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Michael Roberts

A.R.M.R. Investing, Inc.

This page is under heavy editing. Do NOT edit this page!

The owner MichaelRoberts requires full control until the page is ready in the next few days. For now this page is being used as an idea board. Please disregard the scattered ideas, texts and concepts written below.

Bible Wiki Project

This page will be used for the launching pad of ideas for the Bible Wiki Project. While Adding our ideas here we not only have a centrally located place to put ideas but we also are able to test the Twiki platform to see if it is suitable for our project.

Our goal with Aletheia is to build a 100% automated system where Ministers, Pastors, Priests, Professors, Scientists, Authors and Scholars can work together on building collaborative articles about God, Jesus, the Bible and Biblical events. Not only using the Bible to teach about these events but using third party references, facts and proof that the Bible is accurate.

Mission Statement

To provide the Truth to people who are openly seeking for answers about God, Jesus, Religion and the Authenticity of the Bible. All articles will be written as a collaborative effort and no article will have a single contributor. Each article MUST contain passages from the Bible as well as contain information from third party sources such as Science, Culture, Archeology, etc. No article will be published if it does not contain information outside of the Bible that backs up it's claims.

Aletheia's short term goal is to reach 50,000 unique visitors before June 14th 2011.

Pages to the Site

Home Page

Typical homepage with news, updates and information about what the site is about.


We should have a blog attached to the site. Any contributor should have the power to add a blog post.

The blog will give the contributors a place they can promote their churches, work and fellowship. A place for inspiration and non-factual based messages.

The blog will also be used by admins to post updates about the site. Having a blog will be SEO friendly.

Featured_Collaboration Page

This will be a basic wiki type page listing all the different wiki's that need to be built/edited. This way an admin can identify a topic we need to optimize. The admin can then create a wiki off that subject and publish it to the sandbox. Then the admin can publish a link to this sandboxed wiki on the Featured_Collaboration page.

This page will allow Contributors to easily know what pages need help. It should be a great tool for organizing efforts.

TermsOfUse Page

We will need a Terms of Use page. Any time an edit or article is written they should have to select "Agree" to our terms and conditions. The Terms and Condtions text should be a hyperlink to this page where they can read the terms.


Anytime anyone signs up and get's approved as a Contributor they will create a user profile. This will give them a chance to tell people about themselves, list their credentials and even link to their website, church or book.

When a Contributor edits, writes or approves an article their signature will be added to the Contributor list on that article. In that Contributor list the names will be hyper links to the contributors profile pages.


When an article is written or edited it will NOT go live instantly. Every change will enter a QUE system where it must get the approval of other Contributors. We will need a page so Contributors can view these changes and approve them or make edits.

**I don't think there is a QUE plugin for Twiki. This QUE page could be tricky.

Training Wiki's for new Contributors

The majority of our contributors won't have a big knowledge of how to use wiki's or the web. So we should provide basic training and video's for contributors to get familiar with the community.


If we decide on a business model that charges money for a contributor to join then we should have a pretty motivational sales page. It's a big commitment for anyone to go through a sign up process for a project that requires donation of time. We need to really show these people how many people we can reach through online ministry. Show them how effecient a little time spent can be and show them how big of a difference they can make. They need to feel they aren't paying money to just support the site, but that they are actually becoming a part owner of the site. They have the power to blog, write articles and make changes where they see fit!

We can also stress how when they become a contributor they get a profile page. Now when they write articles or make edits they can get recongition and even a backlink to their church website, book, etc.

Finding a Name

The first order of business is to decide on a name for this website and foundation. It shouldn't be an overly obvious Christian name but rather a name that represents, truth, knowledge and wisdom. This project will be a launching platform to provide real information and proof of God's existence to people searching for him on the Web.

Our name should reflect our mission and should have an available domain. Below are possible name ideas.

  1. Abednego. Abednego was one of the characters in the Bible who was thrown into the oven but was protected by an angel of God. He was brave and stood up for his belief by not bowing down to the king. Abednego is also the name of the god of wisdom. Wisdom and Bravery are two great characteristics that this website will be aligned with. Abednego.co is also an available domain. However, Abednego is the name of the greek god of wisdom and we should avoid greek mythology or any religious inaccuracies.
  2. Aletheia. Greek word for Truth. Available as a .co

Que system for edits

What would be a cheap, easy and intuitive way to move new edits into some sort of QUE? All other participators who are logged in will be able to see this QUE and essentially "vote" to approve the changes. At the bottom of articles we should have a section where we divide up the contributions. Writers. Lists who wrote the article. Editors. Lists the names of people who made edits to the article. Facts Confirmed. This displays the list of people who approved the article or edits. *If this is too hard we can combine all contributors, writers, editors and approvers to a single sig. box.

In this way I would have to develop some sort of voting rules. How many positive votes would it take to get an article live?

What would be the impact if there was no QUE or voting system? The nature of this wiki project is in nature conterversial and will attract some very angry spammers. If a spammer get's an account they will no doubt delete and change content at a very rapid rate. Without checks a single person could make a large negetive impact. With the large volume of potential negative people this could become a real issue.

Another issue would be dealing with incorrect information. Wiki's in general self correct but the nature of this project is highly complicated and critical that information is accurate. There will be a lot of people who would want to contribute to these wiki's but wouldn't have the qualifications. This project needs more accuracy and stricter guidelines.

Why was my URL deleted?

Someone came in an removed my URL from my page. It was not SEO abuse as I am still editing and adding content to the page. The website URL entered is my organizations URL. Not sure why they even put that box as a default if they just get in a huff when you add a URL. shrug

Modifications Required

  1. ANY time an "edit" is made we will need to "FORCE" a new revision. We can not allow our clients to have the option to check yes or no. Spammers will make changes without updating the revision button. "Set the {ReplaceIfEditedAgainWithin} configure setting to 0"
  2. ANY edit must have a new revision that DOES NOT go live. Edits must go into an Edit QUE where a few other members will have to "Approve" the edits before they go live.
  3. We will need to REMOVE the Quiet Save button.

What to do about the QUE system?

I would rather not hire a PERL programmer for any part of this project. I want to keep this whole system as simple, automated and cheap as possible. However, I don't think this site can run like a normal WIKI without more control over edits and published articles. I want the facts presented in these articles to be very solid and complete. Wiki's seem to fall apart in areas where there is high controversy and keeping a neutral opinion is difficult. Such as wiki's covering elections, polictics or religions. Even Wikipedia has had to lock a few wiki's from time to time.

Could a QUE system be an auto updating WIKI page? Then all contributors can subscribe to this particular page through email alerts?

How are normal

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