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TigerSkinPluginDev Discussion: Page for developer collaboration, enhancement requests, patches and improved versions on TigerSkinPlugin contributed by the TWikiCommunity.
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See Plugins.TigerSkinPlugin and Plugins.SessionPlugin.

Packaging this all up wasn't that easy, please let me know of any problems. Note needs alpha release (or beta post 27 Jul 2001).

-- JohnTalintyre - 27 Jul 2001

Spotted my first mistake. There are "Create" menu item. The script file and topic for this is missing in TigerSkinPlugin at present.

-- JohnTalintyre - 27 Jul 2001

Missing Create script and WebMenu stuff added at Plugins.TigerSkinPlugin

-- JohnTalintyre - 28 Jul 2001

I'm trying to use the TigerSkinPlugin without the SessionPlugin, and it appears that TWiki::Func::getWikiName() (needed at line 83 of TigerSkinPlugin.pm) doesn't exist in the Func.pm provided in OfficialCoreSubsForPlugins.

-- ScottDrennan - 30 Jul 2001

There is a semicolon inside the initial use vars() block.

-- AndreaSterbini - 18 Aug 2001

I think there is a lot more that can be done with the skin concept. I am attaching a version of the zip file that implements

  • The concept of Skin Handlers with the Tiger Skin handler being the first.
  • Support for a new set, SKINHANDLER, which will be honered by TigerSkinPlugin.pm if set. This code will bypass processing if SKINHANDLER is set to a value other then Tiger. See data/TWiki/TigerSkin.txt for more information.
  • Crude support for a SKIN - blue. Think about the original tiger skin being green to get an idea. The grapics were done very crudely and need to be redone by a professional.
  • Initial integration of the TigerSkin?rev=1.12 (lost in 1.13 update) TigerSkinNS4.zip changes. The idea is to recognize the NS4 browser in the TigerSkinPlugin.pm code.

Unfortunatly I need to shift focus and will not be able to continue this work in the near term. Items I would work on if time permitted.

  • Fix blue graphics
  • Add a tan skin in the same style (trying to pick shades that go with the tiger graphic in the upper right corner)
  • Complete NS4 intgration
  • Try to figure out some way to move the color specifications to as few places as possible perhaps with the idea of even moving them back into the WebPreferences.

-- StevenRKroeker - 20 Sep 2001

Has anybody done any more work on fixing the Javascript in the template so that it will work with NS 4.x?

-- JohnRouillard - 04 Dec 2001

The Javascript is busted in IE 6. menuscript.js is testing for 5.5 specifically. I added code to test for IE6: var isIE6 = (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE 6.") > 0) ? 1 : 0; plus changed all the isIE5 to (isIE5 || isIE6) and it works like a champ.

In addition it renders poorly in IE 6. Looks like the "optimized for" 5.5 isn't compatible with 6. It has something to do with the align="center" in the stripeboxstart part of twiki.tiger.tmpl, but I have no idea what a good fix is. Getting rid of the align attribute helps, but the results still are not as good as with 5.5. Any HTML gurus out there want to take a crack at this ? I've got a workaround in place but the side effect is that the main text box is still left-aligned not centered.

-- SteveSexton - 30 Jan 2002

JavaScript's a hoot. Check for features not version number. Check out the way he does it with DOCJSLIB.

Here's the quick code I made to menuscript.js (just at the top).

From this:

var isIE5 = (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE 5.5") > 0) ? 1 : 0;
var isNS6 = (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Gecko")    > 0) ? 1 : 0;


var isIE5 = document.all && document.getElementById;
var isNS6 = document.getElementById && !document.all;

-- SlavaKozlov - 05 Feb 2002

Im not sure where to report bugs in this plugin so Ill report them here.

The code for conditional presence of SessionPlugin should be using using %ACTIVATEDPLUGINS% instead of a test on if the SessionPlugin page exists, otherwise when you turn off SessionPlugin via TWikiPreferences TigerSkinPlugin still thinks its there.

-- JohnCavanaugh - 28 Feb 2002

Shouldn't this topic be renamed to TigerSkin and the packaged repackaged as a SkinPackage?

-- PeterThoeny - 16 Aug 2002

There are a few places where hard-wired pathnames are used, which should be replaced by variables, affecting the files templates/createtopic.tmpl, templates/twiki.tiger.tmpl, and templates/view.tiger.tmpl.

The patches are attached as I could not figure out how to stop interpreting the HTML.

-- ThomasWeigert - 17 Aug 2002

We have made some minor modifications for our intranet site, and have updated the files listed below. I have attached them as 'TigerSkinUpdates.tgz'.


  • Made use of a 'tigerprint' skin for the Print output-- added the 'view.tigerprint.tmpl' file and changed the link in the 'Print' menu item to read 'skin=tigerprint' instead of 'skin=print'
  • Made use of the TreeViewPlugin below the left menu bar-- this shows all of the current topic's children. You can do this by adding the following text just after the "LEFT MENU END" comment
   <table> <tr> <td>
   %TREEVIEW{topic="%TOPIC%" stoplevel="1" formatting="imageoutline:thread"}%
   </td> <tr> </table>
  • Added 'Advanced' link to 'more>>' menu on top of page-- gives access to 'More' link that is on the bottom of the non-skinned view page. You can do this by adding the following text just after the 'print' topic in the top menu bar (sorry, I seem to be incapable of getting the %VARIABLES% not to get translated, so you'll have to look at the editable text to see the correct variable names....)
   <tr class="menuLine">
   <td colspan="2">
   <a class="menuItem" title="Modify Advanced settings" href="/cgi-bin/oops/Plugins/TigerSkinPluginDev?template=oopsmore¶m1=23¶m2=23">Advanced


  • Made the base href ".../preview/..." instead of ".../view/..."
  • Fixed a bug in 'parent' editing (corrected hidden input name from "parent" to "topicparent")


  • Changed to 'preview' instead of 'save' button (as on the TigerSkin topic)


  • Added this file, which removes the Tiger menu bars and allows for a clean topic printout, with the Tiger Skin still intact

-- JustinMcCann - 22 Aug 2002

  • The createtopic script does not set the Parent META information. The following should fix it:

*** /twikiold/bin/createtopic   Fri Aug 17 09:55:20 2001
--- /twiki/bin/createtopic   Sat Dec  7 11:14:46 2002
*** 69,75 ****
          } elsif( ! ( &TWiki::isWikiName( $theNewTopic ) || $doAllowNonWikiWord ) ) {
              $warning = "Please use WikiWord format for Topic names, alternatively check \"Allow non WikiWord\" to resubmit.";
          } else {
!             my $url = "$TWiki::urlHost$TWiki::scriptUrlPath/edit$TWiki::scriptSuffix/$webName/$theNewTopic";
              print TWiki::redirect( $query, $url );
--- 69,75 ----
          } elsif( ! ( &TWiki::isWikiName( $theNewTopic ) || $doAllowNonWikiWord ) ) {
              $warning = "Please use WikiWord format for Topic names, alternatively check \"Allow non WikiWord\" to resubmit.";
          } else {
!             my $url = "$TWiki::urlHost$TWiki::scriptUrlPath/edit$TWiki::scriptSuffix/$webName/$theNewTopic?topicparent=$webName.$topic";
              print TWiki::redirect( $query, $url );

-- JonLambert - 07 Dec 2002

Strange bug this one - everything works fine and displays beautifully, except in the view template, the horizontal scrollbar appears at the bottom the IE (5.5) on Win2K, because there are about 50 pixels of blank (well, grey line background) to the right of the page. The thin black line border displays fine within the viewable part of IE, whatever the browser window width. I guess this is due to a table not being rendered correctly (e.g. an extra cell in one of the rows?) although I can't spot anything. Anyone else had this problem?

-- ClaudeSchneider - 24 Jan 2003

Installed the updates and everything works fine, just one question, how can i make the preview left aligned rather than centred as displayed in ie6

-- ChrisBarton - 24 Feb 2003

ClaudeSchneider mentions a right-margin bug; we have the same at my workplace where we implemented the Tigerskin. I think it was caused by a mismatch in table starts and stops, but I don't have the details for this. I found out because I was modifying the skin for our requirements... see HobbesSkinDev for details.

ChrisBarton mentions that some content is centered rather than left-aligned. This is documented somewhere; look in the Support web! It's got to do with some <tbody> tags in the templates which should have been <tbody align="left"> instead.

-- TorbenGB - 16 May 2003

I noticed that TigerSkinPlugin (along with GnuSkinPlugin) has a section in its code which conditionally displays a login when it detects the presence of SessionPlugin.

SmartSessionPlugin (which can be called SessionPlugin 2.0, and also is known as "SessionPlugin" within a TWiki web) now provides conditionals which could potentially move most of this logic down to the template level, allowing for more flexibility.

The directives:


are what allow this sort of conditional logic to move from the plugins to the templates.

This isn't necessarily very helpful to you since you aren't dependent upon SessionPlugin, and now finding "SessionPlugin" isn't enough to know if it's SessionPlugin 1.0 or 2.0. So this mechanism may only be useful to end TWiki users who know that SmartSessionPlugin is installed and less to template developers who do not, but I just wanted to let you know that this behavior existed just incase it might be helpful.

-- TedPavlic - 24 Aug 2003

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