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See Cfk Mail Lists for my thoughts prior to setting these lists up, this page reflects what I'm actually doing / have done.

There will be (for the time being) four lists:

  • cfk-bod: for active managment of CFK
  • cfk-edu: for educational activities of CFK
  • cfk-volunteer: for "daytime" volunteers
  • cfk: all other, until or unless more lists are created

The general administrative link.


  • Sending of HTML mail to these lists is strongly discouraged.
  • In general, I am not giving out passwords, meaning that I am the only person that can subscribe or unsubscribe people from these lists. Write to me (or add a note to this page) if you desire to be subscribed or unsubscribed. At some point in the future I may give out passwords to allow access to the archives, the problem is that the password allows other things which I don't wish to allow at this time (unsubscription).
  • If the CFK board or management objects to the existence of these lists, I will maintain them for my own use, and for use by any other members of these lists who want to use them.
  • Most of these lists will not accept posts from non-members. We must have at least one list (or address) open to non-member posts — <later>.


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