a summary page on Codev.AutomaticAnchorsToHeadings.)

I used that feature a lot, and then it was inadvertently (IIUC) changed when the regular expression that (IIUC) recognized headers for inclusion in the TOC (or for creation of automatic anchors) was made case insensitive.

Now the formatting that I used around a TOC is messed up and needs to be fixed. See Codev.SpecificHeadingsExcludedFromTOC.

Automatic Anchors to Headings

All headers automatically create an anchor which you can link to, for example, like this #Undocumented_Features_and_Status.

See Codev.EasyLinksToHeadings.

There are problems with the TOC feature that need to be corrected, and additional desired features to be implemented. See Codev.TocFailsForIdenticalHeadingNames, Codev.NumberedHeadersAndLists and Codev.AutomaticallyNumberedHeadings. When these items are addressed, it is quite likely that the automatic anchors to headings feature will be changed and I will have to make changes anywhere I've used the feature. (Which includes things outside of TWiki, like emails.)


  • RandyKramer - 11 Apr 2002
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Rants (Ignore)

See MyRantings.

What can I rant about -- I was a dummy for using the undocumented feature of the <Hn> tag -- I've been digging a similar hole with the automatic anchors to headings.

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