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  • Name: John Coe
  • Email:
  • Country: USA
  • City: Boulder Colorado

See my ongoing work on SemanticWeb and :Accessing web services, like Google

* PITreeXsl.xml: Main tree definition

* PITreeTIME.xml: tree definition with time index

Twiki changes caused problems in the projects below

* ISO:

---+ Personal Information

Name: John Coe Email: johncoe42@yahooSTOPSPAMPLEASENOSPAM.com Company Name: Forth Party Software * Country: USA


JOHN 0. COE JCoe18@ExcitePLEASENOSPAM.com 1899 3rd Ave Longmont Colorado Cell:720-840-9726


Software & Electronics Engineer with over 18 years of software development and 3 years of software test automation experience. Developed automated test frames for Global Crossing and Microsoft. Most recently developed a database interface to validate insurance claims for United Health Care, as well as data conversion programs. Proficient in C++, SQL, Visual Basic, Java and test scripting languages. Database interface (Informix, Oracle,DB2, SQL Server). Oracle -6.0 to 8.17, interfaces for business logicw/ index engine interface Pro-C/ PL-SQL development Informix - database manipulation with DB-Access. SAP R3 index engine interface. SQL Server - Excel VB database tools & COM component interface to Excel XML/XSLT, UML , .NET,C#, MQ & MS Commerce Server (HTML Components) Automated Test scripting using Silk & Mercury. Expertise in developing GUI �front end� applications and 3-tier Business Rule and WebService architecture in TUXEDO and SAP. WebSphere MQ, MSMQ, X12/EDI & UDDI Applications in CAD/CAM/GIS - Expertise in AutoCad, including their Lisp, C,C++,C# DXF, DB & ADI (device interfaces). 9 years of Windows Development, 6 years Unix Development.


University of Utah: 1979 - 1982 Computer Science & Electrical Engineering Private Pilots license J2EE & .Net training courses. 2003


AutoCad Conversion: Entercep, Waterton, S.D. 2/03-8/03 Develop and convert existing CAD wall layout software. Analysis of business needs.

Development. Programmer : Ingenix, West Valley City , Ut 2/00-11/02 Developed and supported medical claims processing software. Developed translation process to convert claim rules from DOS based system to client server model supported on Windows and Unix. Web interface design. XML integration. EDI-837 datapackets with Websphere MQ.

Oracle optimization of database access Analysis of business rule needs.

Test Development. Programmer : telecom T1/E1 & ISDN 8/98-1/00 Contract :Confertech / Voyant , North Denver, Colorado Developed automated test process and made program corrections for several phone conferencing systems. Test automation against JAVA environment. Stress and regression test automation. X12/EDI , VoIP, RosettaNet & H232.

Web stress tool development in Silk(Segue) & VB Y2K Test Scripting and Updates of embedded phone conferencing system.

Test Development. Programmer : NTSF5, Windows internals. 2/97-6/98 Contract :Eastman Kodak / Microsoft Windows 2000/NT 5 Remote Storage Component, Test Development Contract. Gained familiarity with Windows internal XML experience.

Stress & Regression test development for Microsoft test group with regular trips to Microsoft HQ in Redmond WA. COM component development in C++ and VB

Windows Interface Consultant 4/96-2/97 Dynamic Information Systems (DISC) Interface search engine to custom applications.

DB front-end customizations of �Index kernel� running on Host. (Host running Unix, MVS, Dec, Rdb/VMS RMS VAX/VMS, HP-UX or MPE/iX) . Windows programming in MFC(C++) VB & PB. Custom Control, VBX & inproc server development.

Applications Programmer : Windows Interface Contracts. 5/92-5/96 Forth Party Software (1099 Direct Contracts) Visual Basic Extensions to SQA (test development), Mariner Systems. DOS to Windows port of microscope interface, Advanced Research Inst. DOS to Windows port of CAD System with Device Driver Interface (DDK), JMI Inc. Support & Development Contract. Maptech. Menu generation tool from Oracle DB with bitmap stored in menu system to support dynamic menu updates. CAD Symbol interlaces with Menu Generator from SQL, Query to SQL. I.G.S., Boulder.

Windows/DOS Interface. 4/91-5/92 Maptech Inc., Loveland. Rewrite and add GUI front-end and as-you-go graphics for survey software.

Staff Consultant, 4/89 - 5/91 Analyst International Corp., 3D DXF to/from IBMCAD translator with Customer Support and CAM Extensions. Menu front end IBMCAD. Contract IBM Boulder. IBMCAD PC based CAD editor. Contract: IBM, Boulder. DXF translator to/from Graphtek format . Contract: Unisys, Boulder.

OTHER EXPERIENCE (not detailed)

4 years application development on DOS & Unix 5 years of Electronics Engineering on: control systems( manufacturing control & point of sale system repair ) . Evans & Sutherland: display systems( kinetic vector display & flight simulator OEM test & debug) .

UDDI Address

OpenWiki SubWiki Sandbox.XslWiki is a set of XSL tools. GoogleML is the first UseCase


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XSL (XML style sheet)xsl uddi.xsl r1 manage 1.6 K 2004-03-10 - 05:42 JohnCoe UDDI REST interface
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XSL (XML style sheet)xsl wiki.xsl r4 r3 r2 r1 manage 11.6 K 2004-03-11 - 19:46 JohnCoe Wiki interface
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