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Listing some complaints I have about Konqueror 3.1. Listing them here before submitting as bugs to allow some time to think and/or learn more. (Maybe workarounds exist, or whatever.)





It may be my imagination, or it may be because I have automatic loading of images turned off (I think — if so, why is the TWiki logo being displayed) but my experience so far in the last two days seems to be that konqueror is faster in retrieving and in TWiki previewing and saving than Mozilla. (It may also be because my son is spending more time studying for exams (less time on the Internet) these last two days.)

After some more time spent with it, I'm not as sure it's any faster than Mozilla — maybe slightly.


It's nice that they added tabs. Some complaints:

  • Tabs remain a fixed width on the tab toolbar — once you have several open you must scroll left and right, using the arrows, to find them. Some related complaints:
    • After you do something in a given window (I'll have to pay attention to see what), the associated tab seems to scroll to the far right. (If you were alternating between two tabs and wanted them both to remain visible in the tab toolbar, you're out of luck.)
    • When you close a tab, the tab next to the left gets the focus. I typically want to move to the right. (IIRC, Mozilla has an option to choose the direction.)

But see also Keyboard Shortcut Commands Different than other Major Browsers for some compliments.

UPDATE: I found the shortcut keys for open tab left and right (<ctrl><-- <ctrl>-->) and move tab left and right (<shift><ctrl><-- <shift><ctrl>-->), and they help, but don't totally solve the problems of always moving the current tab to the right end of the toolbar, or opening the next tab to the left after closing a tab.


There is something strange going on with settings. In general it seems like you can make one change, apply it, and it will take effect (perhaps after you refresh the page). If you try to make another change (certainly to the same setting, maybe to any setting (haven't tested)), it does not take effect unless you do something like start a new instance of the browser.

Had this trouble with applying a custom stylesheet, and with colors (see the next item).

Setting the Background Color

UPDATE: I found how to change the background color and disable background images — the appropriate options are under Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> Stylesheets. It was a little confusing the first time through, had some trouble getting font changes to be effective on the second change (when I changed them twice in the same session). Did not check to see if it was repeatable. (I got stuck (for a while with some Mono A.D. (or something fonts that were difficult to read.)

If I knew where that stylesheet was stored, I might be able to experiment with it to solve some of the whitespace problems I have with konqueror. Now found at least one location: /home/<username>/.kde/share/apps/kcmcss/override.css. I made a copy of this in /rhk/my_kde_conf/konqTWiki.css, and set the browser to point to it.

Also, it seems that I am getting colored links on most sites, the notable exception being twiki.org. I'll have to look at the HTML sometime and see if there is a difference that might be the (partial) cause of this.

More: It seems that when I did change the background I also changed all the text color to black (even though I did not check the use for all text button), and my links were very hard to see because they were black and not underlined. Made some changes, and now seem to be better (black links but underlined all the time), but the process was strange — it seemed like making that change often had no effect. Then I started a new instance of konqueror and things are better. (Links still black, but at least underlined. Similar problem with changing font sizes, sometimes a change seemed to take effect on existing windows, sometimes it didn't. (Maybe there is a pending change flag somewhere that can only deal with one change, or one change at a time, and I was requesting changes too quickly.)

Now, since applying and fooling around with a customized stylesheet, I understand why the links were all black (all text was set to black in the override(?).css stylesheet, based, I guess, on some of the options I selected.

Pages that Fail to Open

This is somewhat related to tabs, but not entirely.

One ugliness of Mozilla (and maybe IE — don't recall, will have to test) is that if you try to open a webpage in a new tab (or window?), and it fails, the URL you tried to open disappears and all you see is "about: blank" which gives you no easy way to retry that URL (what was it?).

Konqueror attempts to be much nicer in that it keeps the failed URL displayed. However, konqueror seems to be rather temperamental about how quickly you can call for a new web page after a previous request. In other words, too often, if I call for one web page to be opened in a new tab, then a different web page to be opened in a new tab (and so on), unless I wait an annoyingly long time between requests, some of the requests are just dropped — a new tab is opened for only some of those requests and the other requests are silently dropped.

This should be fixed. One possibility (maybe overkill) is to create a pending page list that:

  • Is displayed to the user on demand (or continuously)
  • Tries those page requests repeatedly until a tab or window is created containing the URL

Handling of White Space

UPDATE: There is a stylesheet, but I don't know where it is. (See note under update of previous item.) Also:

  • I underestimated — there are places where it looks like quadruple or quintuple spacing between lines (elements, whatever).
  • There is another consideration — I can (I think) reduce line spacing in some cases by having no blank lines between elements on the edit page, but I want to keep most of those blank lines to make editing / finding things on the edit page easier.

As I noted on some other pages on TWiki (Support.BrowserFormattingIssues or derivatives thereof), Konqueror handles whitespace differently than the two other browsers I am most familiar with (IE (5 & 5.5.) and Mozilla (0.9 thru 1.3). Generally two things, IIRC:

  • Konqueror typically shows more white space even if it's not really in the TWiki markup. (To make up a possibly incorrect example, konqueror seems to add both a blank line after a heading and a blank line before a list item, so you sometimes get triple spacing.)
  • Konqueror will not "trim" the number of blank lines like most other browsers do. (Again, IIRC, if I insert 10 blank lines, konqueror will display 10 blank lines, Mozilla and IE will show only one.)

The net result is that konqueror usually shows more blank lines than I desire. On the other hand, I do like the ability to intentionally show some extra blank lines (ATM, I forget if there is a way to do that in the other browsers by adding some HTML tags or entity).

Some of the extra blank lines are the result of my own carelessness while editing, thus I should consider doing all my TWiki editing in konqueror. (This is OK as long as konqueror is usable — when Mozilla had tabs and konqueror did not, the extra convenience in Mozilla was too great to pass up.)

On the other hand, sort of, I wish all browsers double spaced after the punctuation at the end of a sentence.

I should dig into css style sheets, maybe they can solve all these problems (maybe I can put one on the server that applies if the user's browser is konqueror to deal with the problems I see — maybe other server-side stylesheets could be in effect for other browsers?).

Keyboard Shortcut Commands Different than other Major Browsers

Heading says it all (??), some examples:

Function IE Mozilla konqueror
refresh/reload (both??) <ctrl>r, <F5> <ctrl>r <F5>
open new tab ?? <ctrl>t <shift><ctrl>n
close a tab ?? mouse, <ctrl>w <ctrl>w
select all text <alt>a <ctrl>a <alt>a

Mozilla has an X on the tabs toolbar to close the current tab, so:

  • I used that instead of <ctrl>w (but now that I'm aware of the shortcut, I like it better)
  • konqueror does not have that X, and that is better because on occasion (in Mozilla) I've hit the wrong X and closed the entire window. (konqueror also asks before closing the window if there are multiple tabs open which is another helpful safeguard)

Selection vs. Clipboard

UPDATE: The selection is made on klipper — right click on the klipper icon (on the toolbar), select Configure Klipper (I've made the change (to keep them in sync) — we'll see if that's what I was looking for.

(Don't know whether this is kde wide, or just konqueror.)

And, it's sort of a feature of konqueror, in that konqueror (or kde) gives you an option to either have the selection and clipboard contents match (more Windows &tm; like behavior) or not match (typical Linux behavior, IIUC).

I forget where the choice can be made. The default is the Linux behavior, and I want to change it. (The version of Mozilla that came in Mandrake 9.0 (or was it kde) used the Windows &tm; like behavior.)

Aside (I think): The Configure Klipper -> General -> Ignore Selection option came to my attention today (22 May 2003), I set it, and it seems to help — I'll have to pay attention for a few days.

Multiple Instances

Mozilla has a problem in that it is very difficult to create multiple instances of Mozilla. Thus, when I'm working in Mozilla (with up to 150 windows and tabs open), and Mozilla crashes, all of those windows and tabs disappear. (I've suggested two fixes on their buglist (bugzilla) — add a "manager/monitor" (as a separate process) that keeps track of what is open in each window so that, after a crash, it is easy to selectively restore all the tabs and windows that were open before (ideally even to the same scroll position / form contents). _Selectively so that if opening a particular tab or window (or opening the 167th tab or window) causes the crash, you can avoid a repeat crash.)


This may be more of an issue with Mandrake, and probably applies to Mozilla and konqueror, but it would be nice if they either installed a java engine by default, or offered an obvious option during install to install a java engine (possibly from the typical selection).

Find in Edit Window (Textarea)

Edit -> Find doesn't highlight anything within the textarea (it seems to find things, reported four occurrences of "white" on this page (while editing) but doesn't show where they are). Not sure any browser does any better.

Wide Elevator Bar Feature

The last version of Mozilla I used (1.3 IIRC (Mandrake 9.0)), had a feature that if you left clicked on the elevator bar, and held the LMB in, as long as you did so you could scroll the page up and down even if the mouse moved away from the scrollbar.

Konqueror does not have that feature.

On the other hand, Mozilla had a bug related to that feature, occasionally I got into that scrolling mode without the LMB being pressed — konqueror does not have that bug.

Strange Focus on TWiki Edit

This is annoying behavior that existed in older versions of konqueror as well. When I go to edit a TWiki page, as the text area appears, the screen is centered on that. Just about the time I get ready to start typing, the page finishes loading and the screen shifts so I see the bottom of the TWiki edit page. I have to "re-scroll" the page to get to the text area. Neither Mozilla nor IE behave that way. I wonder what konqueror is thinking? wink

Oh, right -- I finally write this behavior down, have a slight problem so I have to reload this page (to the edit screen) and this time it does not behave that way. How did it know that I just wrote that down? wink

Font Size Selection

Under View -> Increase (or Decrease) Font Size behaves somewhat strangely, and not nearly as nice as choosing a magnification as in Mozilla (and IE, IIRC). Some of the problem may be based on my selected font (Courier for the standard), but it seems successive clicks of increase (for example) sometimes increase the font size, and sometimes do not (or even decrease it). It sometimes takes six clicks to get a general font that is comfortable to read, then the headings are immense. Also, the line wrapping does not change with the change in font size, so as you increase font size the page gets wider and wider until you have to scroll horizontally to see the entire line. (Maybe this depends on the web site — I'll try it with TWiki? — Hmm, it's not a problem at all with TWiki (and my choice of font on TWiki (Courier) — increase and decrease occur monotonically, in fewer steps, and the wrapping of the line changes appropriately. Maybe I'll have to record a few sites that are a problem, then try them with the magnification feature in Mozilla and IE:


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