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There are two types of templates associated with TWiki. Until I find better terms, I'll call them content templates and display templates:

  • Display templates are used by TWiki to generate the "look and feel" of a particular TWiki. They create the look of things at the top and bottom of a TWiki page (at least on this TWiki).

  • Content templates are used to create "boilerplate text" for a new TWiki page. The current content template for any TWiki web is contained on the WebTopicEditPage of that web.

Most of the time when I (and others??) refer to a template I mean a "content template".

Aside: TWiki skins are another way of obtaining a different look and feel for a TWiki. See

I have used and plan to use a variety of content templates as I (or others) recognize different types of WikiLearn pages I want to create.

In the current design of TWiki, only one content template can be the current default content template.

To store other templates (or parts thereof), I will create a series of pages for alternate content templates with page names prefixed by WlTemplate (for WikiLearn Template).

See AboutThesePages.


To Utilize a Different Content Template

Using a different content template is not very convenient, as only one content template can be the current default content template and there is no mechanism to easily replace it.

For One Time Use

If you want to use an alternate content template for one (or a few) page(s) the simplest way is probably to open the new page and the page containing the desired template, for editing, in two separate windows, and then copy and paste the desired template over the default template for the new page.

For Multiple Use

If you plan to use a different template for an extended period or even for multiple pages over a short period of time, it may be worth the effort to replace the default template with the desired template.

  • Before doing the next step, it is suggested that if the current default template is not already stored on a WlTemplate... page, you create a WlTemplate... page and copy and paste the default template to that page. If you later want to resume use of the original default template, it will be easy to do by copying and pasting it back to the WebTopicEditTemplate page. Pick a useful name for the page you store it on.

  • To do this open the WebTopicEditTemplate page (which contains the default template) and the WlTemplate... page containing the desired temporary template, both for editing, and copy the desired template over the default template.

A List of Available Templates

To add additional templates, simply create a new page with a name starting with "WlTemplate..."

  • Topic: Summary:
  • WlTemplateOldAndSimple: ) and replace it with your own stuff (unless it is marked `Do not delete`) See AboutThesePages. Contents Contributors If you edit this page, add...
  • WlTemplateSearch: See WikiLearnTemplates. The following template is based on `AbiWordFaq` as a prefix in a TWiki page name (added regex `on` and `^` in front of the search pattern)...


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