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Starting a page to talk about what we can do with the scrap computer stuff. This is not a finished page -- just thought I'd post what I found out so far, for our purposes and to get confirmation from the people I spoke to that I heard them correctly. (And really, I know I didn't -- need to repeat some of the phone calls -- maybe start an itemized list of items to let them bid on.)

Looks like no one wants to pay us anything per pound for all of it, some places (Bethlehem Recycling Center) plain won't accept it, and almost everybody wants to charge $5 to 10 per monitor. We can get $.55 / pound for the "good" circuit and motherboards, if we're willing to segregate the stuff.

They may also want the stuff in "gaylord" boxes. (Boxes about 4'x4'x4', i.e., the size of a pallet -- they might be willing to supply the boxes.)

Tentative "Conclusions"

  • Looks like stuff will not be easy to get rid of, we probably need to start being selective in what we accept.

  • I sort of liked the idea of tearing the stuff apart and selling what we could, but I'm not sure where we can dispose of the plastics and may have trouble with the power supplies (without transformers).

  • In any case, we don't want any monitors we can't make use of -- we may even want to put a name with each monitor we accept -- if it doesn't work or we can't use it, give it back to the person we got it from. Or, like one other C4K operation (out in Portland, IIRC, request that anybody donating a monitor or computer include a $2.50 to $10 recycling fee (on the premise that we can dispose of monitors for $5 to $10 -- if we can use the stuff we add the money to the kitty, if not we have the recycling cost covered.



I spoke to a few places by telephone:

  • Bethlehem Recycling Center (610/865-7082) -- they don't accept computer stuff. (Have a call into them asking if they will accept plastic stripped from computers (not monitors) -- nope (my son took the call).)
  • E. Schneider and Sons (616 Sumner Ave., Allentown, 610/435-3527) -- Not interested, they gave me the H. Binderman referral (below) _In a followup call, they would pay us $1.50 per 100 lbs. for the scrap metal cases after we took out the circuit boards and plastic -- I didn't ask but I assume we'd have to deliver. (And they might give us $0.01 / lb. for power supplies (with transformers, at least) -- I guess they treat them as an electric motor.)
  • H. Binderman and Son (Hellertown, 610/838-9221) -- They don't take the stuff anymore (I was referred to them by someone who thought they did).
  • I found the place in New York City (the Bronx) that recycles computers (and are a Computer for Kids type of operation) — (among other things, they grind up monitors and sell the leaded glass) — I've emailed them this AM and ended up calling them — they want us to pay $5 per monitor delivered (there may be a place in central New Jersey where we could deliver them — here is the contact information Per Scholas (I forget the name of the person I talked to — I called the 1 800 number and asked to speak to someone about donating monitors):
Per Scholas
1231 Lafayette Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10454 
Email: info@perscholas.org. 
Phone: 1-800-877-4068 
Phone: 718-991-8400 
Fax: 718-991-0362 
  • Jontec (610/838-6637 - Chris) -- They and the next outfit will take stuff under certain (similar) conditions. I avoided distinguishing prices and exact details between these two for now pending me talking to them again and getting their permission to publish more details here. I think I got the gist of it, anyway. They both prefer to pick up so they can look over the stuff first (implying they may not even be willing to take some stuff at all).
  • A Plus (610/821-5550 - Glarenda)

It looks like there are a few places (the last two) that will do something like this:

  • They will take intact system boxes (even with some things like RAM, hard drive, and CPU missing -- but if it's missing the motherboard they don't have want it) at no charge. If we wanted to get rid of some complete systems (i.e., with Ram, CPUS, etc.), we could talk again.
  • They will take monitors at no charge only if they are larger than 17" (working or not)or 15" and up (I think that's right -- I should reask about 14") in working condition and in either case they don't want monitors for proprietary systems (e.g., Sun, Mac,). Otherwise they will charge $5 to 10 per monitor for disposal (depending on quantity and so forth). Hmm, what if we sell our too small monitors (or nonworking monitors) directly to one of those outfits that reconditions and resells used monitors? (I think there's one in Stroudsburg, there usually are two such outfits at a computer show.)

There is a possible alternative for the system boxes -- if we pull the motherboards and other cards out and "sell them" separately, we can get $.55 to $.60 / pound. They do not want circuit boards from monitors included, and they generally want them intact. For some boards they may pay a higher rate, like $.90 / pound -- we may have a few of those. If we do this, then we could dispose of the system box case (less plastic) as scrap metal and get $1.50 per 100 lbs. (Oops, what about power supplies and the plastic -- more phone calls I guess.)

Bidding List / Table

Trying to summarize and itemize what various people will accept and what they will pay (or charge us).

Category Descriptions

First an itemized list of possible recyclables (with abbreviations to include in a "bidding table"):

  • M17: Nonworking or working monitors 17" and up for PCs
  • M17P: Nonworking or working monitors 17" and up for proprietary systems
  • MW: Working monitors (14" and up???) for PCs
  • Maos: All other monitors, small quantities
  • Maol: All other monitors, large quantities (what is a larger quantity??)
  • PSBin: Intact non-premium system boxes
  • SBin: Intact premium system boxes (need to develop a list -- think Jontech may have mentioned XTs or something like that)
  • PSBp: Non premium system boxes with selected items removed (RAM, video card, modem or NIC)
  • SBp: Premium system boxes with selected items removed (RAM, video card, modem or NIC)
  • SBs: System boxes stripped of all circuit boards and plastic (what about power supplies?)
  • PSt: Power supplies with a transformer
  • PSo: Power supplies without a transformer
  • Pl: Miscellaneous plastic stripped from computer system boxes
  • CB: Circuit boards stripped from (premium or clone) system boxes
  • PCB: Premium circuit boards (could be boards with more gold, or from things like larger electronic devices (hubs, switches, modem racks, ...)
  • WC: (Copper) wire and cable, insulated

Table Notes / Legend:

  • Negative numbers mean we must pay them.
  • WNT means they will not accept.

Bidding Table

Category Jontech A Plus Comments
M17 $0.00 ??  
M17P see Mao    
MW $0.00 ??  
Maos -$10    
Maol -$5 to -$9   Depends on quantity
PSBin $0.00    
SBin $0.00    
PSBp $0.00    
SBp $0.00    
SBs WNT   Sell as scrap metal, $.01/lb. or $.015/lb.
PSt WNT??   Unclear -- seems some metal/electrical places will accept like a motor -- IIRC $.01/lb.
PSo WNT??   Unclear, see above
Pl WNT??   Haven't found a taker
CB $0.55/lb.    
PCB up to $0.90/lb.    
WC     Not yet investigated


  • () RandyKramer - 26 Mar 2003
  • <If you edit this page: add your name here; move this to the next line; and include your comment marker (initials), if you have created one, in parenthesis before your WikiName.>


Some corrections, haven't reviewed with the dealers, so there may be more.

-- RandyKramer - 27 Mar 2003

Continues to evolve -- next step should be recontacting Jontech and A Plus. (And hearing from Per Scholas.)

-- RandyKramer - 28 Mar 2003

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