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I installed Mandrake 9.0 on two almost identical machines in the last few days. The installation went great -- on my sons machine it set up sound properly and found the printer out on the "Windows network". It includes kde 3.0.3 (IIRC) and Mozilla 1.1.

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Nice Things

  • Leaving my /home partition intact seems to have paid off -- among other things the change I made to make konsole start up with a black on white schema was still effective. (I'm sure of that, because it was white on black on my son's install.)
  • kmail -- deletion of emails in IMAP accounts on my local server work much faster now, almost like an account on the same machine and so far, I haven't noticed a slow down as the session gets older (as I did on Mandrake 8.2) -- I still get crashes, no opinion yet as to whether they are any less frequent
  • So far, it seems to be using less memory (but I may not have opened quite as many windows yet, but I think I'm close -- I'll have to keep watching). In Mandrake 8.2 with my "typical mix" of open windows, I used essentially all RAM (I know -- Linux likes to use all RAM), and 250 MB up to 450 (or all?) of the 500 + MB of swap. So far, on 9.0, swap hasn't yet exceeded 100 MB (hovering in the 90 MB range right now). (Maybe using the hover word, Mandrake 8.2 seemed to hover around 250 MB.)


  • The default install (with almost all major packages selected except some servers) did not include rdate (or ntpdate). Now looking for either, fooling around with the GUI front ends for rpm (and the CLI version of rpm).


  • In Mandrake 8.2 and when I first installed Mandrake 9.0 I often saw RAM usage increase by like 32 (or 36?) KB on each update of top. I don't know if that's still occurring on Mandrake 9.0, and don't know what causes it or whether it's an indication of a problem or there is some logical and rational explanation for that behavior.


This installation was done on my System5 machine -- the hardware is listed on a page of my private TWiki -- I should move it to WikiLearn. Generally, it is a 700 Mhz. AMD Duron on a SiS based "all in one" motherboard (video is SiS 630), and 256 MB RAM. This installation was done with Xfree 4.2.x (??) without experimental 3D acceleration, and seems to work fine (but I did not try to test during the installation). (Note: The motherboard (Matsonic MS8308E, IIRC) I'm using is very nice because in addition to the on board AGP video, it also has an AGP socket so I can upgrade the video if I want to.)

Hmm... You may have noticed that part of this page was created by copying the Mandrake82 page and then editing -- I have to check on the following -- don't recall that I had the opportunity to set this on my install (I did on my son's) and am not sure if it maintained the homed.z or not.

Incidental: In setting up the machine, I accidentally named the system "homed.z" instead of "system5.homed.z". I should reinstall to set it up with the right name -- or do some grepping to find every place where the system name or domain is used (otherwise I'm afraid I'll screw something up and disable printing). I wonder if some mis-entry of the system name on my part is what led to the printer working (I mean, maybe I thought I should enter something and entered it, but I really should have entered something else, but it was because of this that printing works. (That's very hard to follow -- needs to be rewritten.)) <The last part is, I think, irrelevant to 9.0 as, at least on my son's machine, Mandrake found the printers on the "Windows network" automatically.>

Another point to check -- on Mandrake 8.2 I installed some Windows fonts (I still have Windows 95 on the disk) -- the fonts on Mandrake 9.0 look decent, but I don't know if it maintained the Windows fonts I installed or not. (It did not save my font size specifications in konqueror.)


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