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LVCG Linux Sig /
Lehigh Valley Area
Public Linux Library

Now defunct, books have been (re-) donated to the LVCG for distribution.




Thanks to Dann Washko for donating the books in this library (and for the initial book listing).

Dann Washko is moving and gave away a lot of his computer books, many Linux related. I took all that nobody else asked for with the intention of establishing a library. This is the catalog for that library.

"Distributed" Library

This is a distributed library.

The idea is that if you are reasonably local to the Lehigh Valley and have Linux or related books that you are willing to share, add them and your contact information (email address) to this catalog and keep the books in your possession.

If someone wants to borrow a book, they will contact you to arrange a mutually satisfactory arrangement for borrowing the book. Update the listing here to show the new location of the book. You might also wish to send me an email showing who you lent the book to for a possibly more permanent record.

Read Using the Library to understand more about how the library is intended to work.

Is this the first distributed library? ??? Is it the first to call itself a distributed library? Possibly--I can't recall having heard of one before.

Using the Library

Usefulness of the Books

Some of these books are somewhat old--> My suggestion: If you're a newbie trying to make a transition from Windows, find someone to help you install a very recent version of Linux with all the GUI bells and whistles. Then get a (possibly even outdated) book that is a general introduction to Linux to start learning what's under the covers, including the command line, configuration files, servers, and similar.

Borrowing books

Anybody in the local geographic area (Lehigh Valley vicinity of Pennsylvania (or "nearby")) is welcome to borrow any of the books subject to the following: ( The idea is to put the books to use, even if, at times, a book is just a shelf reference for somebody.)

  • If you see a book you're interested in, check the current location (see Location Codes). Contact the "keeper" for that location, tell them you're interested, and make a mutually satisfactory arrangement for borrowing the book.

  • When you borrow a book, keep it until someone else asks for the book.

  • If someone does ask for a book, if you're done with it or have had a reasonable opportunity to use the book, make a mutually satisfactory arrangement for lending the book.

When you borrow a book

  • Change the location code on the book listing and add that code and your email address in the Location Codes section. (On WikiLearn, email addresses are "lightly" obfuscated for spam resistance.) This can be done by either the borrower or the lender. If you relend a book, i.e., you had borrowed it and are now lending it to someone else, you might wish to send an email to me with the contact information of the new borrower for a possibly more permanent record.

  • Please add some information to this page about the usefulness of the book. For example, for a "general" Linux book you might note the versions of the various distros that it covers, and maybe a general statement about whether or not the book (or sections of it) are generic enough to be useful even if it doesn't cover the most recent version of a distro. Which sections are useful? If someone wants to learn more about, for example, setting up X, or a mail server, or whatever, does the book cover that and is the information still useful. I'm not suggesting that you need to read and review the entire book--just answer questions like: what did you expect to get from the book, and did you find what you were looking for?

  • If you leave the area, contact me to make arrangements to return the books, keep them, or dispose of them. If you want to continue to keep some books but are willing to mail them to a future borrower by 4th class mail, it will make sense to just let you keep them. If a book is so old that it is deemed worthless, we might as well just let you keep it or get rid of it.

Borrowing a book from me

If you want to borrow a book for which I am listed as the keeper:

  • I go to a fair number of LVCG Linux Sig meetings and some of the LVLUG meetings. Contact me before such a meeting, and I can bring a reasonable number of books (a carton?) to any such meeting I plan to attend. (Maybe bringing the books will be an incentive to attend some meetings I might not otherwise wink ) Feel free to ask for several books to peruse even if you only want to pick one or a few to actually borrow.

  • You can arrange to pick up at my home. Contact me by email.

Book Listing Format

Currently a book listing looks something like this (all in the heading):

"title; author; date published; publisher; [CD or FD;] ISBN number; location code"

After the heading, anyone can add any free format notes they wish about a book. If the notes get long, consider moving them to a new page with a link from the listing on this page. (Use the book title (or some obvious variation thereof) as the link.)

See also Location Codes and Other Codes / Abbreviations

Location Codes

The location code is the last entry in the heading (see Books)http://reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html

Code Location Keeper
B1 Box 1 rhkramer@gmailPLEASENOSPAM.com
B1T Box 1 Top (to be moved) rhkramer@gmailPLEASENOSPAM.com
B2 Box 2 rhkramer@gmailPLEASENOSPAM.com
B2T Box 2 Top (to be moved) rhkramer@gmailPLEASENOSPAM.com
B3 Box 3 rhkramer@gmailPLEASENOSPAM.com
RHK rhk reading "pile" rhkramer@gmailPLEASENOSPAM.com
LSIG someone in the LVCG Linux Sig rhkramer@gmailPLEASENOSPAM.com

Other Codes / Abbreviations

CD: book includes a CDRom Disk--if more than 1, include the quantity in parenthesis FD: book includes a Floppy Disk--if more than 1, include the quantity in parenthesis

If the book should include a CD or FD but it's missing, add "missing" in parenthesis

Classification of Books

The books are listed by "classification". I took a stab at classifying each book, often just by looking at the cover. If there are mistakes, please reclassify them appropriately. Also feel free to add new classifications.


Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach: Solutions to Selected Exercises; Willis and Knies; 1996; Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN 1-55860-406-5; B1

Databases: MySQL

Core MySQL; Leon Atkinson; 2002; Prentice Hall; ISBN 0-13-066190-2, RHK


Adobe Illustrator 10 Virtual Classroom; Karlins; 2002; Osbourne; CD; ISBN 0-07-222339-1; B1T

Foundation Illustrator 10; Loader, Huggins; 2002; friends of ED; ISBN 1-903450-29-2; RHK

Garbage In, Gorgeous Out: Text and Graphics Translation; Walt Garnet; 1995; McGraw-Hill; RHK

Sams Teach Yourself Illustrator 10 in 24 Hours; Bauer & Golding; 2002; Sams; ISBN 0-672-32313-3; RHK

Real World Scanning and Halftones; 2nd Edition; Blatner, Fleishman & Roth; 1998; Peachpit Press; ISBN 0-201-69683-5; RHK

This book is more at a professional / advanced amateur level than a beginners book. It can be useful to a beginner to get an overview of some of the advanced techniques he might want or need to consider. (Like scanning at a bias (different for each color) to avoid moire patterns or rosettes. Some of the focus is on professional printing of scanned images.

I paged through this book, but did not spend much time looking at how it could help the beginner. May page through the beginning again.

Talks about the frequency of (something--the screen) and has formulas to determine the maximum usable lines per inch for various printer resolutions in dots per inch, ...

A little bit about OCR, probably some other good stuff, but not really anything I need at this time. --rhk


FWB's Guide to Storage; Norman Fong; 1991, 1996; FWB; ISBN 0-9651915-0-8; B1T

Peter Norton's Inside the PC; Peter Norton; 7th Ed; 1997; ISBN 0-672-31041-4; B2

SCSI Bus and IDE Interface, The; Schmidt; 2nd Ed; 1998; Addison-Wesley; FD; ISBN 0-201-17514-2; B1

Hardware: AMD x-86-64

AMD x-86-64 Architecture Programmers Manual: Vol. 2: System Programming; 2002; AMD; ISBN ?; B2

AMD x-86-64 Architecture Programmers Manual: Vol. 1: Application Programming; 2002; ISBN ?; B2

Linux: General

Linux Complete; Grant Taylor, ed.; 1999; Sybex; ISBN 0-7821-2567-0; B2

Borrowed by LSIG

Linux Problem Solver; Brian Ward; 2000; No Starch Press; CD; ISBN 1-886411-35-2; B3

Linux: Complete Reference, The: (Red Hat 6.0, Caldera 2.2, ...); 3rd Ed; Richard Petersen; 1999; Osbourne; 2 CDs; ISBN 0-07-212164-5; B2T

Borrowed by LSIG

Mastering Linux: Premium Edition (covers Red Hat 6.0 only); Armen Danesh; Sybex; 1999; CDs(2); ISBN 0-7821-2555-7; B1

Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Linux; Peter Norton; 2000; Sams; ISBN 0-672-31573-4; RHK

Using Linux; Bill Ball; 1998; Que; ISBN 0-7897-1623-2; B1

Borrowed by LSIG

Linux: System Administration

Linux System Administration White Papers; Kirch & Wirzenius; 1993-1998; Coriolis; ISBN 1-57610-474-5; B3

Linux: Internals

Linux File Systems; Moshe Bar; 2001; Osbourne; CD; ISBN 0-07-212955-7; B3

Linux Internals; Moshe Bar; 2000; Osbourne/McGraw-Hill; CD; ISBN 0-07-212598-5; B3

Linux Kernel Internals; Beck, et.al.; 1998; Addison-Wesley; CD; ISBN 0-201-33143-8 ; B3

Linux: Certification

Prep Kit: LPIC General Linux I; Martinez; 2000; Que; includes "Flash Notes" Booklet; ISBN 0-7897-2292-5; B1T


Accelerated Netware 5 CNE Study Guide; Dorothy Cady; 1999; McGraw-Hill; ISBN 0-07-134531-0; B2

Building Storage Networks; Marc Farley; 2000; Osbourne; ISBN 0-07-212050-9; B3

Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, Exam 640-507; Todd Lammle; 2000; Sybex; ISBN 0-7821-2647-2; B3

Cisco Router Internetworking; Ammann; 2000; McGraw-Hill; ISBN 0-07-135627-4; B1

Cisco Routers for IP Networking Black Book; Rudenko; 2000; Coriolis; CD; ISBN 1-57610-610-1; B1T

DNS and Bind (Bind 8); Albitz & Liu; 3rd Ed; 1992, 1998; O'Reilly; ISBN 1-56592-512-2; B3

Linux Network Servers 24/7; Craig Hunt; 1999; Sybex; ISBN 0-7821-2506-9; B1T

Linux Routers: A Primer for Network Adminstrators; Mancill; Prentice-Hall, 2001; ISBN 0-13-086113-8; B1

Linux TCP/IP Network Administration; Scott Mann; 2002; SGI; ISBN 0-13-032220-2; B3

TCP/IP Lean Webservers for Embedded Systems; Jeremy Bentham; 2000; CMP Books; CD; ISBN 1-929629-11-7; B2

Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 14 Days; Timothy Parker; 2nd Ed; 1996; Sams; ISBN 0-672-30885-1; B1T

Understanding Data Communications; 4th Edition; Gilbert Held; 1994; Sams; ISBN 0-672-30501-1; B2

Other OSs: FreeBSD

The Complete FreeBSD; Greg Lehey; 1996-1999; Walnut Creek; CDs missing; ISBN 1-57176-246-9; B2

Other OSs: Solaris

A Practical Guide to Solaris; Mark G. Sobell; 1999; Addison-Wesley; ISBN 0-201-89548-X; B1

Programming: C

Sam's Teach Yourself C in 24 hours; Tony Zhang; 1997; Sams; ISBN 0-672-31302-2; B1

Programming: C++

Practical C++; McGregor, Rob; 1999; Que; ISBN 0-7897-2144-9; B1T

Programming: GtK

Beginning GtK+/Gnome Programming; Peter Wright; 2000; wrox; ISBN 1-861003-81-1; RHK

Programming: Java

Java API Reference; Lappit & Lawt; 1996; New Riders; ISBN 1-56205-598-4; B3

Java in a Nutshell Java 1.1); David Flannagan; 2nd Ed; 1997; O'Reilly; ISBN 1-56592-262-X; B2

Java Programmer's Library; Lalani and Jamsa; 1996; Jamsa Press; CD missing; ISBN 1-884133-26-6; B3

Professional Java Server Programming; many; 1999; wrox; ISBN 1-861002-77-7; B1

Rescued By Java; Kris Jamsa; 1999; Jamsa; ISBN 1-884133-65-7; B2

XML and Java from Scratch; Nicholas Chase; 2001; Que; ISBN 0-7897-2476-6; B1

Programming: Javascript

Learning VBScript; Paul Lomax; 1997; O'Reilly; CD; ISBN 1-56592-247-6; B1

Visual Quick Start Guide: Javascript for the World Wide Web; Negrino & Smith; 3rd Ed; 1999; ISBN 0-201-35463-2; RHK

Programming: Misc. and General

Prime Time SDK for Intel SVR4.2, Issue 1-1; Steve Zwaska, Editor; 19xx?; Prime Time Freeware; ISBN 1-881957-12-8; B1

Programming: PDP-8

Introduction to Programming (PDP-8); Digital Equioment; 1969; Digital; ISBN ?; B2

Programming: Perl

Core Perl; Reuven M. Lerner; 2002; Prentice Hall; ISBN 0-13-035181-4; RHK

Perl Web Site Workshop; Holzschlag & Pellerin; 2002; Sams; CD; ISBN 0-672-32275-7; B1T


Maximum Security: A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network; Anonymous; 3rd Ed; 2001; Sams; ISBN 0-672-318719-7; B1

Web, The: Web Pages

HTML Pocket Reference; Jennifer Niederst; 2000; O'Reilly; ISBN 1-56592-579-3; RHK

HTML 4 for the World Wide Web; Elizabeth Castro; 1998; Peachpit Press; ISBN 0-201-69696-7; B2

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX for Windows and MacIntosh: Visual Quick Start Guide; J. Tarin Towers; 2003; Peachpit Press; ISBN 0-201-84445-1; B3

Official Guide to Programming with CGI.pm; Lincoln Stein; 1998; Wiley; ISBN 0-471-24744-8; B2

Using XHTML, XML, and Java 2; Eric Ladd, et.al.; Platinum Edition; 2001; Que; ISBN 0-7897-2473-1; B2

Visual Quickstart Guide: Perl and CGI for the Worldwide Web; Elizabeth Castro; 2nd Ed; 2001; Peachpit Press; B1


XFree86 For Linux; Aron Hsiao; 2000; Que; ISBN 0-7897-2182-1; RHK


Not Found

Books that were on Dann's list that I haven't found so far (or got around to adding the ISBN, etc.).

Linux System Security; Mann/Mitchell

Linux Network Administrators Interactive Workbook; Kaplenk

Linux Socket Programming by Example; Gay

Sendmail, 2nd Edition; Costales & Allman

GIMP For Linux Bible; IDG Book

The Blender Book; Wartmann

Secrets of a Super Hacker; Knightmare

Computer Simulated Experiments for Digital Electronics Using Electronics Workbench; Richard H. Berube


Contributors to the Library

  • Dann Washko

Revision Record

  • r1.2: Added notes on Real World Scanning and Halftones
  • r1.3: Fixed minor typos and so forth throughout, rewrote notes on Real World Scanning
  • r1.5: Announced closing
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